Critics rip Adam Sandler!/DMGilchrist/status/196357278083981312

Comedian Adam Sandler is starring in a the new film ‘That’s My Boy,’ which will be released in June. Today is not his day on Twitter, though, as his critics were out in force.

#Agreed RT @alpha1906: Aren't all Adam Sandler films pretty much the same right about now? Dumb.

— Arthur Lee Walker (@ArthurLeeWalker) April 28, 2012!/Retweetme95/status/196358243105255424!/SraUnorthodox/status/196357909754552320

R.I.p adam sandler!!!

— reemzdrumz (@kareemthompson) April 28, 2012

Lately Adam Sandler movies have been reserved for a special type of Hell Struggle.

— DuctTapeFoot Smack (@ShizukaSam) April 28, 2012

Adam Sandler still making movies… #WhyTho

— Dominique (@loui_vaton_dom) April 28, 2012

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