US Men’s 4x200M Freestyle Relay Team Destroys Competition and World Record, 11 GOLDS FOR PHELPS!!

Michael Phelps started for the US, and, as usual, surged to the front.  He took the first turn ½ body length in front and was extending his lead as he got to the second.  Phelps touched well ahead of the world record and no one was close.

Phelps continued to extend his lead to what appeared to be 2 full body lengths for Ryan Lochte who, at the first turn, had a 2 ½ second lead over Russia, the next nearest contender.  Lochte reached the second turn still well ahead of the world record, and again, not one other racer in the pool was beating the world record.  His lead at the end of the 2nd leg, about 2 body lengths.  He widened it on the turn.  By the third turn, Lochte was three body lengths in front and the US was destroying the World Record.  Lochte , a 3 time world champion wasn’t going to give up an inch.

Lochte handed off the baton (figuratively of course) at over 3 seconds ahead of world record pace.  Ricky Berens took over and by the end of the first lap, was so far out in front, it looked like he could have stopped for a Margarita on the side of the pool and still won.  Berens was already stroking home as other competitors were just making the turn.

Peter VanderKaay (PBK) entered the pool at 3.65 seconds ahead of the World Record.  If Jaws was not in the water hungry for Americans, this was over.  Again, at the turn, PBK was so far ahead of the pack that the rest of the swimmers could not even flip at the turn before he was clearly driving away.

As PBK turned home, no one was close, and not only did the US team beat the world record, they beat 7 minutes!! The time was 6:58.56 destroying the world record by 5 full seconds and everyone else in the pool by 5.14 seconds.  Unheard of!!  The camera had to go to super wide angle just to get everyone competing in the picture for the last lap.  This was such dominance, that no one could have believed it unless they actually saw it.

That now is 11 total Golds for Phelps!!  One more, and he will not only have the most Golds ever in history in the Olympics but the most medals period.

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China “Cheats” Their Way To Olympic Gold In Women’s Gymnastics. USA Silvers.

America was about to compete against the Chinese “Women’s” Gymnastics Team.  After a brilliant vault, Deng Linlin of China returned to the sidelines to be greeted and congratulated by her teammates.

The American team was nearby, and what was absolutely apparent was that the American team all looked 16.  Most of the Chinese team barely came up to the American Girls’ shoulders, and looked to be between 13 and 14 with the exception of Deng Linlin who looked all of 11 years old.

The minimum age requirement for women to be considered eligible for Olympics competition in gymnastics is 16, and somehow almost all the Chinese girls have passports that confirm they are exactly 16.  These, of course, were printed by the Chinese Government.   The International Olympic Committee has chosen to trust China to be honest in this competition despite how obvious the violation is.

The USA Team Competes

First Vault by an American was Bridget Sloan.  She jumped a perfect vault, and although a little off center on the landing, stuck it well within the line.  Her total score 15.200.

Shawn Johnson vaulted next, leaping and tumbling perfectly in the air.  The difficulty on Shawn’s vault was greater, and as she landed, her legs crossed.  Despite the slip, her score for this incredible jump was 16.0.

Alicia Sacramone was next.  Her vault was nearly perfect except for a small hop at the end.  That would cost her 1/10 of a point.  But the difficulty was high and she totaled 15.675, placing the team ahead of China, but both China and the US were trailing Russia.

Chelsie Memmel, a world champion on the uneven parallel bars took the floor.  Because of an injury, Chelsie would only compete in this event.  Therefore, the bars would be everything for her and her only contribution to the team.  This would be her last Olympic exercise, and she was near perfection.  Her landing motionless.  Her score, 15.725!

Shawn Johnson was quick and smooth in her performance and did a dismount that is among the hardest in the competition.  She nailed it without so much as a ripple.  Her score, 15.350.  This was disappointing after that great dismount.  It was difficult to explain this low score.

Nastia Liuken is stellar on the bars, and she executed a routine that is incredibly difficult.  Every move was perfect.  She fell on her last dismount in the qualifying round.  Not this time.  Score, 16.900, as close to 17 as we have seen.  As she stood awaiting her score, Nastia stood behind Deng Linlin.  Deng barely reaches the bottom of Nastia’s neck.

