This Questionnaire From Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Is Very Disturbing

From 1985 until his death in 2013, serial killer Richard Ramirez (aka The Night Stalker), was in prison. During this time, Ramirez managed to earn himself quite the devoted fan club. Behind bars, he was never short on letters to read and respond back to. At one point, someone sent Ramirez a friendship questionnaire, not unlike something you would send to a new pen pal.

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Between April 1984 and August 1985, Ramirez killed 13 people in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

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The serial killer was known for his savage violence after breaking into people’s homes in the dead of night. Often, his targets were chosen completely at random.

Because he had so much time on his hands in prison, when he received the friend questionnaire, Ramirez actually took the time to fill it out and mail it back. To say some of his answers are a little politically incorrect would be an understatement.

Here is the full transcription of the form:

Full Name: Richard Ramirez

Date of Birth: 2-28-60

Height, Weight, Shoe Size: 6’1′ 180 – 12

Hometown: Texas

Marital Status: Single

Family: 5

Wheels: Lamborghini in the SQ parking lot ha

Brothers: 4

Sisters: 1

Most Treasured Honor: My dick

Perfect Woman or Man: Me

Childhood Hero(s): Jack The Ripper

Favorite Tv Shows: The Munsters

Favorite Movies: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead

Favorite Songs/Singers/Musicians: Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy, AC/DC, Billy Idol

Hobbies: Slicing + Dicing + Spicing up Rump Roast

Favorite Meals: Women’s feet

Why You Wrote Me: Cause your up on the times. Or so it seems. And your fine.

Recommended Reading: All murder books. True Crime magazines

Last Book Read: Marquis DeSade – Julliette + Justine

Ideal Evening: Full moon, sex + drugs all night

Every January 1st, I Resolve: Can’t say here. ha

Nobody Knows I’m: ??

My Biggest Regret: Not carrying a gun at all times

If I Were President, I’d: rule w/an iron heart and a rock hard dick

What I Don’t Like About People: Everything. 99% of the people suck. I like most women though.

My Biggest Fear: Nothing. The Supernatural maybe.

Pet Peeves: ?

Superstitions: ?

Friends Like Me Because: I aint got friends. Associates only

Behind My Back They Say: ??

If I Were An Animal, I’d Be: A Tyrannosaurus

Personal Goals In Life: ??

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Number: 666

Political Views: None, all politicians can eat shit

Thoughts On Crime: It’s a wheel. Your either the driver or the one who gets crushed by it. Try and avoid altoge?

Thoughts On Drugs: Great. They should be legalized

Thoughts On Sex: Great. Everything goes.

Sexual Likes/Dislikes: Great. Everything is good. Except Fags. Women Lesbians are ok.

Describe First Sexual Encounter: Prostitute. I was 12 yrs old

What I Expect From Friendships: Nothing

Religious Thinking: Satanic evil motherfucker

What You Are Thinking Now: Can I suck yr toes

(via Reddit)

Despite being condemned to death at his trial, Ramirez’s sentence was never carried out. He died an unrepentant killer in prison from B-cell lymphoma in 2013.

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Actress Chlo Grace Moretz trashed over comments on Kim Kardashian

In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian is posting nude selfies again:

Meh. Who hasn’t seen Kim naked by this point? Many thought this was Kim showing off her post-baby body…

But it’s actually an old pic.

Actress Chlo Grace Moretz replied to Kim and said womenhave more to offer than “just our bodies”:

This angered the reality TV star who became famous thanks to a sex tape:

We assume Moretz is glad she doesn’t have Kim’s exposure to the public:

Although not everyone was happy with Chloe over the dig:

Bette Middler weighed in as well, telling Kim to take an endoscopy-selfie next:

More anger from Mrs. Kanye West:

Ironically, today is International Women’s Day:

Or it’s the best, most-perfect day for it!

Kim’s last tweet of the night was another nudie pic:

You’ve come a long way, baby!

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28 Celebrities Who Made 2014 The Year Of The Bob

Just try to make it through this without wanting to cut your hair.

1. Lauren Conrad

Just after her wedding, Lauren said good-bye to her Pinterest-perfect long locks in favor of this ridiculously stylish non-mom bob.

2. Lucy Hale

Aria Montgomery has never looked better.

3. Gabrielle Union

All hail Mrs. Dwyane Wade and her perfect hair.

4. Emma Stone

Really though, Emma can do no wrong.

5. Lily Collins

Between the brows and the bob, Lily Collins is the picture of perfection.

6. Lala Anthony

Side fringe goes a long way with a bob.

7. Vanessa Hudgens

A bob and bangs!

8. Brooke Burke-Charvet

A bob so pretty it could make a grown man weep.

9. Halle Berry

Kevin Mazur For Getty Images


10. Lo Bosworth

Because best friends get bobs together. LC and Lo forever.

11. Kristin Cavallari

Basically every girl from Laguna Beach now has short hair.

12. Whitney Port

Plus, every girl from The Hills (besides Audrina).

