American Idol 9 Early Favorite from Boston Auditions: Justin Williams

UPDATE 2/10: A case of trying too hard in Hollywood round, nerves getting in the way or too much media hype turned against him?? Justin Williams IS ELIMINATED at the first round of Hollywood week. Bet no one saw that coming including Justin himself… And we thought his back story and good looks would take him all the way to the live stage. It was the end of the road for him.

What was weird was they didn’t show his entire performance and was shown too quick, Justin playing the piano and crooning the last lines of his song. When he was done, he seemed both pleased and relieved but maybe he looked too cocky for the judges?? Randy was the only one shown commenting: “Interesting” and that was the end of that clip. He’s a goner. Will he try again next year or would he be too proud to come back the third time?

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If you think you’ve heard the name before or that he looks somewhat familiar, it is because you have seen him last season! So why do the judges act like they have never seen him or heard him before?

Justin Williams 27, from Sandy, Utah, a Vocal Coach wasn’t given much attention and airtime in Season 8 auditions even though he made to the next round. Idol focused too much on Danny Gokey…

To refresh everyone’s memory, he was part of the “White Chocolate” group with Kris Allen, India Morrison and Matt Giraud who made it to round 2 in Hollywood singing Jackson 5’s “I Want you Back.”

Now he comes back with his own sob story having survived cancer. While serving on a mission in Spain 7 years ago, he found out he had cancer and had to undergo several surgeries and chemotherapy for 6 months. Now he is cancer free! Similar to Danny Gokey (Grieving husband, “dead wife”), Idol will use this background story to promote him whether he likes it or not. Hence, he will be known as the “cancer guy” for the duration of this Idol season and because of that, he might just make it to Top 10!

It is very interesting that the judges including Ryan Seacrest did not mention that he auditioned before. They always say something like it every time a contestant is back the second or the third time around to audition! Even Kara Dio Guardi exclaimed: “I’m gonna remember you!” Randy Jackson agrees. Ah yeah, you guys have seen him before. Stop playing pretend. The producers are hoping viewers will forget, give him a fresh look, sob story and repackage into this very likeable guy. Brilliant, eh? He sang the getting old “Feeling Good” in his Season 9 auditions.

Justin Williams is playing smart too. Unlike Danny Gokey who when we Googled last year was unheard of online, Justin already has established himself on the web with an “Official” website complete with links to his Facebook, Twitter, Blog and YouTube accounts. Of course, he already is somewhat ‘popular’ in his city in Utah but Idol could bring him worldwide fame and recognition. He’s got the female votes. He is good looking, model material and he can sing. We’ll see.

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