Here Are 21 Things You Totally Missed In Your Favorite Movies.

Watching movies is one of America’s favorite past-times for a reason. Going to the theater and grabbing a bag of popcorn and Junior Mints is like a taking a time machine back to your childhood. You probably have a few favorite movies from over the decades and watched them a bajillion times. But I bet you’ve never caught any of these things. Someone found these 21 weird details you won’t be able to believe you ever missed. (Seriously, we can’t NOT see them now.)

1. 1980’s special effects at the their finest.

2. We know girls hate wearing heels all day but this is ridiculous.

3. How on Earth did this make it into the film?

4. Please tell me someone rescued him.

5. I knew there was a cameo… SOMEWHERE.

6. Can’t believe I didn’t see this before.

7. Umm, oops.

8. [Grin].

9. Because why not?

10. Who needs CGI when you have super young Matt Damon?

11. G-ross.

12. Spot on.

13. Oh J.J. Abrams, were you ALWAYS trying to audition for Star Wars?

14. Cutting edge games in Tron.

15. Lol why?

16. Ya, never saw THAT.

17. Why didn’t they use another take?

18. Mind blown.

19. I mean, I think it’s cool too.

20. E.T. CAME HOME!!!

21. Ouch!

(H/T: eBaum’s World) Don’t let this ruin your childhood or move-going experience. As much as we hate to admit it, Hollywood can sometimes make mistakes. Do you think your friends will recognize some of these slip-ups or hidden easter eggs? Click below to share this with them!

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