This Ghost Town Was Wiped Off The Map Until It Recently Resurfaced. Get Ready For Creepiness.

Back in the 1920s, the lakeside town of Epecuén in Argentina was a tourist hot spot. People came from all over the country to enjoy its lake’s revitalizing waters. Sadly, in 1985, a seiche (standing wave) flooded the town and broke a nearby dam protecting it. The tides began to rise, and the town was submerged at the bottom of the lake. Although residents had enough time to escape the flooding, it was completely devastating and people lost everything.

Nearly 25 years later, the water receded, and parts of the town were still present. French photographer Romain Veillon paid the ruins of Epecuén a visit and snapped some amazing photos of what’s left.  

Here once stood the proud resort town of Epecuén in Argentina.

The remains of an old car.

In 1985, a freak weather event known as a seiche (standing wave) flooded the town. That’s when things began to turn ugly for Epecuén.

The seiche damaged a nearby dam protecting the town, and caused the tides to rise.

The flooding became so bad that the residents had to evacuate before the town was completely submerged.

Strange to think this used to be full of life.

Before the flooding, Epecuén was a huge tourist attraction with hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, playgrounds, and schools.

I wonder what this used to be.

Wow. This is completely desolate.

Recently, the flood waters have receded, revealing the ghostly remains of Epecuén.

Wow… this is really spooky.

Those trees are giving me the shivers.

Flooded streets.

There are no plans at the moment to rebuild or resettle Epecuén.

In the meantime, it will sit and serve as a reminder of the awesome and awful power of nature.

Via: Gizmodo

This is really creepy. Apparently, flooded ghost towns like this are more common than you think. This still creeps me out, though. Maybe Epecuén could have a second life as the perfect place to film zombie apocalypse movies.

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