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Song List: Las Vegas Group Performances

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Last night the remaining Idol contestants were put in groups and told to come up with a routine including staging and costuming. The results of their collaborations were stunning, but not everyone could stay and the field was nearly cut in half. Check out all the full performances from Vegas that you didn’t get to see on the show!

The songs from the episode were:

Title: Feel So Close
Artist Version: Calvin Harris
Contestant: n/a

Title: Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls)
Artist Version: Foster The People
Contestant: n/a

Title: Burning Love
Artist Version: Elvis Presley
Contestant: n/a

Title: Dedicated To The One I Love
Artist Version: The Shirelles
Contestant: Cari Quoyeser, Chase Likens, Skylar Laine, Colton Dixon

Title: Chicago
Artist Version: Sufjan Stevens
Contestant: n/a

Title: Pumped Up Kicks
Artist Version: Foster The People
Contestant: n/a

Title: Rockin’ Robin
Artist Version: Bobby Day / Jackson 5
Contestant: Gabi Carrubba, David Leathers, Jr., Jeremy Rosado, Ariel Sprague

Title: Great Balls Of Fire
Artist Version: Jerry Lee Lewis
Contestant: read more

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