Sisters Kisha & Jen settle their unfinished business on the Amazing Race

From the beaches of Rio to a trailer park in the Florida Keys, sisters Kisha & Jen overcame past demons and tough competition to settle their unfinished business and win The Amazing Race.

Order of Finish:
1.    Kisha & Jen
2.    Flight Time & Big Easy
3.    Gary & Mallory

With eight eliminated teams cheering them on, sisters Kisha & Jen ran to the Finish Line where Phil declared them the winners of the race and the one million dollar prize. The emotional sisters told Phil they planned to help their mom start her own business. Jen added, “There aren’t any words to describe our mom. She is absolutely amazing so it’s just going to be a great thing to give her something that she’s given to us.”

After finish the race in second place, the Globetrotters congratulated Kisha & Jen calling them “the most consistent team throughout the race. They never struggled. We got beat out by a couple of girls, but that’s okay.” Big Easy later said, “It was fun from start to finish. It was hard. We laughed. We cried. I’m happy we did it.”

Ending the race in third place, Mallory said of the experience with her father, “We came back and we did our unfinished business. We wanted to make it around the world so badly and we got that. We know money’s not everything and the experience is priceless for sure.”

Co-winner Kisha closed by remarking, “I’m glad to have run this race with Jen for a second time. Winning this race shows that she’s not my little sister. She’s a competitor. To run this race with her was a great experience.”

5/19 Dancing with the Stars Finale: The Winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy is…


Shawn Johnson is the youngest competitor in the history of Dancing with the Stars. In tonight’s season ender, she makes history as the youngest competitor to ever win the coveted ‘mirror ball’ trophy along side season 6 winner professional dancer Mark Ballas.

Shawn is also the third Olympian medalist to win in Dancing with Stars in eight seasons. Well, they only had three ever and all three won! Is it their competitive spirit, focus and precision that sets these Olympians apart from other celebrities? Or is it America’s love for the Olympic sports that wins the votes for them? It is interesting to note that Figure skating Olympic champion Kristi” Yamaguchi was the season 6 celebrity champion and she won the title with Mark Ballas.

We thought for sure Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke would win. They are perfect partners and they came so close. Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani were at their best but it wasn’t enough for the fans.

Shawn Johnson + Mark Ballas = winning combination! Congratulations!

First a gold medal, now the DANCING WITH THE STARS trophy! Hollywood 411’s Megan Tevrizian talks to Shawn Johnson about her big win!

Catching up with the Amazing Race Season 14, the Final 3. Asian Sibling Lawyers for the Win!


After 12 episodes, 3 continents, 9 countries, 20 cities and 40 thousand miles of distance traveled, Amazing Race Season 14 concludes with new winners!

After 11 teams of two race around the world with one team eliminated each end of the leg, the finale has come down to three competing teams: A team of siblings/lawyers, mother and son and friends/former NFL cheerleaders.

They need more than physical strength to win. More importantly they need the mental agility to cope with both pressure and stress in performing the tasks and challenges in stored for them. In the end, Tammy and Victor were Victorious winning the coveted 1 million dollars prize!

Who were the Top 3 Teams?

THE AMAZING RACE 14Tammy and Victor: 4 times in number 1 position out of 10 legs (5 for the win!)

This duo of brother and sister seem to have everything going right for them. They’re smart, highly competitive and young enough to tackle any physical challenge that is thrown at them. Early on, they already showed that they could win the race. However, we’ve never liked them from day one. They remind us of ken and Tina of Season 13 whom we also dislike as soon as we saw them. Yet can’t seem to get rid of them! Ken and Tina managed to come in second last season.

Why we dislike them: We don’t like Victor’s know-it-all, smart-aleck attitude and pity Tammy for putting up with him. Victor places his sister in more challenges and criticizes her for her mistakes. If you know too much why don’t you do the task yourself?! Our favorite episode is that of Episode 3 where Victor took the lead, stubbornly won’t listen to Tammy that almost cost them early eliminations (we can only wish!). He sure was humbled by that episode.

The trip to China was clearly an advantage to the two because they could speak the language. They breezed through it all while others struggle. Thumbs down to Amazing Race for a poor planning, or were they thinking Tammy and Victor would have long been gone before the China race?

luke_margieLuke and Margie: 3 times in number 1 position out of 10 legs

This mother and son tandem is an inspiration to people with hearing disabilities. Luke was born deaf and his mother has been his ears to the outside world. They are in the competition to prove that any impairment shouldn’t hinder one from trying bigger experiences and challenges in life.

We really liked them in earlier episodes until Luke’s nastier side started to show. We can’t blame Luke for U-turning Amanda and Kris in Leg 4. They were obviously the stronger contender but did Luke really have to do that knowing that they were just ahead of everybody else and won’t be eliminated anyway? We didn’t think so. The u-turn cost Amanda and Kris the race. They were booted out of the competition after coming in last.

Then there was this scuffle with Kisha and Jen in Episode 9. Watching the clip over and over, it clearly shows the whole thing was started by Luke! Kudos to CBS for an unbiased recap of what happened.

