President Squee jets off to reassure ‘deeply shaken’ celeb donors!/markknoller/status/254939686617886721


Obama leaves today for the safe warm liberal cocoon in Hollywood where no inconvenient truth is allowed to enter….@jjauthor

— Closet Righty (@Closetrighty) October 7, 2012

Obama's so in touch w/the struggling middle class he dashes off to Hollywoid after a shiteous debate to reassure them he's still suave/cool.

— LittleMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) October 7, 2012

Bingo! That’s exactly what he is doing. The poor #ForAll Obama cult members are all kerfuffled; What is going on? How could President Squee totally fall flat on his smug face during the debate? Instead of, you know, doing his job, Obama is flitting off to canoodle with the cult members to soothe their panic-stricken nerves. And … gasping for breath … get some advice from them.

Hollywood Reporter: Obama's Hollywood supporters 'deeply shaken' by debate performance; will offer advice when Obama visits tonight…

— Byron York (@ByronYork) October 7, 2012

Obama seeking advice from Hollywood on how to be a better campaigner … and raising more $

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) October 7, 2012

Side-splitting! But not surprising, coming from a man so out of touch that he canoodles with celebrities and hits up Vegas, baby while embassies burn. He’ll have a lot of canoodling to do, though. Will he manage to apply enough salve to their shattered nerves? More from USA Today:

2:20PM EST October 7. 2012 – The schedule says President Obama is flying to Los Angeles on Sunday for campaign fundraisers.

The Hollywood Reporter says he has another mission: Reassuring high-dollar Hollywood supporters after last week’s less-than-successful debate performance against Republican Mitt Romney.

“Everyone is in shock,” said a long-time Democratic activist to the Reporter. “No one can understand what happened.”

Oh, the hilarity! Will they invent a new diagnosis of PTDD (Post Traumatic Debate Disorder)? Make it stop; we have fallen to the floor in a heap of giggles. Twitter users can barely pick themselves up off the floor as well.

Poor Obama. I can't imagine a worse fate than having 1,000 insufferable celebs lecturing me on how to do my job:

— jon gabriel (@exjon) October 7, 2012

SWEET TEARS OF CHER: After debate debacle, Obama races back to LA to "reassure Hollywood donors"

— John Sykes (@johnsykes1035) October 7, 2012

The tears really are delicious.

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