Free Tickets! See Family Game Night live and get priority tickets to any show of your choice!

Be in the studio audience of Family Game Night, hosted by Todd Newton. See all the action, strategy and teamwork. Fun for all ages!

Family Game Night, the very first game show on The Hub Family Network, features all the fun of family game night at home…but, it’s bigger, better, and more exciting! See families compete against other families in life-sized twists on familiar games. Min. age is 8, so make it a family outing!

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Family Game Night, the HUB network’s hit game show is back taping for two weeks only and you and your family can attend the show as part of the live studio audience. The show, based on the super popular video and board games, is one of the few shows for the entire family…the minimum age to attend is 8! The show features families of all ages competing in various HASBRO games for points and prizes and it is high-octane fun for the live studio audience.

If you can attend a WEEKDAY taping between June 17th and June 29th and at least one member in your party is between the ages of 8 and 14, we will give your entire party priority tickets to ANY of the shows we ticket (age restrictions apply as all shows have various minimum ages). The show lasts approximately 4-5 hours and you must stay for the entirety of the taping.

Once the taping has concluded we will ask what show you would like to attend and then email you a priority ticket for any of our shows in 2011!

There are still tickets available for June 17 to June 29th. To see the complete schedule and to print a free ticket, please CLICK HERE.

STUDIO Location:
Sunset Bronson- Bronson Gate
5800 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

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