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Kent and Kathryn

Kent Boyd & Kathryn McCormick had some fun times on tour with SYTYCD.

Kent Boyd and Kathryn McCormick made it to the finale of their respective seasons and they were excited to get the opportunity to dance on the So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Tour. They opened up about traveling around the country, their future, and the fans.

What’s the best part about being on tour and what are you going to miss most once it’s over?
Kent: The best part about tour is finally meeting the fans one by one and just talking to them and letting them know we’re down-to-earth people. We’re just like them and we thank them for all the support they’ve given dance, the show, and to us. I feel like the thing I’m gonna miss most is just all these people. I know I’m going to see them after the show, but living with them day in and day out and sharing everything and dancing with them—you just form a bond. It’s never going to be the same because I’m never going to have to dance with all these people and share the same experience dancing again.
Kathryn: Seeing how huge of an impact this show has on people has been awesome. When you’re on the show, you don’t realize how many people are watching it. But when you do 40 shows for thousands of people and you get to meet all those people, you realize how big of an impact and how many people are so connected with you and feel like they know you. And you’ve made them realize things about yourself through the stories you’re telling on stage, so it’s incredible. That’s what inspires me to keep doing the same show every night, because you know that there are people out there that need to see that, and it’s such an incredible feeling.

As a Season 6 finalist, Kathryn waited along time for the opportunity to tour. Has it paid off?
Kathryn: It has.
Kent: We are so grateful because not everybody gets to go on tour, it’s usually the Top 10 and one season didn’t have a tour, so we’re just very blessed to be out here performing in front of all these people.

Kent always said he’s just a kid from a small town. How does this small-town-kid enjoy traveling the nation on tour?
Kent: It’s been crazy, but I do have to say that all of the venues that we’ve been to have kind of just meshed together. We’re on the same stage and it’s just a venue, but when we do get days off, it’s just amazing. I had a blast in Miami. It was so fun and we got to jet ski and everything. I had never been there.
Kathyn: Oh and the ocean was so incredible!
Kent: And it was so warm. And Denver was SO beautiful. I’d never been there. I really liked Portland, Oregon; there’s just so many places that I was just like, “Wow.”
Kathryn: Some of the most amazing times were when we just met up and would go out to eat. We’d find little restaurants that were only in that city. It was great to hangout with each other and be relaxed. There was no performing or anything; it was just getting to know everybody better. It’s an awesome time.

What’s the first thing Kent and Kathryn planned on doing once the tour wrapped?
Kent: My birthday is coming up right after tour, so I’m going to be celebrating that.
Kathryn: I’m actually staying in LA for Thanksgiving, so I’ll go home for Christmas. Other than that I’ll be in LA, and I’m preparing for another tour that I’m going on after the show. It starts in January. It’s a motivational speaking tour called The Revolve Tour. It’s for all girls ages sixth grade through twelfth grade. I have training in between now and Christmas. I start that on the 19th, right after the tour ends. I fly out to go to one of the conferences to get a feel for it. I don’t even know what I’m getting into, I just know it’s going to be an incredible experience so I’m excited to see how it unfolds and plays out.

What does the future hold for Kent and Kathryn?
Kent: I’m going more into the acting route. I got to shoot a thing on Disney Channel called Shake It Up. It comes out December 5th and I’m going to be auditioning more for acting and meeting up with people and getting my name out there to let everyone know that I’m pursuing acting. It’s going to be SO different, but I’m so excited to try something new and the show really catapulted me into things I never thought were possible. I’m not only going to be doing that, I’m also going to be dancing and teaching and there’s a couple of conventions coming up.
Kathryn: I’m excited to dance with everyone from the show in the industry. It will be so cool to go to auditions with everyone—that will be a blast. I just want to keep learning and keep training. I know for me I do want to do a little acting and commercial work and stuff like that, but I also just want to keep dancing as hard as I can. I don’t know what that means or where it will take me but I’m ready to keep pushing hard and trying for everything I can, just seeing where life leads.
Kent: And she just did a music video with Christina Perri!

Do you have a message for your fans?
Kent: I just want to personally thank them so much for being so nice, so kind, and so spirited. Dancing is finally getting out there. Keep supporting the show. I feel like we work so hard and it can be so much bigger. I feel like dance is such a relatable thing and some people just don’t give it the time of day. I feel like it’s such a beautiful art form and it’s great that it keeps getting bigger. So I just want to thank them so much for everything that they’ve done.
Kathryn: And if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to be on the show for as long as we were, and we wouldn’t have been able to have experiences and the realizations about our life and changing in that way. We’re really thankful for that.

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