These DIY Life Hackers Are The Worst. Just STOP It, Guys! This Doesn’t Help.

Dear creative folks of the world and self-described “life hackers”: Please stop inventing absolutely insane life hacks. You’re not good at it. Please leave them to the professionals.

I can see what these people were trying to do with these inventions. Honestly, though, it would have just been better to spend $10 at your local hardware store…

1.) Who said the solution to our problems wasn’t at the bottom of a can?

2.) Can I get a copy of that key?

3.) It’s like you’re at the movies.

4.) Do you think it’s heated?

5.) Hobo BBQ.

6.) Because Apple is too expensive.

7.) College, eat your heart out.

8.) Stay classy.

9.) All seats are created equal.

10.) Three-wheel drive.

11.) This has redneck written all over it.

12.) Brings a new meaning to “beer goggles.”

13.) Chopsticks are for chumps.

14.) There aren’t enough words in the English language…

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