American Idol Top 12 Group One Photo Gallery


Adam Lambert Hollywood Introduction Photos and Video

A Full Profile Spotlight on Adam Lambert may be found by clicking here.

Adam Lambert

26 years old

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Audition: San Francisco, CA

(Our bet going into Top 12!)



A Full Profile Spotlight on Adam Lambert may be found by clicking here.

Joanna Pacitti Hollywood Introduction Photos and Video


Joanna Pacitti is eliminated from the competition! On the Idol official site, her name isn’t listed and Felicia Barton’s name was! Idol has this to offer as simple explanation: “ It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition. Felicia Barton has replaced Ms. Pacitti as part of the Top 36.” There you go. That should calm everybody down…

Joanna Pacitti

23 years old

Home: Philadelphia, PA

Audition: Louisville, KY

(Safe bet to Top 24!)

After seeing her mess up in Hollywood week- forgetting the lyrics, we’re not even sure now why she made it to the TOP 36!! We are reminded of Simon Cowell’s line during the start of Hollywood showdown, “forget the lyrics and you’re out.” Guess Simon forgot he said that…!


Casey Carlson Hollywood Introduction Video and Photos

Casey Carlson

20 years old

Home: Minneapolis, MN

Audition: Kansas City, MO

(Our bet going to the Top 12!)

UPDATE: After her poor Hollywood performance (forgetting the lyrics), we’re not so sure anymore… -after her extremely disappointing Top 12 performance in the semi-finals, we’re very sure! It’s too sad. We think she let a lot of people down…


Casey Carlson