The next challenge for the Americans was the balance beam.  Alicia Sacramone fell off the beam.  And her look was total disgust.  She fell just jumping on the beam and lost 8/10 of a point to start.  Her dismount was amazing, but it would be negated by the poor beginning.  Score 15.100.

Liukin had to save the day and started well, but lost her balance half way through.  Despite the slight slip, her dismount was perfect, and it needed to be.  15.975.

Shawn Johnson finished up on the beam, beginning with three backflips executed perfectly.  She hit every move and then landed with only a slight step on an incredibly difficult dismount.  Score, 16.175.

After the beam, the separation between China in first and the US in second was only one point despite the “Sacramone”ous fall.  If Alicia had not slipped on the beam, the US would likely be ahead.

The Americans’ Sacramone began the floor event and could not shake the nerves.  She fell backwards, landing on her behind, after a double forward flip, losing 8/10 of a point.  The upset from her prior fall was probably just too much for her to handle, and you know she was devastated.  That fall likely gave China the gold, barring disaster.  She was brilliant in the rest of the exercise, until she stepped out to lose another 1/10 of a point.  Everything that could go wrong did.  She knew she had just lost the gold for her teammates even after all the years of practice, and at 20 this is likely her last Olympics.  She was afraid to look as the score posted at 14.125, a score the rest of the team could not hope to make up.

Nastia Liukin was next and stepped out on her first move, losing 1/10 of a point.  The exercise was beautiful, so hopefully, she could score well, but it likely wouldn’t matter after the disaster in the first exercise.

Shawn Johnson is the World Champion.  But even perfection could not win this for the Americans if it were not accompanied by disaster for the Chinese (such as their true age being revealed maybe)?  Even Shawn stepped out on the first pass.  1/10 point gone.  The entire team was rattled by Sacramone’s heartbreaking performance.  Alicia was holding tears inside, and the other girls felt it.  Shawn did well, but NBC decided a commercial was more important than displaying her score.

Why This Competition Was Unfair Before the Olympics Even Started

Bela Karolyi, the former coach of Olympic gold  medalists Nadia Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton, was interviewed before the Chinese performed, and said, “This young Chinese team (is) using 14-15 year olds, all kids, they have no pressure…”.  When asked if he believed the Chinese team was cheating, he said “that is obviously documented.  Half the Chinese team is underage.”

Karolyi followed the event with the statement, “I have to comment the Chinese Team, (are) good kids; nothing to say about that.  Too bad they are underage and should not be legally accepted…”

In other words, it is too bad that we allow the Chinese to cheat right under our nose and do nothing about it.  The Chinese Girl’s Olympic Team Gets the Gold.

And so we leave you.  The US did not execute their best game, but they also could not choose from the same range of talent the Chinese could.  The age limit should either not exist or be universally enforced.  Anything else is clearly unfair to our athletes.

We have a related follow up story on this one over at: Communism Does Not Upset us, Chinese Cheats Do! How NASDAQ Assists China As They Cheat the US in Olympics and In Business

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Michael Phelps Agitated Even As He Beats Spitz’ Record. Takes GOLD in 200M Butterfly!!

Michael Phelps
was about to take away Mark Spitz record as the most decorated Gold medalist in history. Spitz’ record has held for 36 years! And it would take a miracle swimmer like Phelps to do it.

Phelps was ahead at the first turn and in perfect form, but the turn was not crisp and allowed Burmester of New Zealand to take the lead, but that lead didn’t last long. By the end of 100 Meters, Phelps had returned to the front of the pack.

Phelps was chasing the world record at the final turn. And Burmester from New Zealand was somewhat close, but no one could touch Michael as he made Olympic History with a new World Record and the Gold!

Phelps actually appeared disappointed despite making history taking his 10th career Olympic Gold medal. Why? Because Michael wanted to break 1:52, and he did not make it. A World Record was not enough for Phelps!!

