#SchoolaHollywoodLib: Conservatives educate knowledge-starved celebs


Last night, Eva Longoria, Obama campaign co-chair and bigot, retweeted a ridiculous message suggesting that women and minorities would have to be stupid to vote for Mitt Romney. Fed-up with race-baiting Julias, Michelle Malkin has spent the better part of today taking Longoria and her fellow Hollywood lady parts to task for their condescension. While liberals are content to judge and be judged by their anatomy and skin color, Malkin isn’t having any of it. This afternoon, proudly exercising her lady smarts, she launched the #schoolahollywoodlib hashtag to give lefty celebrities Hollywood-ego-sized doses of reality:

.@kerrywashington Don’t talk about GOP cutting hlth services ’til you learn about Obamacare IPAB is.gd/qAcJ0C #schoolahollywoodlib

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 17, 2012

.@evalongoria Do you know what IPAB is, hon? No, it’s not an Apple device ==> is.gd/qAcJ0C #schoolahollywoodlib

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 17, 2012

.@evalongoria Call us “stupid.” Tell us we’re not “real” women & r traitors to our race/gender. We will not back down. #schoolahollywoodlib

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 17, 2012

Other conservatives quickly followed suit:

“@heritage: #Obamacare: No Help to Women (PHOTO) twitter.com/Heritage/statu…#schoolahollywoodlib #ladyparts #ladysmarts

— Tara Chapin (@Tara_Chapin) October 17, 2012

Everyday Americans can absolutely relate to rich out-of-touch arrogant elitists who just want to be worshipped. Riight. #schoolahollywoodlib

— Sir Guy of Gisbourne (@SirGuyGisbourne) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib The tolerance you preach to us in anti-bullying ads while calling US stupid is just…pitiful.

— Headshakers (@headshakers) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib not wanting to pay for someone’s contraception is different than being against contraception or women for that matter.

— Jane Austin (@janie_austin) October 17, 2012

We LOVE seeing you Hollywood elitists make fun of us, insult our opinions & give each other gold statues. Really we do. #schoolahollywoodlib

— Sir Guy of Gisbourne (@SirGuyGisbourne) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib Dear Clooney,Penn,Longoria et al.Please,SHUT.IT.We nthr cr 4 nor wnt yr idiotic opinions.Seriously.Lv,us.

— priyaghumman (@priyaghumman) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib Obama mocks the wealthy Romney yet wines and dines with the MUCH wealthier Jay-Z! #HYPOCRISY

— SGwin (@SGwin1) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib Please take your mocha-choca-latte-light-on-the-cream drink and save a whale or something. I have bills to pay.

— Headshakers (@headshakers) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib Mammograms are NOT performed by PP lifenews.com/2012/10/16/oba…

— NewNews22 (@NewNews22) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib Clooney-how much of a carbon footprint does that private plane you fly around in use?

— Michelle B (@Michelle_Blease) October 17, 2012

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.#schoolahollywoodlib

— Randy Otis (@OtisRandy) October 17, 2012

“We hate capitalism, we hate the rich! Oh, is that my paycheck? TY love. Call my car service, I’m late for my facial.” #schoolahollywoodlib

— Sir Guy of Gisbourne (@SirGuyGisbourne) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlibHollywood logic: Save the whales, abort the babies. @evalongoria

— wild pitch (@thewildpitch) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib Like @evalongoria Betting she won’t debate any REAL women like myself or @michellemalkin

— SGwin (@SGwin1) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib tired of rich people telling me that another rich person is out of touch.

— Tiffini Thomas (@wizardsvampsOmy) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib Preposterously ignorant arguments may work on your fawning sycophants but in the real world they are easily discounted.

— Mister Duke (@LeviathanLeap) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib Making millions of $$$ playing make believe while deriding capitalism! #HYPOCRISY

— SGwin (@SGwin1) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib define “fair share”. I’m sure it’s whatever % you pay. If so, do share!

— Michelle B (@Michelle_Blease) October 17, 2012

#schoolahollywoodlib Fact: Obama is atwar with US energy companies…coal, gas, and oil. Go to Texas or to coal country and ask them.

— Jane Austin (@janie_austin) October 17, 2012

Net effect of Obama’s policies, poor economy, high gas prices: Less money in people’s pockets to pay to see your movies #schoolahollywoodlib

— Sir Guy of Gisbourne (@SirGuyGisbourne) October 17, 2012

Oh, snap! Keep it coming, Twitter. If knowledge is power, Hollywood liberals are among the weakest folks out there.



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