Stacey Dash supports fellow actor for Calif. state assembly!/Judgeola/status/370406320316624896

Republicans coming out of Hollywood? This could become a trend! The latest is actor and entertainment industry union leader Ned Vaughn:!/NedVaughn/status/370313344382558208

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Actor Ned Vaughn, the No. 2-ranking national officer of SAG-AFTRA, has resigned as executive vice president of the powerful entertainment industry union in order to run for assemblyman in California as a Republican.

Vaughn’s credits include roles in The Hunt for Red October, Apollo 13 and dozens of TV shows. In the fourth season of the Fox hit 24, his character killed the fictional president.

Vaughn’s campaign has received the “full support” of actress Stacey Dash:!/REALStaceyDash/status/370345402416918528

Yes, there are Republicans in Hollywood.

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Race-baiting columnist blames failure of “All-American Muslim” on . . . well, you know!/WiStateJournal/status/179148745500405760

Leonard Pitts in the Wisconsin State Journal:

This is what Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier, Diahann Carroll and Motown did for African-Americans. It is what Mary Tyler Moore and “Cagney and Lacey” did for feminist women. It is what Ellen DeGeneres, “Will and Grace” and “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” did for gays.

And, it is why no less an authority than Cosby himself has said he thinks the time is ripe for a Muslim Cosby Show. It is easy to hate “the blacks” as an abstract, but it becomes more difficult once you’ve been in “Cliff Huxtable’s” home and he’s made you laugh and you have recognized your family in his. No, that recognition is not a panacea for cultural animus. But it is a building block toward the recognition of common humanity, and that is no small thing.

So if “All American Muslim” was a failure, it was a noble one. With luck, it will not be long before someone else picks up the baton it has dropped. As the Florida Family Association experience makes clear, success will not be easy. But the hateful paranoia that makes such a thing difficult also makes it necessary.

“We thought we were white,” the man said. They know better now.

Dude, “Firefly” got cancelled.

Front Page Magazine wrote:

That is the problem with propaganda, it isn’t very interesting. Negative propaganda can be entertaining, positive propaganda is stifling. All-American Muslim promotes Islam with weak reality show theatrics that are inferior in drama and entertainment value to the competition. It is so determined to promote its agenda that it utterly fails to be interesting.

With All-American Muslim’s fourth episode, Friday Night Bites, the show continues its obsession with making its women dress in the Imam approved fashion and with promoting the Islamic makeovers to general audiences. The birth of a child to one of the couples leads to a spotlighting of the Muslim call to prayer and the adventures of Fordson High School’s religiously cleansed team continues with more Ramadan than ever.

It would be a stretch to call any of this interesting. Watching All-American Muslim is like watching an extended commercial in which smiling people use a product and talk up its virtues, discussing it at length, in order to convince you to start using it. It’s no wonder that audiences are fleeing the show faster than infidels from the Middle East.

In short, “All-American Muslim” failed because it was about as compelling as Leonard Pitts.

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This Bright Flash Was Witnessed Overnight In Siberia — What Could It Be?

On Tuesday, October 25, a bright flash lit up the sky near Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia.

The mysterious flying object has left many scratching their heads over what exactly it is. At first, people thought it was the ICBM RS-18 intercontinental ballistic missile launched by Vladamir Putin’s military in Orenburg, but that missile testing would have been seen much earlier in the day.

Some experts believe it is a man-made object, while others think it is a bolide, which is a large meteor that explodes in the atmosphere before it touches the ground. Either way, it must have been an incredible (and unsettling) sight for those who witnessed it.

Some are even saying that it may be a UFO. What do you think?

Read More: Even Celebrities Are Freaked Out By What Was Spotted Flying Over Los Angeles

I’m inclined to believe that it probably was some kind of meteor, but who knows? I’m definitely no expert on the subject.

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‘Gay bike conspiracy’? Alec Baldwin’s biking arrest is ‘fun for everybody’! [pic]!/Ianscotthowland/status/466223395299135488

Every so often, the gods of schadenfreude smile upon us. This is one of those times.!/redsteeze/status/466239278620889089

More from The New York Post:

A source told Page Six, “Alec was riding his bicycle the wrong way on Fifth Avenue this morning and, when he was stopped by police, he didn’t have ID, so he was handcuffed and arrested. It is not known where he is now or if he is still in police custody.”

