These Shocking Before And After Hybrid Photos Will Keep You Far Away From Drugs. Horrifying.

Not only can drugs destroy lives, they can destroy your body. Photographer Roman Sakovich created a series that illustrates that point so well. The London-based photographer shows us just what substance abuse can do to a person. He titled this photo series Half. He split his subjects right down the middle, presenting a unique take on “before and after” photos. It shows that each person has a choice of timelines. One path is to live a normal and healthy life. The other? To be an addict.

You may think that this is all Photoshop and digital editing…

But at lot of these effects were done in-camera.

This is just clever costumes and makeup.

This may seem dramatic or superficial…

However, it gets the message across.

Not only that, but it is truthful and shocking.

Source: Roman Sakovich via My Modern Met Movies and television shows can romanticize drug abuse. Don’t be fooled. It is a real and serious problem that can completely tear apart your life. Let these portraits inspire you and teach you a lesson. Drug abuse shouldn’t be taken lightly. Share this shocking truth with others.

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