Catching Up With Courtney and Allison

When all-stars Courtney Galiano (Season 4) and Allison Holker (Season 2) performed at L.A.’s Staples Center on their penultimate tour stop,  they opened up to Allison revealed something she’s never told anyone before and Courtney talked about Glee.

When asked what it’s like to get an opportunity to tour the nation once again with So You Think You Can Dance, Courtney and Allison said that it has been amazing. Dancers don’t often get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a huge production like this, the girls explained.

What were Allison and Courtney’s favorite routines they performed on tour? “My favorite dance is ‘Fix You’ with Robert that Travis Wall dedicated to his mom. The dance means a lot to Robert since he went through a similar situation with his mom, and I know Denise Wall well,” Allison, who is also a mother, shared. “I’ve never revealed this to anyone, but each night right before I take the stage to dance it, I dedicate the performance to a person whom I met in the last city. Many fans I’ve met at each tour stop tell me about their experiences with cancer and how this dance has affected them. I’m just honored to be a part of it.” Courtney revealed, “My favorite dance I get to do on tour would have to be the table dance I do with Kent. It’s really fun and playful and sexy.”

Of all the cities Allison and Courtney have traveled to with the SYTYCD Tour, they’ve enjoyed Chicago and D.C. “D.C. was really cool and we got to hangout and sightsee,” Allison explained. “I loved it there. I also really like going to the east coast since that’s where I’m from,” Courtney added.

What’s next for these SYTYCD hot-shots? Allison said she is about to sign a contract to tour with a very popular recording artist. Courtney, who always says she’s “blessed to be stressed,” is hoping to get on Glee again. She danced on a couple episodes of the FOX show’s first season. “They made it past Regionals, so there has to be Nationals, right?”

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