Alec Baldwin continues attack on tabloids; chooses Us Weekly as new target!/thealexhughes/status/219499363196616705

Over the weekend, Alec Baldwin had yet another incident with a photographer. He also managed to outdo even himself when he made personal attacks on blogger Perez Hilton.

If you thought he’d get over it and move on with his life, leaving this recent tirade in the past, then you thought wrong. Alec got on Twitter today to continue trying to prove his point. This time, he made Us Weekly magazine the lucky receiver of his words.

If US magazine folded on Monday, would you care? Really? #tabloidmagazinesshouldberegulated

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) July 1, 2012

Great papers like the Times Picayune struggle, while tabloid trash bloggers (Levin, Hilton) carry on. #USneedsstrongerlibellaws

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) July 1, 2012

The first thing that might come to your mind would be all the jobs lost if a magazine like Us Weekly shut down. Well, Alec Baldwin tells you not to be concerned with them.

@SarNoon: @alecbaldwin Well, I'd be concerned about the job stability of those employed by the magazine.” Don't be….

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) July 1, 2012

He doesn’t offer another plan for the hypothetically unemployed; he just tells us not to be worried about them. How kind!

Some folks intrigued by Baldwin’s recent rant  tried to explain the necessary sacrifice that he made when he decided to become an actor. They also tried to teach him a thing or two about the bigger problems we all have:

@alecbaldwin it's a little hard 4 average person to sympathize w/ u. Beloved actor w/ less privacy seems like a good trade off. Love u!

— Amy Rutberg (@AmyRutberg) July 1, 2012

@alecbaldwin Alec, I like you but, isn't one of the reasons Celebrities are way overcompensated because of the presumed loss of privacy?

— Bill Alford (@MyOwnPrvtIdaho) July 1, 2012

@alecbaldwin There are bigger issues in the world besides your "lack of privacy"… Cancer. War. Famine. Seriously.

— Mary Kathryn Wood (@WooWoo949) July 1, 2012

Also, didn’t this guy just get married? Shouldn’t he be off on some private island having a grand old time with his new wife?

@alecbaldwin Shouldn't you be honeymooning or something?!

— Taxi Mom (@Taximom4ever) July 1, 2012

@alecbaldwin Tweeting does not seem like honeymoon behavior……

— Pretty Veggie (@Pretty_Veggie) July 1, 2012

@alecbaldwin surely you can find something more interesting to do than tweet on your honeymoon?!?!

— André (@shedboy63) July 1, 2012

It seems like now just isn’t the time for Alec to be wrapping himself up in all this paparazzi and tabloid business. Come on man, get away from the internet and enjoy your marriage! The tabloids will still be here for you to attack and rage about when you get back.

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