Celebs mourn Mindy McCready: Haunting last tweets; ‘I’m still here’


That was country music star Mindy McCready’s last tweet: ‘I’m still here.”

Ms. McCready was found dead in her home last night; an apparent suicide.

Just got a call from Mindy McCready’s best friend that she shot and killed herself this evening.My heart breaks for her two boys.RIP

— Andrea Canning (@CanningAndrea) February 18, 2013

37 year old old Country music singer Mindy McCready dead in her Arkansas home of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound via CNN #RIP

— Andrew Malcolm (@AHMalcolm) February 18, 2013

I still can’t believe Mindy McCready really committed suicide. I’m in shock right now

— maria frangos (@miafrangos) February 18, 2013

Mindy McCready’s bf killed himself last month.Today she did as well.cnn.com/2013/02/17/sho…

— Mark Davis (@MarkDavis) February 18, 2013

Very sad. Country singer Mindy McCready, 37, mother of two, dies of apparent suicide.foxnews.com/entertainment/…

— Toby Harnden (@tobyharnden) February 18, 2013

RT @christinanbc6: BREAKING NEWS: Troubled country star Mindy McCready found dead in an apparent suicide. Her two children are in foster …

— Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) February 18, 2013

In trouble for quite some time, incl previous suicide attempts. Singer “Mindy McCready dead of apparent suicide” tmz.com/2013/02/17/min…

— Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce) February 18, 2013

More from Fox News:

Waren Olmstead, the coroner in Cleburne County, Ark., said in a statement McCready died Sunday apparently of a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound. An autopsy is pending.

Just last month David Wilson, McCready’s boyfriend and the father of her 9-month-old son Zayne, was found dead on the same porch where McCready’s body was found. His death also was investigated as a suicide.

McCready entered court-ordered rehab earlier this month after her father told a judge she was no longer taking care of herself or her children and was abusing drugs and alcohol. Her sons were put in foster care at the time, but it’s not clear where Zander and Zayne were at the time of McCready’s suicide.

Ms. McCready tweeted this post about the custody battle involving her son Zander.

Custody update regarding son Zander McCready mindymccreadyfans.com/custody-update…

— Mindy McCready (@mindymccready) January 19, 2012

Heartbreaking. Prior to her death, Mindy McCready tweeted more haunting statements.

@bit98 Glad you enjoyed the reading.. Glad things are looking up!! xo

— Mindy McCready (@mindymccready) January 19, 2012

Here’s an overview of a future book about my life story. I’ll post chapter excerpts periodically. Watch for them!! mindymccreadyfans.com/overview-futur…

— Mindy McCready (@mindymccready) January 19, 2012

She retweeted this:

And tweeted about the death of fellow “Celebrity Rehab” cast member Mikey Starr.

Mikey Starr I choose to remember how yu lived and not how yu died! Yur music is an everlasting gift that will always remain. We will miss yu

— Mindy McCready (@mindymccready) March 9, 2011

Twitter is mourning the loss.

GOOD NIGHT WORLD! And good night to Mindy McCready wherever you may be.. RIP…youtube.com/watch?v=NpzzY3…

— ColorMeRed (@ColorMeRed) February 18, 2013

Thoughts and prayers out to the 2 very young boys ofMindy McCready. #sad #tooYoungtooDie

— Ish (@ish_mia) February 18, 2013

So sad to wake up and hear about Mindy McCreadyher music brings back memories, my prayers are with her children & family. #MindyMcCready

— ♫Lindsay Hope♫ (@Lindsay__Linds) February 18, 2013

Just heard about Mindy McCready. My thoughts and prayers are with her 2 boys and her family.

— Darlene Locken (@darlenelocken) February 18, 2013

RT @susiebrownmusic: Heartbreaking news about Mindy McCready tonight.Please don’t ever loose #HOPE!The National Suicide Prevention L …

— Scott Baio (@ScottBaio) February 18, 2013

And celebrities took to Twitter to mourn as well.

