8/14 Counting Crows Concert Review, Hyannis MA: No Music, Just Noise (PHOTOS)

It is not common for us to review concerts. We attend and usually enjoy most concerts because we get, in general, what we want. They can be too short; they can miss your favorite song; they can even just be plain off the mark that night, but rarely is any concert we attend worth mention in any exceptional way.

The Counting Crows concert at the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis, Massachusetts on August 14th is a true exception. We therefore feel we have to provide a review so those planning to attend can assess if this concert is worth the price of admission.

We eagerly anticipated this concert and paid much more than we have in the past to see the Counting Crows, because we expected to see a spectacular band and a man with an amazing voice belt out a few of our favorites combined with some jamming, twists and magic. In all the shows we have attended in the past, half a dozen in total, we always experienced pretty much what we expected, without fail. They would deliver on their talent and allow the audience to enjoy many of their superb selection of songs while also demonstrating their diversity and personality in their live performance. In all of these shows, it was evident; you were seeing the Counting Crows at their best.

Sadly, in this show in Hyannis, the band was almost nonexistent. Their music became static noise in the background on a radio station. It disappeared like the parts painted over in an errant piece of artwork. It was as though the Counting Crows weren’t even present, and we were at the concert to listen to bad rap music by rapper NOTA and karaoke vocals of Counting Crows tunes by guest band Augustana.

It appears that the lead, Adam Duritz, was completely hammered drunk during the performance. He appeared barely able to stand, stumbling about the stage like a boob. This man that we had respected so, that had belted out unbelievable vocal performances in the past demonstrating how great he can be, could barely remember a single lyric.

The combination of noise led to the destruction of even the best of songs this band performs. They even destroyed “Rain King” by interjecting a bad Beatles sing-along with nearly 2 dozen noisemakers singing along on stage. We never got to hear the actual lyrics, only the chorus used to play out this sadly hysterical presentation.

We paid $60 per ticket for this concert, when, in retrospect, it wasn’t worth going out of our way to attend for free. A drunk, a rapper and a much lesser band all combined to create a horrific and boring experience. Had we been asked, we may have paid even more just to make them stop.

This lazy group of untalented noise makers may have fooled some of the audience, but this long time fan will never attend a Counting Crows concert again. They were, in the only word that can describe their performance in the English language, LOUSY, and it was primarily because they were also lazy and either didn’t care about their audience or took them for granted at $60 a pop.

Adam Duritz




More Photos via DBFANSITE on Flickr

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3 thoughts on “8/14 Counting Crows Concert Review, Hyannis MA: No Music, Just Noise (PHOTOS)”

  1. First good review I’ve found. Seems like no one else was able to separate the concept from its execution. I respect the experiment and Adam’s generosity in sharing the stage; you just don’t see that very often. Mixing different acts is an admirable idea, but it just didn’t work. Adam didn’t seem drunk at my show (Chicago); the main problem was the choice of bands and the integration. I’d never heard or even heard of Augustana beforehand, and I was very, very impressed. I’ll probably look for them again, but the collaboration between them and CC was clumsy. Too often, CC songs didn’t sound like CC songs. Conversely, Augustana did a few songs that kinda stole the show, partly because it was just them performing what were clearly their own songs their own way without so many people and so much noise onstage. Notar on the other hand didn’t fit at all. I can’t say I’m a rap fan, but I’ve heard rap incorporated into contemporary rock and pop very effectively. Not here. Didn’t seem like the guy has the talent, and he looked like a caricature with all the posturing and jumping around and hand motions. Alongside some of the most genuine and non-self-conscious performers in the business (the Crows), this just looked stupid. I gained some respect for the guy when he played trumpet on one of the other songs, then lost it when he said something in his own defense about “Adam wanting it this way” when it was clear the audience wasn’t with him. Adam brought him out a few times by saying “No no no Notar!” I couldn’t agree more.

    The sound wasn’t great for us. Between that and all the musicians onstage at the same time, the CC songs were often unrecognizable. I’m not someone who needs to hear the same arrangement that’s on the recording; I just want to “get it.” Too often I didn’t, and I think it was the performers’ responsibility this time. The covers they performed were probably the strongest things they did, especially “Caravan.” It was downhill from there. Live collaboration by complementary artists can be wonderful. These three weren’t, so it wasn’t.

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