13. Kate Mara

This beauty pulled a double whammy going short AND blonde.

14. Emma Roberts

Going from long and blonde to short and brunette isn’t easy, but Emma made it look like a breeze.

15. Beyoncé


16. Kylie Jenner

The only member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan ballsy enough to say good-bye to her long hair.

17. Hilary Duff

Just call it part of her comeback.

18. Mandy Moore

Pure beauty.

19. Jenna Dewan-Tatum

How can you not want this haircut?

20. Kelly Rowland

Super short bob with bangs, anyone?

21. Britney Spears

Her bob means business.

22. Rita Ora

Blonde bobs for the win.

23. Taylor Swift

She shook the length right off.

24. Jourdan Dunn

If this doesn’t make you want a bob, nothing will.

This Artist Takes Something We Associate With Grandmothers And Makes It So Cool

When it comes to crafting, the words “cool” and “crochet” typically exist on different planes. While edginess and crochet hooks are mutually exclusive on most accounts, one NYC-based artist who goes by the name of Olek subverts all of those notions and takes crocheting into the realm of high art.

Drawing inspiration from films, music, and city life, she uses her hook to create immense installations that’ll make you wonder why no one thought of this sooner.

By swapping out off-white yarn for strands of the neon variety, Olek takes the art of sculpture into previously uncharted territory.

For Olek, trying to draw lines in the sand between life and art — and trying to say that one imitates the other — is a fruitless endeavor. If you ask her, life and art are completely inseparable, with one running seamlessly into the other.

“I crochet everything that enters my space — text messages, medical reports, found objects,” she writes. She finds the bulk of her inspiration, however, in films.

“The movies I watch while crocheting influence my work, and my work dictates the films I select.” For Olek, the creative process is cyclical.

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“My work changes from place to place,” she writes. “I study the science of culture.”

Her desire to create in the vacuum of her atmosphere inspired the artist to leave Poland and start a new life in New York City, where she finds endless creative stimulation.

And Olek puts a lot of stock in creating art that’s meant to be viewed in public spaces. Through her work, she wants to create public discourse on the “social and economic realities of the community.”

“I’ve always sought to invite color, life, and the element of surprise into living spaces.” By disrupting familiar spaces with a largely unfamiliar approach to art, she does exactly that.

If you live in New York, be sure to keep an eye out for these unique works of public art. If not, head over to her website for more details. She also posts regular updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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‘Yogi’ Russell Simmons gets schooled by YouTube gun enthusiast Colion Noir!/jrsalzman/status/309873605376888832

As Twitchy reported last week, YouTube sensation Colion Noir joined NRA News as a contributor.  The Left’s anti-gun zealots immediately went into meltdown mode over his “Coming Soon to NRA News” video.

Russell Simmons is a little late to the pearl-clutching game.

Dear @nra, we don’t want trust you. Sincerely, Black America… PLEASE RT

— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) March 8, 2013

But by Thursday he was sufficiently worked up about “some black guy with a Yankees hat” to publish a Global Grind post titled, “The NRA & Black People: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Our community is not interested in a corporate sponsored gun group telling us what to do, when their real mission is to make more money for the corporations that line their dirty pockets with rolls of cash and silver bullets. We’re much smarter than that and certainly can see through their motives. Until they show a real interest in solving the violence problem in our community, they can keep their Yankee hat-wearing spokesman and their African-American “campaigns” for themselves.

Like Touré, Simmons has appointed himself the voice of black America and is out to belittle any black American who won’t toe the lefty line. How progressive! Noir wasn’t about to let that go unchallenged.

“@unclerush: Dear @nra, we don’t want trust you. Sincerely, Black America… Sounds good but not saying anything

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

“Shocking.” That’s the same word Simmons used when he discovered that there are terrible, no-good people who teach their daughters to defend themselves with firearms instead of yoga poses. Noir knocked down that argument without breaking a sweat.…. Lol

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

Simmons made an effort to respond, but he couldn’t quite keep up with Noir’s pesky logic. Bless his precious heart.

.@mrcolionnoir I have no idea why you would do a video for the @nra that would promote more violence. Shocking.

— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) March 8, 2013

@unclerush @nra when did promoting self reliance and protection equate to violence?

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@mrcolionnoir to tell our people that they need to protect themselves from the government with guns is irresponsible and dangerous.

— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) March 8, 2013

And here it comes: Noir is nothing but a tool. Predictable.

.@mrcolionnoir but I don’t want to fight you, because you are just being used by the @nra. I am yogi and have compassion for you.

— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) March 8, 2013

Disappointed @unclerush Racist to think a black man w/ a differing belief must be being used. Not very yogi like. Meditate. @mrcolionnoir

— KungFoolin (@KungFoolin) March 8, 2013

@mrcolionnoir proud subscriber to your channel.I guess I’m not black anymore because I don’t agree with @unclerush

— Marlon Silvera (@Dejavera) March 8, 2013

Simmons would totally stick around to fight this losing battle (while flanked by his bodyguards, no doubt), but the enlightened “yogi” has meditating to do.

smile and breathe in every pose.

— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) March 8, 2013

So instead, he went running to his Twitter followers to fight his battle for him.

The @nra is attacking my blog. Go in and leave a comment –>

— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) March 8, 2013

Meanwhile, Noir took Simmons and his troll brigade to liberty school.

@kenwf @unclerush @nra yet you acknowledge you should be strapped?

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@jdubrich @unclerush @nra tell that torush and his rush card lol smh

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@kenwf @unclerush @nra say that when someone’s shooting at you, stop confusing self defense with murder

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@kenwf what ego? You addressed me. If you don’t want a gun don’t own one, just don’t tell me Not to.

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@jaymontega28k @unclerush never said that, I said trusting it for your protection is not smart considering our last with the govt

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@lilesbella @stopbeingfamous light satire at best. Doesn’t change the meaning. Now I’mbeing vilified for being kind of funny?

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@360magazine its called an analogy.

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@360magazine I have a 100+ videos about 2min long addressing a Multitude of gun topics.

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@360magazine yes

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

@meaganmarkwardt @nra how about you actually watch my vidoes, I advocate the complete opposite. Stop retweeting blindly.

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

A note to Russell Simmons, I don’t have fans, I have supporters. This is real life, not music, not movies, real…

— Mr. Colion Noir (@MrColionNoir) March 8, 2013

His full Facebook note:

A note to Russell Simmons, I don’t have fans, I have supporters. This is real life, not music, not movies, real life. You kicked the hornets and thought you could walk away, but you were wrong. The NRA came to me after saying what I have been saying for two years. We’re not lil wayne fans, we take this seriously, we believe in our rights and the ability to protect ourselves. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, we are Americans with the right to live and protect that life. The gun is the equalizer in a world of evil whether you want to believe it or not. Remember this the next time you decide to come down from your ivory tower and attack someones motives who you know nothing about. As pro gunners we protect our own, the same way we would protect you with our guns if someone threatened your life.

And that’s a win.

@mrcolionnoir can’t wait for your next video about @unclerush

— ther00st3r (@ther00st3r) March 8, 2013

Yes, please!

His show will be awesome!-> MT @unclerush @mrcolionnoir I have no idea why u would do a video for the @nra that would promote more violence.

— Jack (@Mr_Fastbucks) March 8, 2013

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‘Imagine the harmonies in Heaven now’: Phil Everly dies at 74!/EricIdle/status/419293704017285120

The Los Angeles Times reported Friday that Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers passed away at the age of 74 of complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The sad news spread quickly on Twitter.!/LCTCSWorkforce/status/419298890467143680!/thebenshow/status/419298536413331456!/rich1moore/status/419298279210225665!/Koss65/status/419301123636211712!/BonnieForward/status/419300950348529664!/jperk1/status/419299790665416704!/macelewis/status/419299571874164736!/CharlieDaniels/status/419302749193248768!/sarahsinton/status/419299523177889793

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‘AARRRGGHHHH!!!!!’: No more ‘damn slave movies’ for Nick Cannon!/NickCannon/status/399363516773060608

Nick Cannon has had enough of those “damn slave movies,” it seems, if the number of exclamation points in his tweet is any indication. Of course there was Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” last year, followed by the current “12 Years a Slave.”

Two movies doesn’t seem to be a glut certainly, so what’s the problem?!/NickCannon/status/399364268245516288!/Bleu_Vyper/status/399364408390193152

Toby? That would likely be the slave name of Kunta Kinte from the 1977 miniseries “Roots.”!/NickCannon/status/399363816833556480

That doesn’t really seem to hold too true for “Django,” whose over-the-top violence made some viewers sick and inspired anti-gun zealot Michael Moore to declare the gun violence “hilarious” — as well as reignited some viewers’ desire to “kill white people.”!/BuBuCj/status/399364090654896128!/Fvnhaile/status/399366106428624897!/TheRiddler109/status/399368654019502080

* * *


Cannon’s getting to work on his vision— #NoDisrespectToElizabethTaylor.!/NickCannon/status/399374356456824832!/NickCannon/status/399375466701676544

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‘The Tomahawk of Justice!’ Elizabeth Warren stars in comic book [pic]

Superman? Batman? X-Men? Eat your hearts out:

More from The Boston Globe:

Storm Entertainment, which publishes Female Force, a comic book series about empowering women, has released Female Force: Elizabeth Warren in print and digital. The product description of the 24-page book written by Michael Frizell and illustrated byVincenzo Sansone and Chris Canibano says: From modest means to the Massachusetts Senate, Elizabeth Warren has proven herself a powerful advocate for the middle class. Her plainspoken approach and dogged attacks on Wall Street have resonated with voters looking for someone who understands the crush of debt and the shackles imposed by student loans. STORM is proud to present this graphic nonfiction portrayal of her rise to power.

“Female Force” is fine and all, but wouldn’t this be better?

That’s more like it!

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