They Could’ve Just Scrapped This Old Truck. Wait Til You See What They Did With It Instead… Whoa.

If you’re sick of staying at Marriotts and Hiltons, then look no further, this hotel is for you (if you’re in Scotland). The Beer Moth Hotel is located at the Inshriach House in Aviemore. This unique hotel was built inside of something… strange. Walter, its creator, acquired a 1956 Commer Q4 from the Manston Fire Museum in Kent. He transported it back to Inshriach House and did what any skilled renovater would do. He converted it into a hotel.

On the Inshriach House Estate in Aviemore, Scotland, there is a hotel that’s constantly at capacity. No, it’s not filled with celebrities… it just has room for two people.

The Beer Moth is a unique hotel, a converted vintage 1956 Commer Q4 fire truck with modified features.

Inside, there is a Victorian double bed, a cottage door, and a parquet floor and other unique additions.

The adventurous who want to explore the Scottish countryside can rent this room. Pets are welcome (as they would probably just be outside anyway).

Because of the nature of this adventurous room, no children are allowed.

Source: Canopy and Stars If you’re interested in learning more about this quirky fire truck hotel, click here. If you don’t happen to be traveling or living in Scotland, just let the Beer Moth be inspiration for you in the future. I have an old Ford Pinto out back that my neighbors sometime sleep in. Maybe I can call it a hotel and start charging for it.

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