You’ve got mail (but not on Saturdays): USPS cutting back delivery schedule!/RunGomez/status/299130634813730816

USPS will announce today the ending of Saturday first class mail by August, @cbsthismorning reports exclusively.

— Geoffrey Sorensen (@GSorensen) February 6, 2013

The failing United States Postal Service will announce today that Saturday delivery of first-class mail will be eliminated in August for a predicted annual savings of $2 billion, a fraction of what the USPS lost in 2012.

Why does the postal service say it’s so cash-strapped? In the past, it’s been blamed on you darn kids and your Internets. (And also the recession, but mostly, get off the USPS’ lawn, whippersnappers.)

#Failward – Citing a “crushing economic recession” and internet, US Postal Servicesuspends Saturday mail delivery.…

— WTF? (@stevenferre) February 6, 2013

Packages will still be delivered on Saturdays.

AP: USPS plans to stop mail delivery on Saturdays starting in Aug. Will still deliver packages. Cost savings: $2 billion.

— Dan Shaffer (@danshaffer28) February 6, 2013


Netflix customers are already making plans.

USPS is stopping mail on Saturdays which means 1-2 less movies from Netflix for me each month

— Jeremy (@JermHawk) February 6, 2013

The USPS has just announced no more Saturday mail service, starting in August. Begin adjusting your Netflix queue schedules accordingly.

— Jarrod Tiede (@TeedleJay) February 6, 2013

Well now that USPS is ending mail on Saturdays, I’ll have to order my @netflix disc a day earlier

— Will C (@wheelsee) February 6, 2013

But some people are OK with the news.

What am I going to do without my random three pieces of junk mail that I get every Saturday?#USPS

— Eli Jordan (@TheEliJordan) February 6, 2013

Yay, no more bills delivered on Saturday !!!#USPS

— Diane (@Whizzer78) February 6, 2013

Prolly in the minority but I’ve been wanting the broke USPS to cut Saturday mail for ages. One less day to open my mailbox to find bills.

— Sandra Park (@accidentalcharm) February 6, 2013

No need for Saturday mail. Hell, no need for Tuesday and Thursday mail.

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) February 6, 2013

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Singer Jason Derulo meets with president: ‘We all need Obamacare’!/jasonderulo/status/359424481649262592

President Obama is putting together his Entertainment Advisory Council to do the job that the NFL just won’t do: help lay the track for the coming train wreck known as Obamacare. The state insurance exchanges aren’t ready, and the employer mandate has been pushed back until 2015. That leaves even more time for celebrities to convince fans just how awesome Obamacare will be when it finally gets here.

Singer-songwriter Jason Derulo was among those who today had “a really important mission with the man himself.”

Derulo tweeted again after the meeting, and it looks like the Affordable Care Act was an easy sell. Derulo, see, broke one of his vertebrae during a tour rehearsal in 2012; therefore, we all need Obamacare.!/jasonderulo/status/359432586231578624

For his part, the president evidently shared the story of him sitting at the end of his mother’s hospital bed fighting for insurance — a story debunked by a New York Times journalist and awarded three Pinocchios by the fact-checkers at the Washington Post. Sure it was a lie, but it did touch a few hearts during the debates.!/BuffyPZW/status/359434096612605953

Cheer up — you’ll likely get to pay more soon.

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Cher not happy to be ‘2nd class citizen’; Speaks out for equal pay


— Cher (@cher) October 10, 2014

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been considering herself a champion for “working mothers,” and now singer/actress Cher has included herself among “second class citizens” on the issue of equal pay.

@cher girl you make millions…

— ~Queen Kim~ (@Kimcatmeow) October 10, 2014

@cher you're worth millions

— Maxy | Lady Gaga (@gagablunt) October 10, 2014

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cher is worth in the neighborhood of $305 million, but maybe she thinks a man doing her same job would have earned 13-16 percent more.

