Twitter Chat Transcript: Simon Answers Fans

Yesterday, we asked fans to tweet questions to Simon, and he answered them live @TheXFactorUSA. If you missed that fun and informative chat, we compiled his answers below.

If Simon didn’t get to your question, you can post it on his Facebook wall.

@TeamCherylCher what kind of winner are you hoping for to kickstart the series?
Simon: We hope 2 find an artist who can compete with people in the charts. Would love to find the new Lady Gaga. No Rules.

@AlexBellizzi what are you most excited for about XFactor USA?
Simon: Finding a Star. Launching the new show. I miss judging in America!

@ajwooster Andrew J Wooster Simon, what makes X-Factor different or better than AI, so it’s not “just another” talent show. Besides you of course… LOL
Simon: Starting age is lower at 12 Yo. No upper age limit, Groups and $5Million to the winners!

@shelliow Shelley K. Would you like one of my After Eight choccies?!
Simon: Yes Please.

@Ibeawuchi Ibeawuchi: Are ‘Covers’ To A Song. Safer Than Singing An Original
@deannemarie11 Deanne: Simon, is it a bad idea to sing a song at auditions that sounds similar to the original version?
Simon: My advise is to find unique version of a well known song IE Gracen doing Lady Gaga made him stand out.

@KellyLynne1210 Kelly Miller: when is this show gonna air?
Simon: September 2011

@AliZahoor Ali Zahoor: What do you think new judge LA Reid will bring to the table?
Simon: He’s the No1 Hit maker in the world. Judges get to mentor 3 contestants each in the final. He will make a great mentor.

@TWsian Sian Lynes: Which new artist has appealed to you this new year?
Simon: Jessie J. If you haven’t heard of her check her out on YouTube.

@xogaby1697 Gabbrriieelllaaaa: what do you look for when someone auditions? Clothing and personality wise. star type?
Simon: Always like to find someone unique, Hate it when Mums and Dads choose the outfits. Be original!

@CherylColeUSA Cheryl Cole USA:The million dollar question: Will Cheryl Cole be a judge? We want Cheryl!
Simon: Cheryl is in the mix, talking to the network this week, hope to announce the 2 remaining judges very shortly.

@candacedfox45 Candace Dold: You could work w/ big stars in the Industry. Why is it important to you to dedicate your time to ordinary people trying to b stars
Simon: Love working on the show, when u find a new star for the first time, more fun finding nu talent than working w/ est stars..

@RabbleReviver Villhiem Micheál: Do you think it’s possible to find a long reigning superstar like Beyonce on #TheXFactorUSA??
Simon: Absolutely yes, thats why I’ve put up $5 Million as prize.

@PerezHilton Perez Hilton: Can I style you for an episode of @TheXFactorUSA this season? #AskSimon Ha!
Simon: Yes.

@lisa_mulrooney Lisa Mulrooney: Do u prefer current chart songs for auditions or classics?
Simon: DOESN’T MATTER, AS I said before, Try and do a version we haven’t heard before.

@emilymawdsley10 EmilyMawdsley: going to actually sit and sob if Simon doesnt tweet me, i love you si<3
Simon: you can stop crying. x

@icmags icmags: How many people do you think will show up for the LA auditions? Will I have a chance?
Simon: Quite a few! Everyone will be seen. Dress to stand out! and be patient. Good luck!

@GemmaMcx3 Gemma McNamee: what will you do if the show isn’t as successful as it is in the U.K?
Simon: Book a fast flight home.. !

@Kristine_Petal Kristine Kodaleva: Why so much winning prize? 5 million dollars?
Simon: to show that i am certain we will find a star. and it makes the show more interesting. greed is good

@michellesimer: How much of your decision as a judge is weighed upon how the audience reacts to the contestant
Simon: Big difference. And it will help the contestants.

@PerezHilton Perez Hilton: How can you be both so handsome AND talented??? #AskSimon ;-)
Simon: I can recommend a good doctor, God was kind to me!

@mndydhn10 Mandy Doohan: Do you think a rapper could do well in the competition or does a contestant have to be able to sing?
Simon: 100% Yes. But with any type of music you’ve just got to be good.

@txmusicgirl76 Jemma Jacobs: What makes you think someone is a star when they walk on stage?
Simon: Like Carrie Underwood and Leona Lewis, if you’ve got it, it’s really obvious.

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Come Out and Dance with Your Favorite SYTYCD All-Stars and Dancers!

On Saturday, April 9th, the stars of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE will bring some special moves to the first ever Reality Rocks Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Fans will be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in an intimate interactive experience with SYTYCD all stars and dancers, when they choreograph a special dance that fans will have a chance to perform.

