Democrat math: Todd Akin = Paul Ryan!/DWStweets/status/237285324626206720

On the issue of “legitimate rape,” Rep. Todd Akin is exactly the same as Rep. Paul Ryan. Or so Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would lead us to believe.

Naturally, the Left couldn’t resist the meme:

How Todd Akin And Paul Ryan Partnered To Redefine Rape | ThinkProgress

— robert hosken (@bo7b) August 19, 2012

Paul Ryan praised Todd Akin so strongly in GOP primary he had to clarify it wasn't an endorsement

— Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) August 19, 2012

I wonder why Akin isn't considered a "serious wonk" like Paul Ryan, who shares his Neanderthal views. #ApologiesToNeanderthals

— Joshua Holland (@JoshuaHol) August 19, 2012

Todd Akin is Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney. They all vote the same when it comes to women—marginalize + blame. Some are just more subtle.

— Dan Davenport (@dandavenport) August 19, 2012

Did you know that one anagram of "Paul Ryan" and "Todd Akin" is "Kaput Ayn Rand Idol"?

— CC (@canadiancynic) August 19, 2012

The saddest part about Todd Akin's statement isn't that he's running for US Senate; it's that VP nominee Paul Ryan believes the same thing.

— anarchival (@anarchival) August 19, 2012

Ok. The Tribune has the story that Mitt #Romney's VP Paul Ryan co-sponsored a bill with Todd Akin to redefine rape!! #Boom #LegitimateRape

— Brittany Heil (@BrittanyUSC2011) August 19, 2012

We wonder what these folks said when Whoopi Goldberg claimed that some rapes are more legitimate than others.

Oh yeah, we remember now:


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