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Epic oops! Robin Wright shows more than sideboob at #GoldenGlobes [pics]!/dirtymartinigal/status/422553489063960577

Oh noes. Sideboob itself isn’t enough?!/NYDailyNews/status/422553386970796032

Actress Robin Wright won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Show, Drama on Sunday night. And this happened:!/ariherzog/status/422554967547723776

Yep, you were not alone! Twitter was buzzing Sunday night over Robin Wright’s epic wardrobe malfunction.!/DailyMailCeleb/status/422593614733410304!/APEntertainment/status/422553461222158337

Dangerous, indeed. Check it out:!/kevinbrueck/status/422553283878592512

Cutlet, tape … whatever. It was the focus of schadenfreude-y snark.!/juliatwirl/status/422559174870855680!/chelsea_bullock/status/422553221442203648!/DLoesch/status/422553362635046912!/PolaRoid_Rage/status/422598909685272576!/peterhartlaub/status/422555533321580544!/emzanotti/status/422553239695810560!/seventyx7/status/422553234389999616!/buckley_brooke/status/422553332763213824!/lorrainecink/status/422553270251315200!/veronicaromm/status/422553841125818368

Nip slip? Looks like that was a near miss.!/Taylor_Ayn/status/422614276910481408!/parischic7/status/422568071602003969!/Camilla_33/status/422553449268793344

Speaking of nip slips:!/lola_charles/status/422581098770870273

Heh. None this time for Julia Louis-Dreyfus, whose character Elaine on “Seinfeld” had an epic one. Julia won laughs last night for her e-cigarette moves.

As for Ms. Wright, this Twitter user brings it all home:!/hels/status/422553280737058816

Never change, Twitter.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ e-cigarette cracks up #GoldenGlobe viewers [pic, GIF]

Madonna’s wardrobe malfunction: Christina Applegate says ‘What’s a little nip slip?’ Santorum calls it ‘sign of cultural decline’

Wired’s nipple slip early contender for correction of the year

Full Twitchy coverage of Golden Globes

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Anatomy of a Favorite Tree

A few months ago I was walking at a local Nature Preserve when I came upon a young boy trying to re-find his favorite tree. I so got having a favorite tree! Although I couldn’t help him reconnect with his, I was able to have a full-out discussion about the importance of having such a tree — finding it each time, seeing it in the different seasons, noticing changes brought about by storms or infestations or life itself. And, I couldn’t help out by sharing my tree, or by mentioning another cool tree that I knew about — it’s a personal thing why a given tree “rings true” for an individual.

At another location, on a nearby greenway, I of course had yet another favorite tree for that stretch of the woods. Having walked nearby greenways in Raleigh, NC for 20+ years it’s more of a full-out tree relationship with the magnitude of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, and, similar to the shifts and changes of Portia Nelson’s “Autobiography in Five Short Chapters” — except that my tree had three short chapters — life as a work of art, being marked for take-down (similar to the Scarlett Letter “A”), then leaving behind it’s essence in a heart-shaped stump. So here’s the story of my tree — in three short (photo) chapters:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Just as much as we have relationships in the social world, we have relationships in the natural world – from favorite trees to favorite trails to favorite seasons. And both play out in the circle-of-life.

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Kerry Washington: ‘Abortion Is A Reality’

Kerry Washington is unapologetic about the depiction of abortion on her hit show, “Scandal.”

On the show’s winter finale in November, the actress’s character Olivia Pope is briefly shown undergoing an abortion procedure. The scene, which was all of one-minute, drew some backlash, but many viewers commended producer Shonda Rhimes and the writers of the show for bravely showing something that’s unfortunately still considered taboo by many.  

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily published on Wednesday, Washington stood by the finale, saying: “[Abortion is] a reality, and more often than not, it’s a really difficult choice to make. The same was true for Olivia.”

For the actress, it’s important that the reality of abortion be reflected on screen.

“By not having those moments represented in media, we add to the idea that there’s something shameful to be talked about,” Washington said.  

“It’s always important that our storytelling reflects the real experiences of human beings, because it allows us to not feel as alone.”

Studies have shown that depictions of abortion on TV are often misleading and don’t fully reflect real-life statistics, with the few women who get abortions on TV being overwhelmingly white and rich. Thankfully, women like Washington and Rhimes are playing a small, but vital, part in shifting perceptions. 

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Vampire Diaries EP Talks Caroline’s Due Date, Damon’s ‘Custom Hell’ and More

Damon’s in for a rude awakening (“You’ve been dead for three months!”) when The Vampire Diaries returns tonight (The CW, 8/7c), which is kind of a recurring theme in the back half of Season 7. “This is Damon’s story of the chicken coming home to roost,” executive producer Caroline Dries says of the elder Salvatore […]

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Photos: Supergirl’s Back on Krypton in ‘For the Man Who Has Everything’ Riff

Supergirl‘s Kara has a most unexpected homecoming — returning to an intact Krypton! — when the CBS series serves up its take on the classic Superman comic “For the Man Who Has Everything.” As seen in the photos below for “For The Girl Who Has Everything” (airing Feb. 8), Kara’s friends must find a way to save her life when […]

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