These Awesome Seniors With Tattoos Invented What Cool Is. Whoa.

Whenever people think about getting a tattoo, contrarians ask them, “Do you think that will still look cool when you’re older? I doubt it.” While that is pretty rude to tell a person who excited about getting a new tattoo, fear not! I’m here to tell you some good news. If you get the right tattoo, it will look even more awesome when you’re older and your skin wrinkles. Need proof? Here are some pictures of awesome seniors with dope tattoos.

1.) Faces.

2.) Old school stuff.

3.) Mother Nature tats.

4.) That had to take forever.

5.) Classic looking.

6.) I do not want to mess with that guy.

7.) Spooky.

8.) Put up your dukes.

9.) Her jewelry matches the tats.

10.) I hope I’m that cool when I’m older.

11.) Intense piercings too.

12.) Old school bad-assery.

13.) Tattooed couple.

14.) Just relaxing here looking like a BAMF.

15.) I bet he was in a rockabilly band at some point.

16.) The heart of a tiger.

If you needed a little bit of a push to get that tattoo, hopefully your worry is quelled. You can still look like a bad ass even when you’re older with tattoos. So what’s stopping you?

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