Come out to learn some new moves as well as meet your favorite SYTYCD dancers in a special meet and greet autograph session! Among the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE stars expected are K?pono Aweau (Season 5 finalist), Kent Boyd (Season 7 finalist), Comfort Fedoke (Season 4 finalist and an AllStar), Lauren Froderman (Season 7 winner), Lauren Gottlieb (Season 3 finalist and an AllStar), Gev Manoukian (Season 4 finalist), Robert Roldan (Season 7 finalist), Chelsea Traille (Season 4 finalist), and Will Wingfield (Season 4 finalist).

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‘The Office’ Season 7, Episode 18 Recap

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'The Office' - 'Garage Sale'[‘The Office’ – ‘Garage Sale’]

If you take out the main story of tonight’s episode — how Michael deals with his desire to ask Holly to marry him — what you have left over isn’t all that funny, which is a big, big worry.

I might be of a minority opinion, but most of the non-Michael stories I’ve seen this season, all written with an eye towards getting viewers used to the idea of ‘The Office’ without Steve Carell, haven’t really worked. Many times there’s no story there, just vignettes of life in the office between a particular set of characters. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but more often than not, these vignettes aren’t generating many laughs.

Fortunately, the Michael plot saved this episode from being one of the worst of the year. It was fun, sweet, mature, and eventful all at once. We all know Michael is leaving, but the way he’s going out has been one of the unexpectedly pleasant surprises of the television season, and tonight’s episode is a microcosm of why it’s been so pleasant.


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In a Shocking Result, Casey Abrams Sings for the Save on ‘American Idol’ (VIDEO)

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Casey Abrams, 'American Idol'Every season there is at least one elimination that shocks everyone. That’s the primary reason that ‘American Idol’ (Thu., 8PM on FOX) added the “Judge’s Save.” It allows the panel to save one contestant from America’s bad choices. And this week, they were put to the test.

It came down to Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams for the final slot in the Bottom Three. Haley, who’s been there the past two weeks, and Casey who’s been a favorite since the beginning. Shock spread across the studio when Haley was sent to safety.

It went from shock to horror when it was announced Casey was the one who received the least votes and would be sent packing, unless the judges used their “Save.” With only one per season, it’s rarely seriously considered this early. Certainly Casey didn’t expect it.

‘American Idol’ airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET on FOX.


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‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 3, Episode 8 Recap

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'Parks and Recreation' - 'Camping'[‘Parks and Recreation’ – ‘Camping’]

This doesn’t always happen, but the plot of tonight’s episode of ‘Parks and Rec’ could be used as a metaphor for the series itself.

The Harvest Festival is over, and it was a smashing success. It was such a big hit that the local Pawnee paper had the headline ‘HARVEST BEST-IVAL!’ Now Leslie is being counted on to follow up that success with another big, money-making idea, and she’s stumped.

Similarly, the third season of ‘Parks and Rec’ has been building toward the Harvest Festival, and seemingly peaked with last week’s festival episode, giving fans the funniest episode in what has so far been a pretty funny season.

So, both Leslie and ‘Parks’ had a lot to prove this week. We’ll talk about how Leslie did with her dilemma in a bit, but the show handled its dilemma well, giving fans an episode that has continued the high standard the show has set for itself this season.


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Shocking Elimination on ‘American Idol’

In a weird twist of fate, Casey Abrams, who was considered a frontrunner, was voted off by the public — but was then immediately saved by the judges!

A shaken Abrams found himself in the bottom three after performing the Marvin Gaye song “Heard It Through the Grapevine” the night before.


When he heard the bad news, Casey took the microphone from host Ryan Seacrest and started to sing “Don’t Need No Doctor,” hoping for the save, which came immediately when Randy Jackson stopped him. “This is crazy wrong,” Steven Tyler chimed in. “We made a decision here to keep you on.”

Casey really looked blindsided then. The singer, who has health issues, started trembling violently, muttering “Are you kidding, are you kidding?” staggering to the judges’ table to thank them and collapsing to his knees as he embraced Seacrest. Then Casey ran into the audience and hugged his parents, sobbing, “I love you so much!”

“We just want you to get back to being the musician you are,” Jennifer Lopez said about using the judges’ one-time save card. “Just let people feel your soul.”

“Interesting night, folks,” said Seacrest.

The rest of the show included performances by Sugarland and Jennifer Hudson. Next week, two more will be eliminated.

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Charlie Sheen Watch: Meet His Third Goddess


Meet Charlie’s third goddess, 26-year-old Megan Levant. — Daily Mail

Here are some more Sheen updates:

Sheen tweets a photo of his “nerve center.”


Will Jeremy Piven replace Sheen on “Men”?Read more at RadarOnline

Charlie says he wants a public trial! — TMZ

Sheen crashes “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” —

Martin Sheen speaks out about his son and says he understands his son’s “hell.” — People

CBS wants Charlie back! — RadarOnline

Charlie met with FOX execs about possibly doing a his own late-night show. — TMZ

Did Charlie “threaten” Denise Richards over their daughters? — UsMagazine

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