Midler mentions muskets, still meddling in gun control debate


Awww … Piers Morgan must be beaming right now. After railing yesterday against deadly House Republicans and that antiquated Second Amendment, Midler is doubling down on the derpitude. Just like gutless ghoul Musket Morgan, the asinine Miss M. insists that the Founding Fathers were only thinking about muskets when they wrote the Constitution; therefore, we need to ban all other types of firearms. And, just like Morgan, she’s still lambasting the NRA and blaming everyone but the person who pulls the trigger.

The strategy of the NRA after mass shootings “lie low at first, then slow-roll any legislative push for a response”…stall until it dies.

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) December 20, 2012

A deadly combo: guns and the mentally ill. Mental health programs all over country are slashed. California alone cut $700 million this year.

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) December 20, 2012

Since when is the NRA responsible for how a state spends on mental illness?

@bettemidler Have you read your constitution? Just asking.

— Ruth Bonnett (@Bris_Central) December 20, 2012

Here’s a pretty good indicator that the answer is no:

One of the Four Freedoms is Freedom from Fear. We now live in fear that we can be shot and killed at the mall, the movies, and at school.

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) December 20, 2012

Freedom from fear? Oh, please. Not only does Ms. Midler fail to grasp that the Second Amendment allows people in fear to defend themselves, but she doesn’t seem to understand that fear is a response to perceived danger. It’s the refusal to acknowledge danger that’s truly life-threatening.

@bettemidler There id not duch a thing as freedom.People have to be controled

— Irek Polkowski (@ipolkowski) December 20, 2012

Now that’s scary. But it’s exactly what Midler wants.

Frustrated Twitterers tried to set her straight:

Isn’t ironic @bettemidler has no problem with Democrats killing unborn babies through abortion. How much longer do we have endure YOU.

— CoFemale (@CoFemale) December 20, 2012

@bettemidler You calling me a murderer? I am a Republican, I don’t like being slandered. Maybe my lawyer needs to read what you said.

— Libertarian (@Libertarian9) December 20, 2012

@bettemidler the NRA is being respectful of those who lost loved ones.

— Jenel (@jenelh98) December 20, 2012

@bettemidler guns equal freedom Bette, get a clue. And I bet you never used armed security guards ever right???!!!

— Deb (@hockeydeb21) December 20, 2012

@bettemidler when you, Obama and the rest of the rich liberals no longer guard your family with guns I’ll give mine up as well.

— terry lambert (@terry_5) December 20, 2012

@bettemidler2nd Amend 2protect if govt turns on own citizens.Not just 4this one but ALL generations!Govt’s nature=keep taking more power

— Kay (@PositivePoison) December 20, 2012

@bettemidler gun owners get muskets, while the criminals can have anything they want. The written law has never stopped a criminal.

— Wade English (@truckin9999) December 20, 2012

It certainly hasn’t.

@bettemidler What if you fear being judged? Should we take away peoples’ rights to have an opinion? Where does it end?

— CODY SCHNOOR (@EpilepsySOS) December 20, 2012

That’s just it — it doesn’t. But Midler doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she’s ready to march:

It’s time to march, that much is true.

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) December 20, 2012

Wonder if she’ll take along a bodyguard.

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