Phelps is now only one medal away from tying Spitz for total medals. In less than one hour, Michael would have his chance to do it.

Photo Credit: Itsuo Inouye / Getty Images

What Michael Phelps is About to do… And by Golly He did!!

Here are all of Mark Spitz’s medals from the 1968 and 1972 Olympics:

* 1968 — 4×100 m freestyle relay Gold

* 1968 — 4×200 m freestyle relay Gold

* 1968 — 100 m butterfly Silver

* 1968 — 100 m freestyle Bronze

* 1972 — 100 m butterfly Gold

* 1972 — 100 m freestyle Gold

* 1972 — 200 m butterfly Gold

* 1972 — 200 m freestyle Gold

* 1972 — 4×100 m freestyle relay Gold

* 1972 — 4×100 m medley relay Gold

* 1972 — 4×200 m freestyle relay Gold

Michael Phelps current standing in Beijing 20008 Olympics:

So far: Eight finals, Eight gold medals, Seven world records, One Olympic Record.

His Events:

200m free- won Gold, Aug. 12

100m fly- won Gold, Aug.15

200m fly- won Gold, Aug. 12

200m IM- won Gold Aug. 15

400m IM- won Gold, Aug. 10

4x100m free relay- won Gold, Aug.11 with Cullen Jones, Jason Lezak, and Garrett Weber-Gale

4x200m free relay – won Gold, Aug. 12 with Peter VanderKaay

4x100m medley relay- won Gold with Aaron Peirsol, Jason Lezak, and Brendan Hansen

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NBC Doesn’t Seem to Think Venus Can Take GOLD in US Woman’s Tennis?

We have been continually annoyed watching sporting events when the announcers continually try to fill the void with useless verbiage.  Such was this game.  We have often enjoyed events vastly more when, due to technical difficulties, the announcers were cut off and we were allowed to derive for ourselves the level of play.

Venus looked beautiful on every stroke taking control in the first set over Iveta Benesova of Chekoslovakia.  The strength was obvious, despite the NBC announcers giving Venus little credit for her lead, saying she had done little to earn it.

Venus may have overheard and delivered a fantastic serve followed by a kill volley that gave Iveta little chance for a return.  Another kill and it was 40 – Love.  And then Game-Love.  Venus up first set 4-1.

Not one game was close in the first set save the one for Iveta, and finally, the NBC announcers were getting it.  It only took a 5-1 lead for them to catch on!!

But Venus double faulted and gave NBC’s commentators a bit of ammunition.  And she followed with another fault.  Venus delivered the second serve, but it was weak and led to a strong volley by Iveta.  Venus just kept hitting hard and deep until Iveta hit the ball out.

Venus followed with a 180+ KM/Hour serve and Iveta barely managed to touch it as it scorched past her.  If Venus starts landing those first servies, Iveta has no chance to break, and right now, she needs breaks, lots of them.

Set Venus 6-1.  Venus not only earned it, she was serving notice. Even NBC announcers were suddenly realizing, as Venus disposed of the disheartened Iveta in straight sets, 6-1, 6-4.  Venus is super and Gold in our books!

UPDATE: We maybe singing a different tune after her dismal performances following this game, along with Serena and Federer. Read about it here.

Photo Credits: Charles Krupa / Associated Press / Others

USA Womens Beach Volleyball Team says NOrWAY!!

May-Treanor/Walsh did it again, embarrassing the Norwegian team.  The ladies once again won in straight sets 21-12, 21-15, finishing off the final set with an ACE!!

This one wasn’t worth covering, except to say the US Team is undefeated after 104 straight matches!!!!  Is that even possible?

American Women’s Beach Volleyball Make 203!!  Impossible?  Believe It!

It is truly pleasurable to watch those among the best in their sport.  It is a different experience altogether watching the best in their sport.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, ranked 2 in this Olympics, played against Dalixia Fernandes and Tamara Larrea of Cuba.  Dalixia and Tamara are among the best in this sport.  Misty May and Kerri are the best.  They entered this match with 202 sets in a row under their bikinis without a single loss!!

