Condolences pour in for Jack and Lisa Osbourne following miscarriage!/MrsLisaOsbourne/status/375867243126472704

Jack Osbourne’s wife, Lisa, announced yesterday that she had suffered a late-term miscarriage last week but needed time before going public with the news. Osbourne blogs about pregnancy and motherhood at, so plenty of readers following along with her pregnancy were devastated by the news as well.!/Montel_Williams/status/375951566689566721!/hotmail_kay/status/375933220086632448

As difficult as the announcement had to be to write, it touched quite a few moms and dads who’ve been through similar pain.!/soundman502/status/376085067891609600!/rachel2briggs/status/375967911380135936!/src06/status/375979709227864064!/bella_and_beau/status/376053447318990848

Jack Osbourne has been signed for the next season of “Dancing with the Stars.”!/JackOsbourne/status/375215131380449280

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