Oh my! Mindy. Dear sweet girl. This is so sad. It just breaks my heart what addiction continues to take from this life.

— Wynonna Judd (@WynonnaMusic) February 18, 2013

Very sad to hear about Mindy McCready. When I was in Lonestar she was our label mate and we were friends. A tragic end to a talented life.

— John Rich (@johnrich) February 18, 2013

I grew up listening to Mindy McCready…so sad for her family tonight. Many prayers are going out to them…

— Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) February 18, 2013

RT @thekatiecook: Mindy McCready is now at peace. Mindy, tonight I choose to remember you when your future was bright. youtu.be/gmtxVR8p5sA

— Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) February 18, 2013

RIP Mindy McCready. Sad. Sad.

— Randy Jackson (@YO_RANDYJACKSON) February 18, 2013

I listened admiringly to Mindy McCready growing up. May she finally be at peace and lend her beautiful voice to heaven’s #tenthousandangels

— Clay Aiken (@clayaiken) February 18, 2013

The sad news of Mindy McCready makes her 10,000 Angels song almost too poignant to bear. May God’s peace be with her two boys & family.

— Ashley Jones (@AshleyAJones) February 18, 2013

Very sad. RIP Mindy McCready. #rip #music

— Billy The Kidd (@billyontheradio) February 18, 2013

So sad to hear about Mindy McCready. I met her in the first flush of her early career. This is a hard business. Sometimes success is poison.

— Gretchen Peters (@gretchenpeters) February 18, 2013

Very very sad about Mindy Mcready I always liked her song ” I’m still here ” always hit close to home –

— Brooke Haven (@MISSBROOKEHAVEN) February 18, 2013

Sad! Mindy McCready Dead: Country Singer Dies At 37 – huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/17/min… apparent suicide /via @pepamint83

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) February 18, 2013

huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2013…Heartbreakingly sad.

— Melissa Gilbert (@MelissaEGilbert) February 18, 2013

So Tragic: RIP Mindy McCready, multi-platinum selling country artiston.vh1.com/ripMM via @vh1

— Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete) February 18, 2013

So sad. RT“@wztv_fox17: Fox 17 News has now confirmed Mindy McCready has committed suicide.”

— Martina McBride (@martinamcbride) February 18, 2013

Rest in peace, Mindy McCready. Our thoughts and prayers are with her grieving children, and with all of her loved ones.

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The Ultimate Oral History Of “Animal House” From A Guy Who Just Caught It On IFC

Everything you wanted to know about the film.

It’s the campus comedy that defined a generation. For the first time, here’s the inside story of the film’s creation according to someone who was there (at his apartment while Animal House played on cable).

An Idea Comes To Life


Brad Turner (Guy Who Just Watched Animal House): A film like Animal House can only come together in one way–a bunch of hilarious dudes hanging out until one of them is like, “We gotta start writing this stuff down!”

Turner: As soon as I saw it was on TV, I settled in and ordered wings.

The Writing Process


Turner: I bet they just took all the funny stuff that happened to them in college and put it in the movie. Or they improvised most of it. That’s probably what happened.

Putting The Cast Together

Columbia Pictures

Turner: That main dude is funny as frick! Not the young guy, Fish or whatever his name is. The, like, head of the Animal House. Bluto.

Turner: They didn’t even have auditions, cause they put all their friends in the movie. That’s what I would do.

Turner: Dan Akroyd was supposed to be the crazy guy in the tank at the end but he was too busy making Ghostbusters.

The Filming


Turner: People always want to know, “Was the making of the movie like a big party the whole time?” In the case of Animal House, it definitely was. You can just tell.

Turner: Everyone was on cocaine. I assume.

That Famous Toga Party


Turner: I was in the bathroom during this part, which sucks, because it’s the best part of the movie.

