Summer Survival Guide: Readers’ Picks

Glenn Watson/USA NetworkBurn Notice (USA)

“I can hardly wait for Burn Notice to return. That is one top-notch show, with terrific acting!”
ā€” Westerns Fan
“This one has critical buzz and a growing audience. Trust me, it is really hard not to like this one. [It has] just the right mix of action and intrigue, and it will make you laugh out loud at least a couple times per episode. Bruce Campbell is perfect in his supporting role.” ā€” spytv
“I’ve been hooked on this show since the first episode. It’s fun. This show is better than most of the network fodder, and I’ve been doing my darndest to get others to watch. I hope it stays on for another five years or so. Bring on season 3!” ā€” housemdsuperfan
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Lydia Hearst’s Racy New Role

Patricia Hearst’s daughter, Lydia is coming into her own with a racy new role in the indie drama ‘The Last International Playboy,’ in theaters Friday, and ET has an exclusive first look! With scenes of Lydia nude, having sex on a sink and in a threesome, she says with a laugh, “I know everybody on the blogs refers to me as the leading lady of nude chic — [but] I’d much rather be nude chic than having people beg me to put my clothes back on. But honestly, it’s about self-confidence and how you really portray yourself,” she explains. “I don’t go gallivanting about town without my panties on.”

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David Carradine’s Ex-Wife on His Death: ‘It Wasn’t an Accident’

Gail Jensen, the third wife of the late David Carradine, is speaking out about the death of the Kung Fu star, which she believes was caused by foul play. “I’m telling you, he was a good man, and I don’t believe any of this stuff. And I think he was set up,” Jensen reveals in a new video posted on
Jensen goes on to say, “It wasn’t an accident. This was set up; this was foul play.”

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The Closer Creator James Duff: “Change”

Welcome back to Season 5 of TNT’sĀ  “The Closer, ” starring my friend, my collaborator and my partner-in-crime, the always amazing Kyra Sedgwick. Also back… Ah, well, that would give away some mysteries prematurely. Regular viewers might recall that Irene Daniels and David Gabriel both applied for the same promotion to the Criminal Intelligence Division of the LAPD. One of them succeeded; one of them stayed in Major Crimes. Who did what will become immediately obvious, but we will not remark on this during our premiere. Fallout will ensue in succeeding episodes. Meanwhile, there is a mystery to solve. A family of four is shot to death during breakfast while the father, rather conveniently …

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Billy Elliot Rules Tonys

It was boys’ night out at the 63rd Annual Tony Awards as a trio of teenagers shared lead actor honors for “Billy Elliot, the Musical”: David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik and Kiril Kulish’s win marked the first time in Tony history three actors have shared the award. “We want to say to all the …

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