Phillip Phillips’ gum falls onto Colton Dixon’s flip-flop; will Dixon insist on a rematch?!/CDixonAI11/status/221729451443105793

No, there won’t be a rematch. That’s how rumors get started.

However, the part about the gum is true, and Dixon tweeted the photo to prove it. Ew.

The two young men battled on a stage  last spring for the chance to be the newest American Idol. Phillips ended up winning the contest earlier this summer.

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Here Are 11 Extremely Strange Jobs That No Longer Exist. #10 Is Just Downright Creepy.

Finding a position in today’s job market is hard enough as it is, but what if you were unlucky enough to have one of these careers? A user on Reddit posted a link to this list of extinct jobs. They are all real jobs that people used to have back in the day. It’s strange to think that something called a knocker-upper was hired to wake people up, but it’s even weirder that these jobs just winked out of existence.

1.) Bowling alley pin setter

This was typically a teenager’s job and didn’t pay very well.

2.) Knocker-upper

Knocker-uppers were basically human alarm clocks. They would make sure their clients would wake up.

They would rap on doors and windows with truncheons, or even use pea shooters.

3.) Ice cutter

When lakes froze, ice cutters would saw through the layers and give the pieces to ice delivery men.

4.) Pre-radar enemy aircraft detection

These devices helped soldiers listen for approaching enemy aircraft and warn their own troops

5.) Rat catcher

In Europe, rat catchers were hired to control the rodent population and prevent the spread of disease.

It wasn’t an easy job, as many of them would suffer from bites.

6.) Lamp lighter

Until electric street lamps were introduced, lamp lighters would need to go around lighting or extinguishing street lamps.

7.) Milkman

Because of less advanced refrigeration and preservation techniques, cold milk would need to be delivered often.

8.) Log driver – Before log transportation via truck was possible, these men would guide logs down the river.

9.) Switchboard operator

Before modern technology, switchboard operators were an integral part of telephone networks by connecting calls.

10.) Resurrectionist – – They were basically 19th century body snatchers. Resurrectionists would remove corpses from graves for universities to use as cadavers.

11.) Factory worker lector

Lectors hired at factories would read to those who worked all day, providing entertainment.

Some day in the future, maybe even your job will be eliminated. Advances in technology have led to extinct jobs year after year. Thankfully, as each door closes in life, a window opens. (And when there are metaphorical opening windows, there are metaphorical window washers.) Source: Reddit Click below to share these strange, unique jobs with your friends. Hopefully, they didn’t use to be milkmen.

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#PattinsonisnotFinnick trending in response to casting rumor!/AllAboutKatniss/status/205699575556739072

If you’re unfamiliar with Robert Pattinson, he’s that guy with the poofy hair and the pale skin in the Twilight movies. Yeah, the vampire one always toying with Bella’s emotions. If you’re unfamiliar with Finnick, then go to your local bookstore, pick yourself up a copy of “Catching Fire,” the second book of “The Hunger Games” trilogy, and enjoy. Then come back here to receive your briefing, soldier.

Why do an actor and a fictional character have Twitter so flustered? Rumor has it Mr. Pattinson is being considered for the role of Finnick in the upcoming Catching Fire, the second film adaption of the massively popular trilogy.

This would make for quite an impressive resume for Pattinson, who already appeared in the “Harry Potter” franchise along with all four (soon to be five) Twilight movies. One actor showing up in the three biggest young-adult sensations of our time would be monumental.

But is Pattinson the people’s choice?

#PattinsonnotFinnick quickly rose among the worldwide trending topics, with users from all over the world who weren’t exactly jazzed up to hear Pattinson might be playing their beloved character.

#PattinsonIsNotFinnick, he should be the last person in the world to be cast as Finnick.

— Kerry (@Kerryyyox) May 24, 2012

#PattinsonIsNotFinnick THANK GOD!!! I really don't find attractive him…I DON'T like him at all!

— Andhy (@1AndhyPerez) May 24, 2012

#PattinsonisnotFinnick there could never be a better trend.

