SYTYCD 8 Profile Spotlight: Tadd Gadduang

Name: Tadd Gadduang
Nickname: Taddpole
Age: 25
Dance: Hip Hop
School: I’m in my Sophomore year of college working toward my degree in Psychology.

other training/talents: I’ve been involved with the Filipino Martial Art of Kali since I was about 6 years old. Also, around the same time I started dancing, I decided to teach myself to play the piano simply because I was bored one weekend.

started dancing at age: about 15

formal dance training: trained for twelve years at Centre Stage School of Dance in Marietta, GA. Then furthered my training at Rhythm Dance Center in Marietta, GA.

Wants to work with Choreographer/s: Pretty much all of them!
SYTYCD dream partner: Again, all of them if possible! But it would be amazing to share the stage with Gev Manoukian from Season 4! He’s a good friend of mine and one person who really influenced me to start B-Boying.
SYTYCD dance inspiration: Yet again, all of them! Seeing all of these amazing dancers and people persevere and reach such heights is truly inspiring at the highest level.

Tadd Gadduang began dancing at age 15 as a hobby, but eventually realized his passion for it after graduating from high school. With no formal dance training, he considers what he does “urban dancing.” He is currently in his sophomore year of college studying psychology.

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