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Justin Bieber’s Manager Off The Hook For Mall-Stampede Charges

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Bieber will make an anti-cyberbullying PSA and his label will reimburse the county for emergency response.
By MTV News staff

Justin Bieber

Photo: Prince Williams/FilmMagic

Justin Bieber’s manager Scott “Scooter” Braun is off the hook for the charges of reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance he received after the chaotic incident with Bieber fans at a Long Island mall in November 2009.

According to E! News, the charges against Braun were dropped Friday (May 6) after Bieber agreed to make a public-service announcement for an anti-cyberbullying campaign and his record label, Island Def Jam, pleaded guilty to the ordinance violation and agreed to reimburse the county almost $8,000 to pay its share of the costs associated with the law enforcement and fire marshal response after the melee.

All this stems from a Bieber mall appearance that turned into a stampede and injured one fan. Police alleged that Braun failed to properly control the situation at Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, New York, when they ordered him to send a message to Bieber’s fans via Twitter to notify his followers that the event was canceled.

Fans of the rising teen superstar were waiting for Bieber to arrive at the mall, where he was set to perform selections from his EP, My World, which had been released earlier in the week.

Braun refused to send the message, police said. Instead, authorities contend Braun eschewed safety in favor of publicity. As things got out of hand, police said, Bieber’s Twitter still read, “On my way to Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island, NY to sign and meet fans! I’m pumped. See u there.”

After a representative from the singer’s label was arrested, a message from Bieber’s Twitter was sent urging fans to go home. “The event at Roosevelt Mall is cancelled,” he tweeted. “Please go home. The police have already arrested one person from my camp. I don’t want anyone hurt.”

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