Who ya gonna call? ‘Supernatural’! Let’s talk about ‘The Real Ghostbusters’

How do you feel about angels? Ha! Let's talk about "Supernatural's" "The Real Ghostbusters" below. 

Well, that was quite fun. Though it's a little bit strange to have a two "funny" "Supernaturals" in a row. And I know what you're going to say — that both had sincere subtexts and even serious moments. [Dean voice] "I get it."

SPNGhostbusters2 But yeah, two jokey ones in a row — that's a little odd (haven't they normally been separated by several episodes in previous seasons?). And hey, remember that Apocalypse that somehow got started at some point, that one time? I'm sure it's around here somewhere. Maybe the Apocalypse fell between the couch cushions. That must be it.

Hey, I'm nitpicking "Supernatural" — and of course, we nitpick because we love. As evidenced by the very good questions asked by the "Supernatural" super-fans at the convention in "The Real Ghostbusters." Too bad that German dude got killed by evil ghost children. Because I would have liked to grab a beer and talk "Route 666" with him.


It seems to me that the episode had a couple of purposes — to demonstrate to the Winchesters, especially to Dean, that saving the day is not such a bad gig after all. And to show them that their heroism may actually inspire their fans. Especially their gay fans. Which is awesome.  

But anyway — themes, schmemes. Let's get to just a few of my favorite lines or moments. I normally watch each episode twice, but I'll have to watch this one for the second time in a few days (time is not on my side this week). I do look forward to watching it again, so loaded was it with in-jokes and fanservice. But for now, this is just a really short list of fun moments. Please share yours in the comment area.

Anyway, here goes:

  • The German dude's line about Ruby being evil. And his "sigh" over more creepy children in "Supernatural." I love that guy. Despite the fact that "Hook Man" was a pretty bad episode, I would totally be fine with the German dude getting resurrected in time for the next on-screen "Supernatural" convention.
  • Fake!Sam and Fake!Dean repeating the "I may have to kill you" conversation on the way to the graveyard. Classic.
  • Sam and Dean having to "play" Rufus and Bobby in the LARPing scenario.
  • Loved spotting the Ash clones in the audience, but there were no quality Fake!Ash interactions! What's up with that?
  • "How do you feel about angels?" Golden Chuck line. Pretty much everything that came out of Chuck's mouth on that convention stage was hilarious, especially the highlight reel at the end of the episode.
  • "'Supernatural' makes digging graves seem so easy!" Yes, and I've also noticed that when a grave is dug on "Supernatural," it takes barely any time and the sides of the hole are always perfectly straight.
  • The line about weapons being knocked out of the boys' hands — and then that happening. Twice. Get a bungy cord, boys! Listen to German dude!
  • I loved how most of the nitpicks from fans and even quotes from Fake!Dean were actually incorporated into the actual ghost children plot.
  • The "Six Million Dollar Man" sound effect when Chuck saved the day? Awe. Some.
  • In general, Fake!Sam and Fake!Dean were pretty great, and I loved their gravelly Winchester Voices. 

Now on to a some quibbles (and hey, I wouldn't be a fan if I wasn't quibbly, right?). What was up with the "Supernatural" convention attendees being mostly guys? What's that all about? I haven't been to any "Supernatural" conventions, but going by the crowd at the "Supernatural" Comic-Con panel, as well as by my own general sense of the message boards and such, the women outnumber the men in the fandom. Don't they? But hey, I'm totally not dissing guys in the "Supernatural" fandom. Male "Supernatural" fans represent!

Still, it did weird me out a little that the convention was mostly guys, who mostly dressed as Sam and Dean. Where were the ladies?

Also, the ghost story line could have been sped up much more. I think I'm as tired of demon kids as the German Hook Man. I would have loved it if more time had been spent on the fans and the convention. More of the Chuck Q&As would have been awesome (if there are a lot of outtakes from that, I cannot wait for the Season 5 DVD set).

And it's odd, but I guess I expected there to be a more obvious Chuck-as-prophet moment. In that regard, "The Monster at the End of This Book" has "The Real Ghostbusters" beat, as far as Chuck-meta episodes go. "Monster" tied in really well with the ongoing story arc of that season and the overall mythology of the show.

But as I wrote last week, the story arc of this season isn't quite as tight and focused as it was in Season 4. Again, I like my meta as much as the next person, but the show does seem to be stalling a bit about getting to the mega. You know, mega-developments such as Satan walking the Earth. I know, the show appears to be moving various pieces into position for later in the season. I do hope it all pays off with a well-paced second half of Season 5.

Anyway, Chuck did provide the crucial clue that we need to get to the next phase of the story — though he did so inadvertently, through a clue that Becky remembered from a book that had been published some time ago (and, if I'm being honest, that was tacked on to the convention story rather randomly).

Still, I'm a sucker, a major sucker, for meta commentaries such as "Monster" and "The Real Ghostbusters." Give me enough of that stuff and it almost shuts down whatever critical facilities I may possess. And I had a pretty rough day on Thursday. Sitting down and seeing a lighter "Supernatural" — well, that was just what I needed. An hour of escapist diversion hit the spot.

But I think I'm kind of done with the funny-haha for some time to come. I want me some meaty mythology, and I want it soon. Next week's episode (and for pictures and info about it, look here) promises to be full of meaty mythology goodness — and if it isn't, there will be Hell to pay. Kidding! Only a little. 

OK, three things before I close: 

1. There is a good chance I will be attending the Chicago Supernatural convention on Saturday in the afternoon. It's not set in stone due to a personal situation that I may have to attend to that day. But if I go, well, how perfect is that, to attend my first "Supernatural" convention two days after this episode airs? If I go, I'll try to talk to as many fans as I can — I'd love to hear people's reactions to this episode and to… The Road So Far.

I thought about having some kind of gathering or meetup that day, but I may be doing couple of actor interviews, so the day might be hectic (plus I may not be able to go at all). So — here's a question for you, fans who are attending or have attended "Supernatural" cons in the past — should I just tweet that "Hey, I'm by the food stall, come and talk to me," or just wander around and trust that people who spot the six-foot-tall redhead and want to talk to her will make their presences known? I'm not really sure what the convention etiquette is.

Well, anyway, come say hi if you're going. It would be fun to meet folks in person. Oh and if you have any advice/thoughts about "Supernatural" conventions in general, do tell!

2. If you're new to this site, there are rules to commenting on this site (a fuller explanation of the rules is at the end of this post. Please abide by the guidelines on that list). The very short version: No comments over 500 words. No Samgirl/Deangirl nonsense. No spoilers at all. No attacking other people or condemning the show for ruining Western civilization. Basically, just don't be a drag or an unpleasant shrieker, or I will ban you from commenting here without warning. But — win! — I have not had to do that once yet. Because you are all awesome and you totally Get It.

3. Tonight and Friday, I think I will set comments to post automatically — which is something I only rarely do, but I feel OK doing that because, as I mentioned earlier, you have all been really cool and non-shrieky and I trust you. I will be with a sick family member most of the day Friday. I know you will be awesome. And if someone does not Get It, report nasty commenters to me via email (moryan@tribune.com). And I will take those people down like Chuck slaying a ghost. 

Let the commenting fun begin!

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