The Cubans were beaten in straight sets 21-15, 21-16 in 36 minutes.  Easy.  The Americans made it 203 sets in a ROW without a single defeat!

Photo Credit: Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press

US Men’s Gymnastics Team Pulls Surprise Upset, Could Paul Hamm Have Meant GOLD?

No one expected the US Men’s team to place in the top three teams, but their performance was a pleasant surprise for us all.

The team put in solid performances across the board, despite missing team mates Morgan Hamm and Paul Hamm, the reigning Olympic champion, netting the Bronze behind China and Japan.   Not one member of the US team had any Olympic experience.

Had Morgan and Paul been able to perform in this Olympics, would Japan and China have had a run for their money?

USA Olympic All-Star Basketball Team Undefeated, Still Looking Like GOLD

By Evan Roessle, Guest Writer

As the United States prepared for its second game of the Olympics, there was little doubt in the outcome. The US team is far superior both in athletic ability and skill compared to the team from Angola. Angola’s roster lists its tallest player at 6’8″, while the US team includes a 7′ center in Dwight Howard, a 6’11” power forward in Chris Bosh, and a 6’8″ athletic freak in Lebron James, who can play every position on the floor. The US had history in its favor given a forty -point victory margin in past meetings.

When the game began, the United States started playing tough, physical defense, attacking the basket on nearly every possession.  James and Howard dominated inside with the clear size advantage, displaying their athleticism with high-flying, powerful dunks. While Howard and James played tough down low, Dwayne Wade and Deron Williams, players who contribute off the bench for the US team, provided speed and quickness in the backcourt.

Wade had the greatest impact scoring 19 points and grabbing 5 rebounds in his effort to redeem himself after the United States’ poor performance in 2004. Wade and James, the only two players from that team, have been demonstrating their utmost determination in their quest to bring home the gold this year. As the game progressed, the US expanded their lead to thirty points, sealing the victory. The Angolan team, led by point guard Morias, did not surrender easily, carving into the thirty point lead as the game concluded, but this still resulted in a 21 point deficit to the US.

In their second game in their push for gold, the United States came away with a 97-76 victory vs. an undersized Angolan team. For the positives, inside play continued to be strong, and point guard play provided numerous fast break points.

The United States team, however, continued to struggle from three-point range.This could be critical when the US plays Spain, Greece, and Germany later in the tournament. Against that kind of talent, the US may have to improve their low percentage performance (23%) from downtown if they expect to win the gold. That said, the US strategy of controlling the inside and playing tenacious defense have made short work of the competition thus far.


Evan Roessle joins sports writers for

Evan has just joined myrealitytelevision as a sports writer, and we welcome his extensive knowledge of sports and his ability to call a game like no other.

We are grateful to have Evan on our team.

Evan will be covering the USA Olympics Basketball Team, and we expect that he will add an experience and diversity to the website because of his thorough understanding of the team and of every US player and their strengths.

Evan is one more example of where myrealitytelevision is making every attempt to bring the best sports writing talent to you.

NBC Olympics Announcers Take American Fans For Fools

No one can get inside on the US basketball team, and this creates little risk for the US in their pursuit of the Gold.

Angola scored few baskets from the inside against the US Team in the game, and this clearly shows that the US is not going to lose in this Olympics.

Announcers on NBC sounded rather foolish in their attempt to find every fault in the US team to make it sound like anyone could pose a challenge, even as the US cruised to another big win. We realize that the announcers like to play up the televised games for all they are worth, but they seem to be trying to take American fans for fools.

Greece is supposed to be a stronger team, but they had better be hitting their shots from downtown, because the US did not and will not give up the inside.

The US strategy is simple. Play tenacious defense on the inside, take the rebounds and drive to the basket. When the US moves away from this strategy, going for 3s and playing with less of a team orientation, they give the other Olympic teams a chance to score points.

That scoring by opponents, though, has been extremely limited, and we expect the US is still trying to find a number of game strategies that will work for them as they move closer to Gold.

US easily 97-76.

Photo Credits: NBC and Getty Images