— no (@OhlookitsStephJ) May 24, 2012


— richie (@taciturnkoala) May 24, 2012

#PattinsonIsNotFinnick He's Edward, not Finnick. He's a sparkling vampire and he's ugly. Finnick is amazing.

— Avada Kedavra ϟ (@TubaEverdeen) May 24, 2012

Not everyone seems to mind too much either way:

#PattinsonIsNotFinnick.. who tf cares? you're gonna go see the movie regardless of who's playing him.

— EmilyBrooke♡ (@emilybhead) May 24, 2012

And while everyone discusses and shares their opinions about the up-and-comer, a few might have gotten a little extreme in their solution to the casting rumor:

#PattinsonIsNotFinnick If he's going to play Finnick.. I'll kill him, so they can choose someone else.*someone like..Ian Somerhalder* *DEAD*

— Rania Salvatore ⚯͛ (@Queen_RaniaS) May 24, 2012

Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.

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‘Still miss Chris Kyle’: Actor Dean Cain honors his heroic friend [pics]!/MBheartstwugs/status/429614073144414208

Sunday marks the one year anniversary of the death of “American Sniper” Chris Kyle.

“Lois and Clark” actor Dean Cain teamed up with the decorated Navy SEAL on the NBC television show “Stars Earn Stripes,” and was devastated by the loss of the “real Superman.” This morning he tweeted about his heroic friend.!/scubazuke/status/429601438759919616

Fans shared these images with Cain.!/AllDeanCain/status/429590010585563137

Twitter users are organizing to pay tribute to Kyle and keep his legacy alive with the #HonorChrisKyle hashtag.!/michellemalkin/status/429505130715570177

Let’s get it trending to honor this American hero.

RIP, real Superman.


Cain continues to tweet about his friend.!/RealDeanCain/status/429685592675201024


‘This is disgusting’: Dean Cain rips Jesse Ventura for suing Chris Kyle’s widow

Actors Dean Cain, Nick Lachey mourn the loss of hero Chris Kyle, ‘the real Superman’

Dean Cain retweets Dakota Meyer’s reminder to ghoul Ron Paul: ‘Chris Kyle is an American hero’

Dean Cain: Ted Nugent is ‘dead-on’; Still ‘heartbroken’ over Chris Kyle’s death

Actor Dean Cain slams cretinous Chris Kyle-basher; He fought for your ‘ignorant freedom’


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‘Goosebumps’: First ‘American Sniper’ trailer captivates viewers!/zachforzombies/status/517832835315802112

“American Sniper,” the Clint Eastwood film based on the autobiography of murdered Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, isn’t due in theaters until mid-January, but a trailer released this weekend has even liberal media outlets saying the trailer “will haunt you.”

Wow. This will be intense. American Sniper – Trailer – Official UK Warner Br…:

— LittleMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) October 3, 2014

Need to see American sniper as soon as it comes out

— Pat Walsh (@patwalsh21) October 3, 2014

Just watched the trailer for American Sniper and I want to see it right now

— Dudz (@Dudz_Smoove) October 3, 2014

#hollywood 'American Sniper': Bradley Cooper in heart-pounding trailer

— Louis Pichardo (@LouisPichardo) October 3, 2014

This American Sniper Is INSANE & Bradley Cooper Looks HOT!: WHAT?! We only got a glimpse at a couple minutes o…

— Daily Gossip Dose (@iGossipDaily) October 3, 2014

OK well looks like Clint Eastwood pulls off another really good one w/ “American Sniper” Trailer here Hot Air

— Andrew Malcolm (@AHMalcolm) October 3, 2014

Whoa. This looks brilliant. Bradley Cooper is doing some amazing work.