Ok so Luke reacted on impulse by almost hitting Jen in the face. He jabbed his elbow towards Jen and the shocked Jen also reacted on impulse by exclaiming “Bitch!” Luke’s move was in fact dirty and he shouldn’t get away with it just because he is deaf! Jen was reacting to Luke’s awful move. What follows was even more ridiculous as Margie tries to defend her son!

They use Luke’s disability to get sympathy as Margie accuses Kisha and Jen of making fun of her son! Margie rants on giving an unsolicited and self-righteous speech. Kisha and Jen even offer their apology but the mother and son wouldn’t hear of it.

We believe Kisha and Jen handled themselves respectably and would have loved to have seen them in the final three except that we were also rooting for Cara and Jaime.

THE AMAZING RACE 14Cara and Jaime: 2 times in number 2 position out of 10 legs, never won a leg

The brunette NFL cheerleaders are clearly the underdog among the final three. They never won a leg and have always been the middle of the pack sometimes even at the bottom.

We like the two because they are very determined yet try not to step into the other team’s shoes unlike the other players. They do have a lot of tension between them during challenges but they make it work out for them in the end.

We didn’t think they would make it in the finale. There hasn’t been an all-woman winner in the Amazing Race and it would have been sweet victory for them to make history.

The winning edge:

“TAMMY & VICTOR WIN After getting off to a smashing start, mother and son Margie & Luke seemed to have victory within their grasp until Luke hit the Roadblock. Luke became frustrated as he watched his lead disappear as Victor surpassed him and, along with his sister, claimed the title of winner of THE AMAZING RACE 14.”

Luke and Margie had a very wide lead going into the last challenge. They really looked like they were going to win it with the confident Luke just breezing throught the memory challenge, one right answer at a time… until Victor arrived and then Jaime.  The two were closing in and Luke just lost it. He panics and couldn’t think straight. Victor finished first and that right there sealed the deal as the next stop WAS the last and final stop.

Tammy and Victor while not our favorite were the team to beat from the very beginning. They earned the prize and we’re happy for them! Congratulations!



Reality Television 2008 Top Ten in Entertainment

1. Celtics winning 2008 NBA Finals

The Celtics pulled it together after a disastrous 2007 by winning their 17th NBA Title!  Most key in this is that their last title was in 1986, 22 long years ago!  The disaster of the prior season also sweetened the victory after the Celtics had an 18 game losing streak and posted a horrific record of 24 wins and 58 losses in their prior season.

phelps2. Michael Phelps and the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Michael Phelps won 8 Gold Medals in the Olympics and now has to world record for most Gold Medals.  Usain Bolt destroyed all comers!  And despite obvious cheating by the Chinese women’s gymnastics team, the American Team including Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin took the most medals.  A disastrous pair of miscues by Alicia Sacramone led to a loss in the overall, but this team was possibly the best in US history.

3. Tina Fey!

We hope Tina sent Sarah Palin a huge Thank You card for providing her the perfect role to play on Saturday Night Live.  Tina didn’t even have to write the script, she pretty much used Sarah’s dialogue verbatim and had people in hysterics.


4. Batman, The Dark Knight


There have been many attempts to market the Batman story, but this latest series has the world captivated.  The difference a realistic feel to the characters and an actual fear of the villains.  Heath Ledger death accentuated his role as the Joker, which demonstrated that even in a comic book role, Heath was a blockbuster star.

5. Iron Man

While we did not want to have two movies in the top 10, we could not find any way to eliminate this gargantuan effort by Marvel.  Robert Downey Junior emerged in this movie to remind us of his diversity and wit despite a somewhat questionable past.  In fact, Robert’s bad boy antics enhanced his appeal in this leading role.

6. Barack Obama Victory Speech (Yes We Can!)

Obama won in grand style and gave an inspiring speech to America.  Almost every American heard this speech and even those that did not vote for Obama were moved.

7. David Cook Wins American Idol

Despite the judges insinuations to the contrary the week before, David Cook won American Idol easily with his unique approach to Rock.  This performance demonstrates an amazing ability to resurrect a performance of old and make it new and fresh.

8. Leona Lewis Bleeding Love Top Selling Hit of 2008

Leona was selected Billboard’s top new artist of 2008. She topped off 2008 with the number one selling single, Bleeding Love.

9. Mercy (Katee and Twitch)

We had to include this performance because it is the most striking dance performance we have seen.  The hypnotic music of Duffy, singing the classic “Mercy”  with a dance choreographed by Emmy Award Winner Mia Michaels places this solidly in the top 10 entertainment moments of 2008 and put Twitch on the map.

wii10. Wii

The Wii was available in 2007, but it took hold in 2008 to become the leading gaming system.  As people slowly forgot about the XBOX and Sony Playstation, they were getting in line to pay retail for this gaming wonder that demonstrated Nintendo is no pushover.

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11/25 Dancing With The Stars Finale. It is OVER! Winner gets Perfect Score!

Was there a way for Lance or Warren to come back from their deficit to Brooke going into the final night.  Brooke needed a 24 to win, and Warren and Lance could pull off that perfect score for a shocker ending.

