Harry unbrained: Reid gives ‘Django’ shout-out at Rosa Parks statue ceremony


Here’s to you, Quentin Taranti … er, um, Rosa Parks. A 9-foot-tall statue of the civil rights icon was unveiled this morning in the U.S. Capitol building and, naturally, Harry Reid showed up to make the dedication extra special. He’s got such a knack for that sort of thing!

Don’t look now, but Harry Reid just referenced the movies “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained” during the Rosa Parks ceremony.

— RB (@RBPundit) February 27, 2013

Let’s go to the videotape:

Ah yes. Of course! How better to highlight the quiet, peaceful dignity of Rosa Parks than to work in a little praise for a shoot-em-up revenge film? Nicely done, Harry!

Wait what? Did Reid just say Django unchained?…

— M (@StylishMz) February 27, 2013

oh for crying out loud RT ‏@davidchalian Harry Reid citing “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained” in his remarks at Rosa Parks ceremony. #oscars

— Alex Burns (@aburnspolitico) February 27, 2013

WTF? Really? RT @davidchalian: Harry Reid citing “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained” in his remarks at Rosa Parks ceremony. #oscars

— Santino J. Rivera (@SJRivera) February 27, 2013

Seriously? MT @rbpundit: Don’t look now, but Reid just referenced the movies “Lincoln” & “Django Unchained” during the Rosa Parks ceremony.

— RocksEm (@RocksEm) February 27, 2013

Harry Reid just cited Django Unchained in his speech at the Rosa Parks statue unveiling. Proceed, Majority Leader…

— Justin Snow (@journosnow) February 27, 2013

Yes. By all means, Harry, please proceed.

What was that about the complete and utter fusion of the Democratic Party and the entertainment industry?

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Pauley Perrette: we’ll lose all our rights if you don’t vote for Obama


Another entertainment industry leftist who squawks out DNC talking points from her perch in Hollywood? Say it ain’t so!

Apparently a vote for Obama’s opponent is a vote for a racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-education classist. How original.

The ‘NCIS’ actress hinted at why she might not return to the United States in her next tweet.

Hey international, Who lives in countries where civil rights rule? I could marry my mate equally as anyone who loves? #NoH8

— Pauley Perrette (@PauleyP) May 14, 2012

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Mia’s movie review: ‘Django’ ‘really great,’ but gun massacres hard to watch


Look, we’re not suggesting that violent films and video games are to blame for the mass shooting that took place in Newtown, Conn. — we know who pulled the trigger there, and it wasn’t director Quentin Tarantino or the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

If we are going to have a national conversation on guns, though, can we at least ask why those in Hollywood who are so appalled by them can’t seem to find a movie prop they love more? We’d hate for a hasty response to a tragedy to result in punishing those in no way responsible by taking away one of their Constitutional rights.

.@miafarrow Mia, Hollywood, video, our culture CELEBRATES viiolence. #nra is whack, but pt about larger culture incl Enter. must be acknolgd

— , (@l_anguage) December 22, 2012

Mia Farrow already got tickets to Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” so now we don’t know what to get her for the holidays.

@miafarrow what do you want for Christmas?

— Leo Magnus (@LeoMagnus1) December 22, 2012

@leomagnus1 honestly? Peace on Earth

— mia farrow (@MiaFarrow) December 22, 2012

Sounds good. What does anyone else want?

I want to see a Hollywood anti-gun moron explain the violent movies they’ve made. Just once. I’m so sick of their self-righteous lecturing.

— Leah(@gopfirecracker) December 22, 2012

Self-righteous lecturing? You mean like this?

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Ghoul Kim Kardashian politicizes shooting: ‘Time to rethink gun laws’


Sending my prayers to everyone involved with the Empire State Building shooting! This violence has got to stop!!!

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) August 24, 2012

Once again, celebrities rushing to ghoulishly politicize a shooting on the backs of the dead and injured. Loved ones of victims of the Empire State Building shooting have likely not even all been informed yet, but that doesn’t stop ghoulish celebrities like Kim Kardashian from jumping in. Never let a tragedy go to waste, right?

Some Twitter users try to set the noted political expert straight.

@KimKardashian it's not the guns, it's the leadership. "who's gonna run this town tonight🎤" -thugs will always get their guns-legal or not!

— Marlene Cornell (@mmchome2) August 24, 2012

@KimKardashian you think gun laws would stop these shootings? Making drugs illegal doesn't stop people from getting/doing them..

— Julie (@vansciverju) August 24, 2012




@KimKardashian Chicago & NYC have the strictest gun laws in the USA but they have the most gun violence because only criminals can get guns

— EddieThunder©  (@eddiesooner) August 24, 2012

@EliBraden @kimkardashian how many of those guns were illegal and not purchased legally? Evildoers do evil even if it's against the Law!

— Christopher Gotti (@GottiCee) August 24, 2012

By the way, what a classy statement from a leftist and writer for “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Sexist, much?

Kim is only following Mayor Bloomberg’s lead, of course.

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Boys don’t cry – unless Erin Andrews leaves ESPN


Popular ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is leaving the network, possibly for a job with Fox Sports.

The Twitter population, particularly the male portion, is not at all happy about Andrews being off the air, even for a little while.

Every male sports fan is morning today after hearing the news of Erin Andrews leaving ESPN

— Reese Ashwander (@REESEash1der) June 30, 2012

If Erin Andrews doesn't announce the home run derby, I'm not watching.

