Stern tries to slam Romney on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ is schooled instead!/MommyAndMedia/status/220016708327440384

During last night’s episode of “America’s Got Talent,” judge Howard Stern offered some advice to a ventriloquist act. He told the wannabe-talent to jazz up his act with some funnies.

Howard Stern tells "America's Got Talent" guy to step up his dog act: "I mean Mitt Romney tied the dog to the roof of his car." #seamus

— jennifer bendery (@jbendery) July 3, 2012

Hardy har har! Yuk, yuk, yuk! Wow, so hilarious, Howard.

Howard Stern bashing Mitt Romney out of nowhere on live TV >>>>>>

— Matt (@MattTB12) July 3, 2012

Not out of nowhere, really. Evidently, it was to endear himself to super smart people like the following.

Howard Stern just dissed Mitt Romney on Americas Got Talent. Love, love, love it!!!

— Deb Vermaas (@debv219) July 3, 2012

It will be a travesty if @HowardStern walks back the Mitt Romney diss.

— The Book Viking (@thebookviking) July 3, 2012

Except, besides not being funny at all, it wasn’t much of a diss. These Twitter users make that clear and school Mr. Stern.

Dear Howard Stern, Mitt Romney may have tied a dog to the roof of his car, but Obama ate a dog. #AGT

— Zach Hamm (@sHAMM_wow9) July 3, 2012

Don't bring politics into this @howardstern Mitt Romney tied his diahrea dog to his car, but Obama ate dog growing up #dogshateboth #AGT

— Isaiah McGee (@isaiahmcgee) July 3, 2012

Umm, @HowardStern, Mitt Romney may have put his dog on the roof of his car, and it lived, but Obama actually ATE a dog. It didn't. #agt

— David Molinarolo (@RAZRMAXX) July 3, 2012

AGT: Howard Stern just told the Dog Ventriloquist guy to go after Romney for laughs. Hey, Obama ate the dog, fool! #tcot

— Martha (@marthad1) July 3, 2012

Watching AmericasGot Talent. Howard stern cracked about Romney strapping dog to roof. Didn't Obama eat a Poodle Panini.

— Darin Lee (@DReaganite) July 3, 2012

Obama was 6, Mitt adult RT @sHAMM_wow9 Dear Howard Stern, Mitt Romney may have tied a dog to the roof of his car, but Obama ate a dog. #AGT

— Tom N (@tomntmj) July 3, 2012

Dude. Obama ate a dog. Then bragged about it in a book, allegedly written as an adult.

Perhaps Mr. Stern should heed his own advice about learning how to be funny. He can start by reading the best of #ObamaDogRecipes.

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