OH NO! John Cusack blocked the Sean Spicer parody account TOO (hilarity ensued)

Yeah, we normally cover the Sean Spicer parody account,@sean_spicier, because something he has tweeted has not only fooled a bunch of Lefties into thinking he’s the real press secretary, but it has enraged them. Which makes us all laugh. This time though it’s in relation to a tweet he sent out that ties into an article we wrote yesterday about how John Cusack has blocked at least half of Twitter (including Twitchy!).

As you can imagine, the results of his tweet were pretty damn hilarious:

Read more: http://twitchy.com/samj-3930/2017/06/30/oh-no-john-cusack-blocked-the-sean-spicer-parody-account-too-hilarity-ensued/

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