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The Top 10 say goodbye to Alexie

After auditioning four times for So You Think You Can Dance, 26-year-old Alexie Agdeppa made the Top 11 of Season 7. Soon after her elimination, the Rowland Heights, CA native opened up about her time on SYTYCD and her plans moving forward.

Alexie has dreamed about being on the show for years, and after finally making it, was it all that she expected? “It was definitely not what I expected. I mean, I had an idea of maybe what the show was like because I had obviously seen it and auditioned for it, so you kind of get a taste of what it’s like, but it’s way more rigorous, and you realize how much you need to push yourself before you’re going every single day. You’re dancing the whole day, and your mind is going in different directions sometimes because you’re learning your routine, and sometimes it’s a routine that’s not your comfortability [sic].  It’s not your specialty genre. And so you’re worrying about your performance. You’re worrying about remembering the steps. You’re worrying about all the people that you hope will vote for you, and it’s a really intense situation. It’s a lot more intense than I had could have imagined, but even more rewarding getting on it than I could have imagined too.”

For her live performance, Alexie was paired up with Hip Hop all-star tWitch. Like Alexie, tWitch had auditioned a few times before making the show, and Alexie admires him. “Oh, my gosh, it was so awesome,” Alexie said about working with tWitch. “It was like meant to be that I got him in the first week, and then funny that I was eliminated. But I was so excited to get him as a partner. I admire him as a dancer and as a person…It’s an advantage having the all-stars this season, especially for that reason. I mean, you definitely get nervous, especially if you’re dancing not in your genre, and especially if the movement is more foreign to you than if I were to pick up, like, a jazz or a contemporary routine. And so, in terms of the steps, he was so helpful, and I really got a lot of information about how to really get into the hip-hop groove. Then, in terms of the actual competition, he was so sweet, and he just really calmed me down like right before we would go on stage, and we really got focused and really thought about our connection as a couple for the routine.”

Before becoming a contestant on SYTYCD, Alexie was a Laker girl, she danced in a Macy Gray music video, and she taught dance at a SoCal studio. Now that Alexie is off the show, her plans haven’t changed too much. “I definitely want to book more shows…or dance for an artist. But eventually I do want to open up my own school, my own dance studio, and maybe dabble into a little more acting on the side because I do that on the side too…I cannot imagine doing anything else. My heart and soul is into this, and when my body breaks down and I’m not going to be able to dance anymore, I’m still going to be related to it in some way, whether it be opening up a school or teaching.”

Alexie is leaving the show with her head held high. “I honestly can say that I have no regrets because I fulfilled a dream. I was able to actually get on the show, and so from then on out, I knew that I would just have to do my best, and that’s it. Other than me doing my best, I had really no control over everything else.”

Watch Alexie’s signature move, and if you’re adept like Agdeppa, give it a twirl!

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