On John Belushi


Turner: Gone way too soon. He was a wild man. I bet he was totally unprofessional on set, but he’s so funny, you just gotta put him the movie, anyway, you know?

Turner: I should get a sweatshirt that says “College” on it. That’d be dope.

The Film’s Release


Turner: You have to remember, they didn’t make movies like this in the 1950s. Animal House was ahead of its time.

Turner: The movie wasn’t a big hit when it came out. Because good movies never are. It was probably a flop.

The Film’s Legacy


Turner: A lot of people don’t remember Animal House. Like, my sister’s friend Taylor hadn’t seen it. Crazy, right? We hooked up once.

Turner: If Animal House is on TV, I will watch it. And you can’t say that about a lot of movies. Toga party, toga party, toga party!

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/samweiner/the-ultimate-oral-history-of-animal-house-from-a-guy-who-jus

Which American Idol contestant is winning the Twitter vote?


Last night on American Idol, country singer Skylar Lane (not to be confused with songwriter/singer Skylar Grey) was sent packing, leaving just four contestants remaining in the popular singing competition. As of this morning, here are the number of Twitter followers each of the remaining contestants has:

  1. Jessica Sanchez: 271,178
  2. Phillip Phillips 251,633
  3. Holly Cavanagh 86,598
  4. Joshua Ledet: 79,399

Looks to us like a two-person race.

Many Twitter users are surprised Cavanagh has lasted this long:


— ERIK (@HolyFoolErik) May 4, 2012

Idol now! Hate that Hollie is still in!! D:

— Jelito de Leon (@jelitodeleon) May 4, 2012

I don't even know why I put myself through #idol anymore… The fact that Hollie is still there is a joke. #EpicFAIL

— Brad Kish (@bradkish) May 4, 2012

Some detect an effort by the judges to promote Ledet:

It appears the American Idol judges have decided to tilt the scale as much as they can to Joshua Ledet.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) May 3, 2012

It's so obvious the judges want Joshua Ledet to win. Yes, he sings hella good but I personally don't like his style. Don't hate me. :p #idol

— Princess Sarah (@SarahMaeyer) May 4, 2012

He has fewer Twitter followers than the others, but is a phenomenally talented singer:

Everyone on American Idol right now is so, so good-but gotta say, @Jledetai11 blew me away at the end-as always really-he's incredible!!

— Shannon Elizabeth (@ShannonElizab) May 3, 2012

After all these weeks @JLedetAI11 has always been consistent! Seriously one of the best singers I've ever heard! Flawless!!!!!

— Julianne Hough (@juliannehough) May 3, 2012

Joshua Ledet from American Idol is amazing beyond words!!! I would love to dance to ur music one day. U inspire me.

— Cheryl Burke (@CherylBurke) May 3, 2012

It’s pretty clear why Phillips is doing so well (hint: it’s not his vocal abilities):

Ugh, Phillip Phillips is so good looking. Stop it.

— Aia Arkoncel (@aiaaaa) May 4, 2012

And yet again @PPhillipsAI11 does it again! THIS ladies and gentlemen is why I rest my case!! Yuuuuuuuumy!!!! 🙂

— Julianne Hough (@juliannehough) May 3, 2012

Overall, however, it is Sanchez who is emerging as Twitter’s favorite.

@JSanchezAI11 is a STAR. @jLedetAI11 sangs fo the blood. They wipe the floor with the other two. Its a SINGING competition. #keepinitreal

— ADAM LAMBERT (@adamlambert) May 4, 2012

Lastly, @JSanchezAI11 needs to win @AmericanIdol!!!!!!!!!

— Colbie Caillat (@ColbieCaillat) May 4, 2012

This girl has us crying @JSanchezAI11 Jessica Sanchez: You Are So Beautiful http://t.co/i5VLPai7 via @youtube #RIP55

— Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete) May 3, 2012

The titles of the songs she covers, such as “You Are So Beautiful,” have become trending topics on Twitter — an indication of her strong fan support.