— Daniel Knauf (@Daniel_Knauf) October 3, 2014

THAT'S how you tease a movie. WOW. #AmericanSniper

— Joe Lynch (@TheJoeLynch) October 2, 2014

AMERICAN SNIPER Gets a Trailer and I Get Goosebumps

— Andy Morgan (@andyatthemovies) October 3, 2014

The American Sniper trailer will haunt you after it's over. You've been warned–WATCH:

— Slate (@Slate) October 3, 2014

The first trailer for "American Sniper" might be the year's best so far

— Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) October 3, 2014

American sniper may be tr baddest movie about the baddest man to ever live, beyond pumped

— Rob (@99_pROBlems26) October 3, 2014




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Tony Bennett in DC to hawk gun control, leaves his brain in San Francisco!/itstonybennett/status/299202218710687744

As Twitchy reported, comedian Chris Rock was in D.C. this morning to Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence. He wound up not saying much of anything. Fortunately, crooner and fellow freelance gun control expert Tony Bennett was there to pick up the intellectual slack:

Tony Bennett and Chris Rock at US Capitol to call for gun control.…

— Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) February 6, 2013

@itstonybennett speaks out at Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence press conference. #EnoughisEnough #Newtown #guns…

— David W. Jones (@DavidJones2898) February 6, 2013

Tony Bennett speech was two sentences. Ends with “I would like assault weapons to be eliminates.”…

— Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) February 6, 2013

Tony Bennett”I still haven’t gotten over CT. I think assault weapons belong in war.”…

— Nancy Mitchell (@NancyWonderful) February 6, 2013

Keep weapons of war off our streets!

Tony Bennett: I’m a pacifist. I’m against violence, I’m against war… Someday the world will become sane

— Laura Byrne (@LauraAnnByrne) February 6, 2013

Thanks, we’re sure, in no small part to celebrity sanity-mongers like Tony.

Tony Bennett just said that the US gun violence is like the Nazis and the rest of the world will invade and destroy us.

— Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) February 6, 2013

“Tony Bennett just said that the US gun violence is like the Nazis and the rest of the world will invade and destroy us.”— lost for words

— Josh McWilliams (@ronniebismuth) February 6, 2013

Bless his heart.

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‘Not a #Fanilow’: Conn. Sen. Chris Murphy defends celebs from NRA!/ChrisMurphyCT/status/299178891766022145


Last September, the NRA posted a list of organizations and people on record as supporting anti-Second-Amendment causes.

The United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ, the US Catholic Conference, and B`nai B`rith, all made the NRA enemies list

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) February 6, 2013

Unsurprisingly, given their predilection for spouting off about gun control, celebrities make up a good bit of the list. But according to Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, the NRA’s gone too far. The lib knight in shining armor rode in on his white horse today to defend defenseless celebs from the nefarious NRA and its “enemies list”:

This guy is on the NRA’s enemies list:…

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) February 6, 2013

Gee, we can’t imagine why the NRA would be leery of Sly.

Billy Crystal, Mandy Patinkin, and Rob Reiner all made the immortal classic The Princess Bride. They also all made the NRA’s enemies list.

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) February 6, 2013

Bad enough that the NRA listed those three guys. But that’s nothing compared to this outrage:

Say what you will about his music, but evidently the NRA considers Barry Manilow an enemy. Not a #Fanilow

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) February 6, 2013

Do not mess with Barry, guys. Or with Fonzie:

The Fonz is an official enemy of the N.R.Ehhhhhhhhhhh…

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) February 6, 2013

Good to know Murphy’s hard at work over there. Maybe Manilow will write a song for him out of gratitude!

Honestly, Senator.

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Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates: ‘We sure as hell are angry’!/Araksya/status/226779432537427968

Aurora, Colo. Mayor Steve Hogan began this afternoon’s press update on the Aurora theater shootings by crediting first responders for the “silver lining” that more lives weren’t lost. “These first responders can’t be thanked enough,” he said.

Aurora mayor thanks first responders during #theatershooting presser: "If there's a silver lining it's that we didn't lose more lives."

— Katie Rogers (@katierogers) July 21, 2012

Colo. Gov. John Hickenlooper praised the ability of all the law enforcement agencies on site to work together as “simply put, just incredible.” He said that he and staff members visited victims in the hospital, and some even went to local theaters last night as a statement against intimidation.