— Fake Jay Randolph (@FakeJayRandolph) June 30, 2012

Erin Andrews leaving ESPN, what are the frat boys gonna do when gameday rolls on campus

— Cobe. (@TheObiWanJacobe) June 30, 2012

My mornings have been ruined for the rest of my life…Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN. #NowThatsTragic

— Nakedron Oden #⃣2⃣ (@TheRealNakedron) June 30, 2012

Calm down, guys! You do know you can change the channel, right?

One man has his sports priorities firmly in place, however:

Watch college football RT @_JVTs_: What will men that are watching college football on ESPN going to do now that Erin Andrews is leaving?

— Ray Ratto (@RattoCSN) June 29, 2012

And another notes that it’s been quite the week for status changes among celebrities:

It always comes in 3's: Ann Curry gets canned, Tom Cruise gets served, and now Erin Andrews leaves ESPN. Must be the heat.

— David Carroll (@DAVIDCARROLL3) June 29, 2012

Andrews did get an interesting tweet from Rich Eisen, also a former ESPN talker, who’s now the main man on the NFL Network:

@ErinAndrews Congrats and welcome to the green grass.

— Rich Eisen (@richeisen) June 29, 2012

Hmm. Fox or NFL? Wherever she goes, Andrews obviously won’t have to worry about building an audience. The Lost Boys will follow.

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Obama says even he isn’t good enough to sell war in Syria to public


President Obama met with Senate Democrats and Republicans in advance of tonight’s speech on Syria.


Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) shared a moment with the president, who assured him that public opinion on intervention in Syria is not likely to change as a result of his address to the nation. “I’m good, but not that good,” he told Kirk.


It’s reminiscent of the president’s preview of his speech on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream,” where he cautioned against “elevated expectations” and assured supporters his speech wouldn’t be as good. Good, but not that good.


Seriously: When is the president going to call in his Entertainment Advisory Council and get “Funny or Die” and Katy Perry to rally America in favor of bombing Syria?

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Punk’d loser: How big of a crybaby is Donald Trump? THIS big


Dude. Just when you thought Donald Trump couldn’t get more pathetic, he proves you wrong!

I thought I was being nice to somebody re their parents. I guess this teaches you not to be nice or trusting. Sad!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 29, 2014

As Twitchy reported, the buffoon fell for a hilarious joke tweet and retweeted it. He then swiftly bravely ran away and deleted his retweet, of course. Lesson learned? Not so much.

"@realDonaldTrump I thought I was being nice to somebody. I guess this teaches you not to be nice or trusting" Is that what it teaches him?

— Stupid History Pics (@historyinflicks) September 29, 2014

@realDonaldTrump Maybe it's a sign that you should stop retweeting "Pro you" tweets Donald? It's not very becoming…

— Holly Hollywould (@itshollywould) September 29, 2014


It got worse.

Some jerk fraudulently tweeted that his parents said I was a big inspiration to them + pls RT—out of kindness I retweeted. Maybe I’ll sue.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 29, 2014


Twitter users gave him the business and it was hilarious.

@realDonaldTrump @AbiWilks "out of kindness"?! Nothing to do with that MASSIVE ego getting a little stroking then?

— CheltenhamUnder (@CheltenhamUnder) September 29, 2014


.@realDonaldTrump *chuckle* he sure made you look *burst spleen* a real *sides literally split* DONALD DUCK *brain explodes from laughs*

— Harry Harris (@CmonHarris) September 29, 2014

@realDonaldTrump @LazySavant LOOOOOL! Good luck with that, rughead.

— Tony Parsehole (@SpongyPissFlap) September 29, 2014

.@realDonaldTrump You should definitely sue. That wouldn't be hilarious, and make you look like even more of an arsehole at all.

— Tim (@ruudboy) September 29, 2014

@realDonaldTrump @Mary_MariaMarie Can you sue someone for your own stupidity?

— Tony Hughes (CP) (@TheProtestBoard) September 29, 2014

@realDonaldTrump @a_girl_irl Maybe you should try lawsuits for revenue since all your businesses go bankrupt.

— El Cid (@EnBuenora) September 29, 2014

Oh snap!

And this exit question perhaps explains why revenue is so depleted:

@realDonaldTrump @trill_pikachu How many diapers have you gone through already today

— GOOD COSTUME HAVER (@Ironghazi) September 29, 2014



‘GENIUS!’ Donald Trump duped into RTing serial killer photo; These responses will crack you up [photos]

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These Shocking Before And After Hybrid Photos Will Keep You Far Away From Drugs. Horrifying.

Not only can drugs destroy lives, they can destroy your body. Photographer Roman Sakovich created a series that illustrates that point so well. The London-based photographer shows us just what substance abuse can do to a person. He titled this photo series Half. He split his subjects right down the middle, presenting a unique take on “before and after” photos. It shows that each person has a choice of timelines. One path is to live a normal and healthy life. The other? To be an addict.

You may think that this is all Photoshop and digital editing…

But at lot of these effects were done in-camera.

This is just clever costumes and makeup.

This may seem dramatic or superficial…

However, it gets the message across.

Not only that, but it is truthful and shocking.

Source: Roman Sakovich via My Modern Met Movies and television shows can romanticize drug abuse. Don’t be fooled. It is a real and serious problem that can completely tear apart your life. Let these portraits inspire you and teach you a lesson. Drug abuse shouldn’t be taken lightly. Share this shocking truth with others.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/before-after-drugs/