According to InTouch Weekly, which first broke the story:

An eyewitness tells the mag the 56-year-old was “calm and quiet” while he was cuffed and put in the back of the police car, though another onlooker said he “went ballistic on the cops, screaming at them” earlier during the altercation.!/Neal_Dewing/status/466236638377807872

One thing’s for certain: Alec Baldwin is the gift that keeps on giving.!/joelcifer/status/466238002298376193

The @nypost newsroom when Alec Baldwin news breaks  on Twitpic

We’re with them. This is gold, Jerry. Gold!!/Matthops82/status/466235390299369472!/BrittWhitmire/status/466239196089167872

What's in your wallet? Better be bail money.…

@TwitchyTeam— Adam Wood (@nashvltravelguy) May 13, 2014


You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But not yet, apparently. Get on that, NYC!!/redsteeze/status/466244553419542528

True. Story.!/JosephMiner/status/466249887903141888

Amen to that.

Just one word of advice to the perpetually pissed-off pedaler:!/Will_Antonin/status/466239837998436352




‘Thar he blows’! Alec Baldwin unloads on NYC’s ‘carnival of stupidity’ after arrest



Twitchy coverage of Alec Baldwin

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Transracial Rachel Dolezal responds to racist @HM hoodie with a racist hoodie of her own

Have you heard about the great H&M racist hoodie controversy of 2018? In a nutshell, people went bonkers over this hoodie that says “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” on the front:

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9 Of The Weirdest Things Named After Famous Celebrities.

As if celebrities didn’t have inflated egos already with their millions of dollars and motion pictures and stuff, turns out that when you become a superstar people are also compelled to name things after you!  Here are some of the weirdest things we could find that are named after celebrities. JEALOUS.

This spider is called “Calponia harrisonfordi” and is named after the Indiana Jones star which is cool, but I kinda wish it was a snake.

Lady GaGa has a whole genus of ferns named after her. The DNA sequence of these ferns is actually guanine, adenine, guanine, adenine (g-a-g-a). Same DNA but born this way!

Johnny Depp has a 500 million year old fossil named after him because its lobster claws resemble those of Edward Scissorhands.

In 2006 California passed ‘Tom Cruise Law’ which prohibits the sale of diagnostic ultrasounds to anyone except appropriately licensed clinicians. Apparently Tom Cruise had purchased an ultrasound and the California Assembly wanted to scorn him for Mission Impossible 2 being crappy.

Angelina Jolie was troubled by what she saw at a Bosnian refugee camp and started a donation drive to provide permanent housing for the people still displaced by the Bosnian War. Out of gratitude, the refugees have named the new apartment building “Villa Angelina”

Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, has a mole crab named Albunea groeningi after him. Could it also be a reference to everyone’s favorite Simpson’s character, Hans Moleman?

Conan O’brien once did a comedy bit hat impressed Lucasfilm so much that they retroactively renamed a character from the original Star Wars saga after him. Conan Antonio Motti is the imperial officer whom Vader famously chokes for his “lack of faith.”

The 116939 Jonstewart is a main-belt asteroid named after comedian and Daily Show host, Jon Stewart. That all sounds good, but I think we’ll all remember most fondly for his role in Death to Smoochy.

Some town in New Zealand has named a landfill pile as Mt. Cleese after the Monty Python vet, John Cleese cheerfully described the town as a “good place to commit suicide.”

Hey, at least Cleese has a lemur named after him as well.

That’s so crazy cause the only thing I have named after me is a couch I accidentally threw up on at my friends house.  I guess that’s something.  Give this a share on Facebook!

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Community Post: 16 Nail Polish Colours To Guide Your College Experience

Let your ‘tips do the talking

1. Bond With Whomever (Essie)

Type A Films / Marc Platt Productions /


“Whomever” is the person who takes the best notes in class, let this polish be your reminder.

2. Down To My Last Penny (OPI)

Apatow Productions / Relativity Media /


A copper tone that flaunts your ability to do so much with so little.

3. Sparkling Garbage (Orly)


A shimmering pastel jade that describes how you will look going to class by the end of the semester.

4. Overexposed in South Beach (OPI)

Muse Productions / Annapurna Pictures / Radar Productions /


A bold purple that speaks volumes about your impending spring break.

