Stacey Dash supports fellow actor for Calif. state assembly!/Judgeola/status/370406320316624896

Republicans coming out of Hollywood? This could become a trend! The latest is actor and entertainment industry union leader Ned Vaughn:!/NedVaughn/status/370313344382558208

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Actor Ned Vaughn, the No. 2-ranking national officer of SAG-AFTRA, has resigned as executive vice president of the powerful entertainment industry union in order to run for assemblyman in California as a Republican.

Vaughn’s credits include roles in The Hunt for Red October, Apollo 13 and dozens of TV shows. In the fourth season of the Fox hit 24, his character killed the fictional president.

Vaughn’s campaign has received the “full support” of actress Stacey Dash:!/REALStaceyDash/status/370345402416918528

Yes, there are Republicans in Hollywood.

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