NFL stars sign up for celebrity dating show!/SteveDelSports/status/200261600542863361

Life may seem amazing for millionaire NFL stars Ndamukong Suh and Rob Gronkowski, but all the money in the world will never be able to fill that void in their heart. That’s why they’re hoping to find love in a new celebrity dating show that will debut on Fox in June.

In the reality show, which debuts June 7, everyday contestants are given a chance to win a date with their famous counterparts. The contestants are pared down over three rounds until each celebrity — four appear each episode — blindly chooses a date for the evening.

Along with Suh, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is reportedly part of a cast that features mostly B-list celebrities like Pauly D and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from “Jersey Shore,” and Rob Kardashian from a handful of shows about his sisters.

Do reality dating shows ever work? …Guess we’ll wish them luck anyways!

Ndamukong Suh is going on a dating show. Good to see I'm not as desperate as one of the best d-lineman in the NFL.

— Kyle Feldscher (@kylefeldscher) May 9, 2012

So now they're making a dating show with some NFL players? our society is so messed up right now..stop obsessing over these "famous" people

— Jessie Owen (@JessieO28) May 9, 2012

@KissMeSuzy – Hopefully Suh doesn't head stomp Gronkowski if he tries to by Suh's date a free drink.

— Derek Lofland (@DerekLofland) May 9, 2012

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