Third Place:

Lance & Lacey – Lance needed a perfect score to have a prayer.  They didn’t get it.  The audience didn’t give them the votes for that hip hop last night.

Second Place

Warren & Kym  –  Amazing Warren could get this far at 300 pounds, but Kym would have had to lift him over her head to win.

First Place

Brooke & Derek – Perfect score from the judges two nights running?  You can’t beat that.  Brooke takes the ugliest trophy in show business.

Our reader’s choice to win this year’s Dancing with the Stars with 54% of the votes is also Brooke Burke!

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11/18 Dancing With The Stars Results, No Shocker Here. Finals Time.

Cody is done.

There isn’t much to say. He was in a dead heat with Brooke last night, but Brooke had been more consistent and strong coming into the week.

Lance is the man to beat, and Lacey isn’t going to let him go quietly. Time for the Finals.

Recap of the dances from last night.

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11/16 Amazing Race Results: Instructions? What Instructions?

This week was rather interesting, but the usual “everybody catches up to everyone else” scenario played out.  Despite head starts and varying arrival times on flights from India to Kazakhstan, the couples all ended up waiting for a chicken farm to open as one after another caught up.

Once the farm opened, two teams had the option of a “fast forward”.  The two teams that grabbed the chance were Nick & Star and Terence & Sarah.  Unfortunately for Terence, they would be subjected to eating a horrible concoction of sheep parts and he is a vegetarian.  This was a gargantuan error.  He could not finish the meat and the team had to return to the beginning.

Those that didn’t take the shortcut had to find a golden egg in a stinky house of thousands of chickens.  But they all mustered it one at a time.

They then had to dress as cows and walk through the city and drink milk out of a glass at a milk stand.  On the bottom of the glass was information as to where to find the next clue.

Ken & Tina made the milk stall first and were in great shape to finish 2nd at least, and Tina downed the milk.  But they then made a major blunder.  They didn’t read the directions they had been given that told them the clue was on the bottom of the glass.  When Tina finished, she thought there would be an envelope, but there was no envelope (because the clue was on the bottom of the glass) so off they went searching for another milk bar thinking they had the wrong one.

Toni and Dallas were next and drank their milk and READ THE DIRECTIONS, so saw the clue on the bottom of the glass.

Ken & Tina had to loop back and get the milk clue and fell behind a bit.  But they were still ahead of the Frat Boys and Terence the vegetarian with Sarah.

They were supposed to walk to the meat market in the costume and get some meat.  But once again, Ken & Tina did not read the instructions and returned the costume first.  They were supposed to wear the costume to the meat market.

As Toni & Dallas retrieved their meat, and departed for the final stop, they saw Ken & Tina and told them they had to wear the outfit.  Ken & Tina had to circle back once again and get their cow outfit again.

Toni & Dallas went on to the final stop.  Ken & Tina got their meat next.  The Frat boys in the meantime got their cow outfit and scampered around looking for the milk shop.

Terence and Sarah got their cow outfit and started their search, but were solidly in last place thanks to Terence’s preference for vegetables.  The Frat boys made it, got their milk and their meat and looked in good shape, but didn’t read THEIR instructions.  They were supposed to walk to their final destination and instead took a cab.  They reached the finish but were forced to walk back on foot to the milk stand and come back.  This added suspense as Terence & Sarah got their milk and meat and followed their instructions to a T.

The teams finished in this order, and note number 1…again!  Nick & Star were done before many others even got started with their Cow costumes.

1. Nick & Star
2. Toni & Dallas
3. Ken & Tina
4. Andrew & Dan
5. Terence & Sarah

Terence & Sarah are done. They were eliminated.  Terence could not eat the meat concoction, and had he been able to, they would not have been eliminated.  The mistake was choosing to take the short cut and eat the food.  You can’t be picky about what this show will throw at you in a short cut!!   It would be the most costly mistake of his life.  Doubling back cost them the race.  Down to 4 teams now.

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10/1 America’s Got Talent Finally: The Winner Unveiled!

What do we care about in a winner takes all finale? Who won!! What do we get? Usually not much else, but we have to get through the hour to find out who the grand champion is.

There was way too much Jerry and some rather boring performances except for the Leona Lewis “Better in Time” act.

Jerry made the insight “everybody wants their favorite to win”. Well, Jerry, we didn’t think they wanted their favorite to lose. We will tell you, you aren’t our favorite.

Time for the one at a time elimination, let’s see how we did…

First out: Queen Emily

Clearly the least talented.

Second To Depart: Donald Braswell

Looks like he bored the audience too.

Well, we have to say that so far we are right on for what we expected. Could it continue? Not quite.

Third to go… Nuttin But Stringz

No idea what people were thinkin’. These guys were 1 or 2, but they didn’t get to the final 2? Still, not too shabby for the final pick of the night.

Second Place?? Eli Mattson

Won’t matter, we know who we will be listening to on CD in the next year, and it won’t be Neil.

First Place! Neil E. Boyd!!

We don’t totally believe that America voted for an Opera Singer. And we know people would not pay to see an Opera Singer by himself in Vegas. So, we have no clue what this finale was all about.

Still, Neil is good and we hope next year, we have fewer singers in the finale.