If she has any vulnerability, it is this:

jessica has such an awesome voice- but i wish she had more personality

— samantha ronson (@samantharonson) May 4, 2012

Jessica Sanchez has a powerful voice.BUT the personality giiirrrlll.You better work on that.I still <3 ya though.:)

— Angelo Mendoza (@ajmendoza11) May 3, 2012

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New poll shows Trump being thrashed by Bernie, Biden in 2020, edged out by Dem whippersnappers

Yes, the Daily Mail’s David Martosko was in discussions recently to become the Trump administration’s press secretary, but don’t let that color his advice on trusting PPP’s polls. Actually, following Election Day 2016, it’s probably best that every major political pollster include some sort of “For Entertainment Purposes Only” disclaimer with every new release.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2017/07/18/new-poll-shows-trump-being-thrashed-by-bernie-biden-in-2020-edged-out-by-dem-whippersnappers/

A Million People Just Signed This Petition For A Heartbreaking Reason

There’s nothing quite like seeing a polar bear in its natural habitat. Sadly, that’s getting rarer and rarer due to habitat destruction and climate change.

Getty Images

Read More: This Orangutan Was Baffled By A Magician’s Card Trick — Too Funny!

For that reason (among others), more and more polar bears are finding themselves in zoos, totally out of their element.

Getty Images

If you’ve ever seen polar bears at the zoo, you’ve probably noticed how sad they look.

Getty Images

There are many pros and cons of keeping animals contained in zoos. And while some still try to create enclosures that feel real, one in China has been deemed the “saddest zoo in the world.”

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.defineSlot(‘/37886402/VN_PG_DCI1_BTF’, [300, 250], ‘VN_PG_DCI1_BTF_5812ba73e997a’).addService(googletag.pubads()) googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_MB”, “VN_”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_SC”, “VN_ORGN”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_TS”, “TS_D”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_AT”, “VN_ORGN_PG_D_REV_1.0_ASYNC_DEFAULT”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_CC”, “VN_ORGN_D_UNK_118233_A”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_PG”, “1”); googletag.enableServices(); googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI1_BTF_5812ba73e997a’); });

Meet Pizza, one of two polar bears housed at the Grandview Mall Aquarium in Guangzhou, China.

Getty Images

The Grandview Mall Aquarium is housed on the sixth floor of one of the largest shopping centers in all of Asia and has come under harsh criticism from PETA and other animal activist groups.

While the zoo may bring joy to thousands of visitors each and every day, the animals themselves are exposed to horrible living conditions. Many of the animals housed at the aquarium are malnourished and weak. Some have even begun showing signs of zoochosis, which is a psychological condition zoo animals often have to deal with in captivity.

Here’s Pizza’s story.

This bear is losing its will to live and it’s truly tragic.

The two bears are being used and abused for amusement and are beginning to show signs of mental distress.

Getty Images

Pizza spends hours pacing back and forth daily, searching for any crack or crevice through which he can escape and begin to live out a meaningful life.

The team at Animals Asia has started a petition that is urging for the forceful shutdown of this multi-million dollar aquarium.

There are now over 1,000,000 signatures on the petition. Doncaster’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the U.K. has offered to take Pizza and many other animals to their 10-acre habitat park, but Chinese authorities refuse to let the animals leave China. More than 50 Chinese animal protection agencies have embraced the campaign and have sent countless letters to Zhu Xiaodan, the current governor of the Guangdong Province.

Throughout the campaign against the zoo, the general manager has firmly denied any mistreatment of the animals, specifically the housing of Pizza and the other polar bear.

Read More: You Might Feel Bad For These Strange-Looking Chimps, But Watch The Chaos They Cause

To help put an end to the wrongful captivity of polar bears and more than 500 other species of animals at the Grandview Mall Aquarium, consider signing the petitions started by Animals Asia or PETA today.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/shopping-mall-zoo/

Very busy President Obama to appear on Letterman next week?


