Jess Finally Confronts Her Ex About Cheating on Her on ‘New Girl’ (VIDEO)

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'New Girl' - 'Kryptonite'While trying to get in good with the new roommate, Winston, Jess got a little over-excited with a basketball and broke the big-screen TV on ‘New Girl’ (Tue., 9PM ET on FOX). This was the perfect opportunity for her to face her demons and confront her ex-boyfriend for cheating on her, and get her stuff back from him — specifically, for the guys, her own big-screen TV.

After her first meeting didn’t go so well — he really does use his charm and hair to take advantage of her — the guys go with her for the second try. And of all things, it’s the sight of the plants dying that gives her the courage to say what she’s been needing to say all along.

Unfortunately, she finally has it out with him while her hands are full of clothes and the television, and in her excitement and newfound power of confrontation, she drops it all. Luckily, the TV still works, but how about the slightly retooled ‘New Girl’?


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