The Sickest Burns You’ll Find In Any Disney Movies. Boom, Roasted!

Watching Disney movies was probably part of your life at some point. Most of us remember a handful of them fondly from our childhood. However, there are some moments that you may not remember from those movies… but when I show you them, you’ll love those movies even more! There’s some pretty clever language hiding in those movies.

Disney had some great writers back in the day… and you probably didn’t catch what they were really saying when you first watched these movies. I know I didn’t.

1.) Think!

2.) I’m sure she made a lot of money doing so.

3.) Don’t care!

4.) Zing!

5.) Mythological burn!

6.) Not everyone can pull it off.

7.) I suppose so.

8.) Very direct.

9.) Guys are all the same.

10.) Funny, because he’s shorter than him.

11.) She must’ve never seen “Gossip Girl.”

12.) You know he’s got a big ego.

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