National Journal is reporting that President Obama will return to the “Late Show with David Letterman” next Tuesday during a trip to New York.

Obama Back on Letterman Next Week: http://t.co/BmPchufd

— National Journal (@nationaljournal) September 11, 2012

The announcement comes on the heels of reports that the White House has denied a request for a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his U.S. visit this month due to “conflicting travel schedules.” (The White House denies the request was made.)

Other sources have yet to confirm the appearance, and a lot can happen in a week; say, the storming of U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya. Still, experience shows that the Obamas have a lot of time for David Letterman.

President Empty Chair RT @HotlineReid: Obama on Letterman next week, per @HotlineStevehttp://t.co/fRm6ga0N

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) September 11, 2012

Maybe they should stash Netanyahu in the wings on the Letterman stage.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) September 11, 2012

Remember America, when it comes to his "full" schedule — according to Obama Letterman is greater than Netanyahu.

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) September 11, 2012

Obama won't meet with leader of Israel even as war looms between them and Iran but will take time to go on Letterman.

— Mlong (@mlong5000) September 11, 2012

Obama has time 4 The View, Letterman, Leno, Entertainment 2nite, Extra, Pop Radio & Chili receipes but not Israel in their time of need?

— Wayne Dupree ★彡 (@WayneDupreeShow) September 11, 2012

FFP Obama (Foreign Policy President) going on Letterman with two embassies under attack and after Netanyahu snub? Can't be true #tcot

— Hugh Hewitt (@hughhewitt) September 12, 2012

Obama can't fit Netanyahu mtg on schedule but plenty of time to do Letterman. Oh, that's right…no "Applause" sign. #wiright #gop @wisgop

— Brian Schimming (@BrianSchimming) September 12, 2012

Obama: too busy for Israel (but not for Letterman). Let's make sure his calendar is clear starting Jan 2013.

— Gary (@GConRap) September 12, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/09/11/very-busy-president-obama-to-appear-on-letterman-next-week/

Precious Little Boy Dresses As A Superhero To Save Stray Cats In Philadelphia

They say superheroes only exist in movies and comic books, but on the streets of Philadelphia, cats have their own pint-sized protector looking out for them.

When five-year-old Shon Griffin visits his aunt, Kris Papierni, and her fiancee, Kia Griffin, he dons superhero outfits and goes by another name — Catman. Papierni and Griffin, who have been involved with cat rescues and fosters for a decade, started noticing the special connection he shared with cats when he was just three years old. As Griffin and told ABC News, “It all started when we spotted two feral kittens we named Lady and Bug behind a row of houses in a driveway.” The two felines would become the first of the Kolony Kats, a colony of stray and feral cats they care for with their nephew’s help.

While they were able to trap, spay and give shots to Lady without trouble, Bug was a different story. “Bug eluded the trap and any close contact with us for two years,” Griffin said. “Other cats showed up and started hanging out with Lady and Bug. We had all of the cats spayed [or] neutered, given shots and ear tipped, except for Bug.”

But Griffin says when they let Shon help, “[The cats] took to him right away. Bug came right over to Shon, rubbed against his legs and allowed him to pet him.” Now they say he’s one of the friendliest cats in the colony.

Ever since, Shon has been the Kolony Kats’ official superhero, Catman.

<div class="llcust" data-lltype="media" id="ll_59f143f75fab1" data-source="

He visits his aunts regularly and helps them with the 45 cats in their care at four different locations around the city, all while wearing his favorite superhero costume of the day.

<div class="llcust" data-lltype="media" id="ll_59f143f7606ab" data-source="

Some are socialized enough to be rehomed, but others are too feral for domestic life and live freely outside. Papiernik and Griffin spay and neuter as many of them as possible and feed them, while Catman pets and plays with the friendly ones.