SYTYCD 6 Profile Spotlight on Nathan Trasoras

Full Name: Nathaniel David Trasoras

Nickname: Nathan

Specialty: Contemporary

Hometown: Downey, CA

Currently Resides: Downey, CA

Age: 18

Siblings: Brothers Mikey and Tony

Audition City: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite professional dancer: Travis Wall (contemporary), Mikey Trasoras and Twitch (hip hop)

Professional work: “America’s Got Talent” backup dancer. Bollywood video.

Other talents/hobbies: Trumpet, ping-pong, video games

Looks up to So You Think You Can Dance alumni: Travis Wall and Twitch Boss

Nathan Trasoras began dancing at age 10 and trained at the West Coast School of the Arts in Costa Mesa, CA. His other interests include playing the trumpet and table tennis.

How did it feel on the recent day with the press and photo shoot? “It is inspiring.”


Dance Signature Move:

Nathan tried playing several different sports as a kid, but says he was never very good at any of them. Inspired by his older brother, a hip-hop and contemporary dancer, he decided to start taking classes when he was 10. He credits his parents for his success: “In middle school, kids started making fun of me, so in 7th grade, my parents moved me to Orange County High School of the Arts. I appreciate my parents so much. They paid so much money to send me there [despite] having problems with money … I’m very emotional right now … There have been so many ups and downs in my life and they’ve always supported me. I just want to make them proud.” by Korbi Ghosh, Zap2it



From Fox Dance Profile:

I am Nathan Trasoras, 18, and I teach dance to people. I love learning and I appreciate positive energy from other dancers and artists. I audition for L.A. jobs and hope to live my dream. I am from Downey, California and assist certain choreographers.

Solo, December 1st 2009

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