For Everyone Whose Life Has Been Ruined By “Uptown Funk”

You are not alone.

“Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, is the runaway pop success of 2015.

You already know this because it is EVERYWHERE.

It’s legit one of the catchiest songs in herstory.

You’re already singing it.

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

1. It’s also taking over lives.

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2. No one is immune.

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3. FUTURE GENERATIONS are being affected.

Uptown funk is literally ruining my life I’m going to name my first child Bruno Mars

— misserinwhite (@soul of a dragon)

4. This is every car ride in America.

5. Minds are being boggled.

do I like uptown funk or does my brain refuse to accept any other music @ this point in my life

— CaptainGenovia (@Zoe)

6. Nothing is more important than funkin’, now.

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7. Classrooms are infected.

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8. It’s putting lives in danger.

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9. We, as a society, have lost control.

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10. Communication has become solely funk-based.

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11. It’s all “Uptown Funk” all the time.

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12. We’re effing powerless, people.

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13. This is romance, now, in the world we’ve built for ourselves.

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14. We’ve given ourselves over fully.

When the radio fades out during Uptown Funk

— RadFemFox (@Mary)

15. No conversation is safe.

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16. We were lost, but now we’re found.

what was my life before uptown funk

— lllaurenosborne (@Lauren Osborne)

17. Brace yourself, ‘cause the funk’s not goin’ anywhere.

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If somehow “Uptown Funk” hasn’t taken over you life yet, IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.


“Trust us” — everyone else in the world.

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