American Idol 9 Early Favorite from Boston: Ashley Makailah Rodriguez

UPDATE: Ashley is eliminated in 2/25 Top 24 Results night show. We are sad because America didn’t think she was good enough to move on to next week to redeem herself YET gave Haeley Vaughn one more week in Idol! Haeley Vaughn was one of the worst performers on Girl’s night on Tues if not the worst… 🙁

Ashley is in the Top 24!

Name: Ashley Makailah Rodriguez
Age: 22
Home town: Boston, MA
Audition City: Boston
Audition song: She sings Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You,” and wows all four judges.
Fun facts: She’s Puerto Rican but does not speak Spanish. Recently sang for a past Idol mentor, Smokey Robinson at a Berklee College Commencement ceremony.

She’s got the look, the voice, the complete package. Simon Cowell says of Ashley Makailah Rodriguez, 21 from Boston, MA, Berklee College of Music student: “Some people have got it. And I think you may have it.”

My Fox Boston Interview:

It is a relief to note that she is a Berklee student and has the serious singing covered. We were very disappointed with Casey Carlson last season who did a very strong audition packaged with great looks, great voice and personality yet embarrassed herself in Hollywood round (by forgetting lyrics) and the live show! We wanted her to do well…

We have are our eyes on Ashley Makailah. We hope she makes it to Top 10 easy.

“Gravity” cover (By Sara Bareilles)

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