The last ‘Lost’ podcast — please take the poll on its future!

Lost podcast It's the end of an era.

Below you'll find this week's "Orientation: Ryan Station: podcast, and it'll be the last time we'll be discussing "Lost." Unless, of course,'s "Lost" blogger Ryan McGee and I feel the need to talk about the show in-depth when the Complete Series DVD comes out Aug. 24 (and we might, given that the DVD version of the finale will apparently have a 12-minute Hurley-Ben Linus "epilogue" according to Michael Emerson, who talked about the extra scenes to the folks at G4:

Todd VanDerWerff, who wrote so eloquently about "Lost" for the Los Angeles Times, and one of my all-time favorite "Lost" thinker/writers, the AV Club's Noel Murray, joined us for this last go-round, in which we posed a few questions to each other and took a few reader questions as well.  

Here's the podcast. Enjoy!

Letting go: The last 'Lost' podcast

As usual, I have a few more links and questions before I let you go:

  • Todd has a very good piece about what shows to catch up with or look out for in the future if you are missing "Lost." I also contributed a little to this list of "What You Should Watch When 'Lost' Is Gone" roundup.
  • Now that Season 6 is over, Ryan posted his list of Top 10 "Lost" episodes.
  • Poetry corner: This work by Andre Breton, "Always for the First Time," sums up my feelings about much of the "Lost" finale, especially the Sawyer-Juliet moments.
  • The weekly podcast from Ryan, myself and a rotating crew of special guests will continue — don't worry that it's ending. It's not. You can still subscribe to the podcast here.
  • Question for you: How would you like us to do the podcast in future? I really enjoyed what we typically did for "Lost" — we provided a commentary on each episode, and having the episode play out in front of us always prompted new questions and debates that often hadn't come up in our weekly recaps.
  • I think "Mad Men," a show Ryan and I both really like, might be suited to that kind of format. One idea is that we could do a weekly grab bag of shows and topics until "Mad Men" returns July 25, then after that date, we could do a weekly commentary on episodes of that show (and perhaps we could discuss a few other shows of note before the "Mad Men" segment begins).
  • However "Mad Men" doesn't have quite as large a viewing audience as "Lost," and a bigger problem is that full episodes are not posted online each week, to my knowledge. So the full-on episodic commentary format might not be a good option for the podcast in future.
  • As we ponder how to proceed, please take the poll if you have a moment, and leave ideas in the comment area. Thanks much!

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