Gov. John Hickenlooper said the emergency team response was incredible. Ambulance crews got there in 2.5 min. #theatershooting

— ABC7 News (@abc7newsBayArea) July 21, 2012

Gov. John Hickenlooper says members of his staff took family to the movies last night to prove "we won't back down" #aurora #theatershooting

— Callie Schweitzer (@cschweitz) July 21, 2012

FBI Special Agent Jim Yacone gave an update on the work being done to clear Holmes’s apartment of “multiple booby traps and incendiary devices” as well as other evidence, adding that work today had gone “very, very well.”

@DenverChannel @MarcKMGH: Breaking: FBI says IEDs found in apartment. Multiple booby traps. #TheaterShooting @demverchannel

— Marc Stewart KMGH (@MarcKMGH) July 21, 2012

Went very, very well. Threat not completely eliminated, but significantly reduced.#TheaterShooting

— KKTV 11 News (@kktv11news) July 21, 2012

Yacone said the bomb squad first made entry with a robot driven by an Adams Co. bomb technician, encountering a trip wire across the door. Cameras revealed triggering mechanisms, multiple containers with accelerants and fuses.

Yacone said the process was “very, very calculated” as well as “slow and methodical” to preserve evidence from the scene. Evidence collected will be sent to the FBI’s lab in Quantico, Va.

Officials won't go into tactics, techniques and procedures because they don't want to jeopardize prosecution. #TheaterShooting @SieraSantos

— KOAA News 5 (@KOAA_5) July 21, 2012

Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates reported that suspect James Holmes had received a “high volume of commercial deliveries” to his apartment recently, suggesting the deliveries might be “evidence of some calculation and deliberation.”

He added that all personal effects, such as wallets, IDs and clothing left by people as they fled the theater, had been cleared from the theater and would be made available to families on Monday unless needed as evidence. Holmes’s defense team would be allowed into the theater on Tuesday, and the theater would be handed back to its owners on Wednesday.

Hope to be out of theater Monday and allow the defense to go through it on Tuesday. Can be open for public as early as Wed.#TheaterShooting

— KKTV 11 News (@kktv11news) July 21, 2012

Oates gave an update on the investigation at the University of Colorado campus where Holmes had been a student. After a thorough search of biohazardous and radioactive materials used in research labs, nothing was determined to be missing. The campus was swept yesterday by bomb dogs and had returned to “business as usual” today.

There are concerns as to what suspect had access to at research facility but nothing missing. #TheaterShooting (via @SieraSantos)

— KOAA News 5 (@KOAA_5) July 21, 2012

Oates theorized that the booby traps in the apartment were set specifically for police and first responders, as the were the people most likely to enter. “If you think we’re angry, we sure as hell are angry,” he said, adding there was “no question” what the intent was in setting the traps.

"If you think we are angry, we are sure as hell angry," said Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates. #theatershooting

— Matt Flener KMBC (@MattFlenerKMBC) July 21, 2012

Police chief Oates on Holmes's apartment; designed to "kill whoever entered it…make no mistake about it." #theatershooting

— Ryan Devereaux (@rdevro) July 21, 2012

Residents of the four buildings adjoining Holmes’s apartment are expected to return home sometime this evening.

Aurora Fire Department Chief Mark Garcia spoke briefly and encourged the community to “go out into your city, don’t be afraid.”

AFD Chief: What makes Aurora an all-American city is how we handle this crisis. Go out: go to movies, enjoy city. #theatershooting

— Megan Verlee (@CPRverlee) July 21, 2012

Aurora FD Chief Mike Garcia: "the courage, professionalism of our firefighters is remarkable." #theatershooting

— Arash Mosaleh (@ArashMosaleh) July 21, 2012

A complete and official list of victims is expected as early as this evening.

Aurora PD Chief: "the names of the deceased victims will be released by the coroner…might be sometime Saturday afternoon" #theatershooting

— Arash Mosaleh (@ArashMosaleh) July 21, 2012

Chief Oates: Names of the victims killed in the #theatershooting may be released by the coroner as soon as this afternoon

— 7NEWS Denver Channel (@DenverChannel) July 21, 2012

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