This Balloon Artist Takes His Job Very Seriously. The Results Are Awesome.

When you think of the phrase “balloon artist,” you probably see images of puffy poodles, silly swords or maybe a funny hat. But this guy has given the children’s party staple has been a mind-popping upgrade.

Jason Seconda is the owner of Airheads Entertainment where he pushes the boundaries of what you thought balloons were capable of. I just hope he’s not blowing all of these up by himself. I never thought I could be this impressed by balloons.

This is just wild.

The 40th anniversary is now the balloon year.

I’d like to try this on for size.

I hope this princess didn’t pop!

These are the scariest balloons I’ve ever seen.

Lookin’ good, gramps.

“Kiss me, I’m a balloon!”

Special delivery!

(via Twisted Sifter.)

You can find out how to book the Pennsylvania-based balloon guru for your next shindig on the company’s Facebook

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