AdéChiké Torbert’s SYTYCD Journey

AdeChike Torbert came in fourth place on Season 7.

Contemporary dancer AdéChiké Torbert was one of very few dancers to never fall in the bottom three. He made it all the way until the second-to-last week before receiving the fewest number of votes. We caught up with AdéChiké on a press call the morning after his elimination to learn more about his thoughts on being critiqued, going on tour, and more.

Getting critiqued by the judges can be really tough, but AdéChiké had America’s support throughout his run on Season 7. AdéChiké explained, “It’s hard to stand up there and take the negative criticism, but it only made me stronger and made me want to fight more. I’m thankful I had the fans’ support.”

AdéChiké said the best advice he received from the judges was to have fun. Over the past couple of weeks, the judges kept praising him for coming into his own. What changed? “I stopped dancing for the judges and started dancing for myself,” the New York native said. “I wasn’t looking for their approval any more.”

Growing up in Brooklyn, AdéChiké found it tough to be a male dancer. He hopes to have changed the perception of male dancers and told us, “I hope that dancing is now cool in guys’ eyes. I hope I can be a role model and an inspiration.” To the SYTYCD hopefuls of the future, AdéChiké advises, “Stay focused, and if you love something just stick with it no matter what anyone says. Follow your heart and your dreams and be a master of your destiny. Just create it.”

Early on in the season, AdéChiké mentioned that Desmond Richardson is a huge role model and inspiration for him. Fortunately, AdéChiké had the opportunity to have a dance choreographed for him and all-star Kathryn McCormick by Desmond this week. AdéChiké said this became his favorite dance of the season. In addition to performing this dance on tour, AdéChiké hopes he gets to reprise his duet with Kent Boyd – the Dee Caspary Contemporary piece. “That was a really fun piece and I hope it makes it on tour,” AdéChiké commented.

With so many injuries this season, AdéChiké was one of the lucky ones to make it out unscathed. What did he do to stay healthy? “I tried to get as much sleep as possible and warm myself up. I listened to my body. Our bodies take so much abuse on this show; we’re constantly pushing ourselves. If something didn’t feel right I’d let the choreographer know.”

What’s next for AdéChiké? After the fall 2010 So You Think You Can Dance Tour, he’d to a lot of different things in show biz. “I’m in the process of getting an agent,” AdéChiké revealed. “I would really like to do some things on Broadway. I’m also thinking about moving out to L.A. to get into TV and movies.”

To all of his supporters AdéChiké says, “Thank you to everyone. It’s been such an awesome journey. I’d like to thank the fans for putting me through every week. It’s such a great opportunity and I encourage all dancers to at least audition. It’s an amazing opportunity and I’m excited to see where the future will take me.”

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