5. All Nighter (Pure Ice)


Let this ruby polish remind you that zzz’s don’t get degrees.

6. Tribal Tattoo (Sephora)

The Hurwitz Company /


A muted green hue that says “I will regret the image permanently etched on to my lower back for decades to come.”

7. I Don’t do Dishes! (OPI)

20th Century Fox Television /


A shimmering crimson that tells your roommates everything they don’t want to hear.

8. Bouncer, It’s Me (Essie)

NBCUniversal Television Studio /


An encouraging blue hue that reminds you to feign importance when you forget your ID at home.

9. Let Them Eat Rice Cakes (OPI)


The perfect nude shade that reads “rice cakes are the only food I can afford with my student budget.”

10. Party Bruise (Floss Gloss)


Accentuate your battle wounds from Friday night with this almost-black polish.

11. I’m Not Really a Waitress (OPI)

Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions Warner Bros. Television /


A ravishing red that screams “I’m lying to you about my employment, but one day I’ll have a promising career. Maybe. Possibly.”

12. Haven’t the Foggiest (OPI)


Finally, a shade that expresses all your sentiments during exam season.

13. Met on the Internet (OPI)

20th Century Fox Television /


An in-your-face fuchsia that will have you singing “It’s goin’ down, I’m yellin’ Tinder.”

14. Rent (OPI)


A dark pearlescent polish that asks “Is wearing the colour the same as paying the bills?”

15. Don’t Tell Mama (Deborah Lippmann)

Castle Rock Entertainment /


A forest green that reminds you, what happens at college stays at college.

16. Today I Accomplished Zero (OPI)

ABC Studios /


An accurate description of your study habits all in one bottle.

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How Are These Name Changes Even Legal? They’re Just Crazy.

Some people just absolutely hate their name. I understand it, you aren’t given the choice when you are born, so you can grow up hating your name. Some of those name-haters then elect to legally change their names once they’re old enough to do so. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

That is what these people did, but boy… did they ramp up the silliness of it all.

1.) Druid King Arthur Pendragon

John Rothwell changed his name to Druid King Arthur Pendragon and he now claims to be the only person in the UK who can wear a crown in his passport aside from the Queen of England.

2.) John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood

John Westwood decided to take his fandom of his favorite soccer team to a new level when he changed his name and he is widely recognized as one of the biggest fans of the team now because of it.


Terri Iligan decided that it was a good idea to sell her name on eBay and see what people came up with. Now she serves as a walking advertisement for

4.) Yahoo Serious

Yes, that man is named Yahoo Serious. He is a comedic actor who used to be called Greg Pead. He even tried to sue the website Yahoo for copyright infringement to no avail.

5.) Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined

George Garratt is such a huge comic book fan that he chose this name to prove his loyalty. Or to besmirch all of the superheroes in his name and to prove that he is faster than all of them.

6.) Rebel Wolf

Tracie Koziura changed her name to Rebel Wolf simply because, “I like wolves.” Right on.

7.) Romanceo Sir Tasty Maxibillion

The man formerly known as Adrian Scott Williams decided to step up his debonair attitude by changing his name to the most debonair thing on the face of the planet.

8.) Pro-Life

Marvin Richardson, a politician, decided to show how much he fought for the Pro-life stand by changing his name to Pro-Life.

9.) and

Karin Robertson and Chris Garnett are members of the animal rights group PETA and wanted to REALLY show how much they love animals by changing their names to websites that advocate animal rights.

10.) Tyrannosaurus Rex

An entrepreneur, Tyler Gold thought that changing his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex would help with his brand name recognition.

11.) James Dr No From Russia with Love Goldfinger Thunderball You Only Live Twice On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Diamonds Are Forever Live and Let Die The Man with the Golden Gun The Spy Who Loved Me Moonraker For Your Eyes Only Octopussy A View to a Kill The Living Daylights Licence to Kill Golden Eye Tomorrow Never Dies The World Is Not Enough Die Another Day Casino Royale Bond

The man formerly known as David Fearn was such a James bond fanatic that he changed his name to…well…that. I wonder if he intends to keep his name updated with the forthcoming Bond films coming out.

Actually, after reading that, I’m pretty happy with my name. (Thanks mom and dad!)

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with legally changing your name. You should probably avoid picking something absolutely insane if you do, though. Click below to share these oddly epic name changes.

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