USA Womens Beach Volleyball Team says NOrWAY!!

May-Treanor/Walsh did it again, embarrassing the Norwegian team.  The ladies once again won in straight sets 21-12, 21-15, finishing off the final set with an ACE!!

This one wasn’t worth covering, except to say the US Team is undefeated after 104 straight matches!!!!  Is that even possible?

American Women’s Beach Volleyball Make 203!!  Impossible?  Believe It!

It is truly pleasurable to watch those among the best in their sport.  It is a different experience altogether watching the best in their sport.

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh, ranked 2 in this Olympics, played against Dalixia Fernandes and Tamara Larrea of Cuba.  Dalixia and Tamara are among the best in this sport.  Misty May and Kerri are the best.  They entered this match with 202 sets in a row under their bikinis without a single loss!!

The Cubans were beaten in straight sets 21-15, 21-16 in 36 minutes.  Easy.  The Americans made it 203 sets in a ROW without a single defeat!

Photo Credit: Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press

US Men’s Gymnastics Team Pulls Surprise Upset, Could Paul Hamm Have Meant GOLD?

No one expected the US Men’s team to place in the top three teams, but their performance was a pleasant surprise for us all.

The team put in solid performances across the board, despite missing team mates Morgan Hamm and Paul Hamm, the reigning Olympic champion, netting the Bronze behind China and Japan.   Not one member of the US team had any Olympic experience.

Had Morgan and Paul been able to perform in this Olympics, would Japan and China have had a run for their money?

USA Olympic All-Star Basketball Team Undefeated, Still Looking Like GOLD

By Evan Roessle, Guest Writer

As the United States prepared for its second game of the Olympics, there was little doubt in the outcome. The US team is far superior both in athletic ability and skill compared to the team from Angola. Angola’s roster lists its tallest player at 6’8″, while the US team includes a 7′ center in Dwight Howard, a 6’11” power forward in Chris Bosh, and a 6’8″ athletic freak in Lebron James, who can play every position on the floor. The US had history in its favor given a forty -point victory margin in past meetings.

When the game began, the United States started playing tough, physical defense, attacking the basket on nearly every possession.  James and Howard dominated inside with the clear size advantage, displaying their athleticism with high-flying, powerful dunks. While Howard and James played tough down low, Dwayne Wade and Deron Williams, players who contribute off the bench for the US team, provided speed and quickness in the backcourt.

Wade had the greatest impact scoring 19 points and grabbing 5 rebounds in his effort to redeem himself after the United States’ poor performance in 2004. Wade and James, the only two players from that team, have been demonstrating their utmost determination in their quest to bring home the gold this year. As the game progressed, the US expanded their lead to thirty points, sealing the victory. The Angolan team, led by point guard Morias, did not surrender easily, carving into the thirty point lead as the game concluded, but this still resulted in a 21 point deficit to the US.

In their second game in their push for gold, the United States came away with a 97-76 victory vs. an undersized Angolan team. For the positives, inside play continued to be strong, and point guard play provided numerous fast break points.

The United States team, however, continued to struggle from three-point range.This could be critical when the US plays Spain, Greece, and Germany later in the tournament. Against that kind of talent, the US may have to improve their low percentage performance (23%) from downtown if they expect to win the gold. That said, the US strategy of controlling the inside and playing tenacious defense have made short work of the competition thus far.


Evan Roessle joins sports writers for

Evan has just joined myrealitytelevision as a sports writer, and we welcome his extensive knowledge of sports and his ability to call a game like no other.

We are grateful to have Evan on our team.

Evan will be covering the USA Olympics Basketball Team, and we expect that he will add an experience and diversity to the website because of his thorough understanding of the team and of every US player and their strengths.

Evan is one more example of where myrealitytelevision is making every attempt to bring the best sports writing talent to you.

NBC Olympics Announcers Take American Fans For Fools

No one can get inside on the US basketball team, and this creates little risk for the US in their pursuit of the Gold.

Angola scored few baskets from the inside against the US Team in the game, and this clearly shows that the US is not going to lose in this Olympics.

Announcers on NBC sounded rather foolish in their attempt to find every fault in the US team to make it sound like anyone could pose a challenge, even as the US cruised to another big win. We realize that the announcers like to play up the televised games for all they are worth, but they seem to be trying to take American fans for fools.

Greece is supposed to be a stronger team, but they had better be hitting their shots from downtown, because the US did not and will not give up the inside.

The US strategy is simple. Play tenacious defense on the inside, take the rebounds and drive to the basket. When the US moves away from this strategy, going for 3s and playing with less of a team orientation, they give the other Olympic teams a chance to score points.

That scoring by opponents, though, has been extremely limited, and we expect the US is still trying to find a number of game strategies that will work for them as they move closer to Gold.

US easily 97-76.

Photo Credits: NBC and Getty Images

POLL: Chinese Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team, Are They Way Under Age?

When watching the Chinese women’s gymnastic team perform, one is immediately stricken by the apparent illegal age of the performers. There are clear age requirements for the Olympics, but why is it that only the Chinese team seems to be an average age of 12?

Deng Linlin of China is alleged by the Chinese team to be 16 years of age.  We are not sure, but we think they are defining a year as the length of time it takes Venus to orbit the Sun, not Earth.  This girl looks 12 at the very most.  She has no physical signs of female development, zero body fat and looks like, if 16, she would be being treated as an anorexic.

Deng looks to be, at most, 60 pounds, and has about a 4′ frame.  She couldn’t get on the E-Rides at Disneyworld! And she would definitely qualify for the discount children’s ticket without any questions from the park’s operators!

There are clear advantages to playing this card for a women’s gymnastics team. Weight is more evenly distributed in the young.  In addition, the younger a girl starts in the Olympics, the more experience she can garner for future competitions.  Basic physics also tells you, the smaller the frame, the less room it takes to execute a move. A 4 footer can somersault in significantly less distance than someone 5 feet, vastly reducing the probability of stepping out of bounds during floor exercises, a common problem in gymnastics for girls of legitimate age and stature.

Most of all, sneaking in underage girls opens up the field for a broader array of talent, providing the teams that cheat a significant advantage.  There are many candidates that were excluded by legitimate teams in the competition, sometimes just months shy of the qualification age.

The New York Times has already reported that online records have two members of the Chinese women’s team, He Kexin and Jiang Yuyuan, at age 14, in violation of the Olympic minimum age requirement of 16. Yang Yilin was indicated as being 14 on a state-run television website at about the same time.

14 seems generous. Apparently, someone confirmed the ages of these girls, but common sense says they are most likely lying.

International Olympic Committee  president Jacques Rogge deferred responsibility for enforcing the age limit to China’s gymnastics federation, but isn’t that like letting the fox watch the hen house?

Bela Karolyi, the former coach of Olympic gold  medalists Nadia Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton said “Shame on the IOC if they don’t do anything about it.”

Karolyi’s solution? “The only way to stop this is to take off the age limit. Take it away. We would have some amazing young athletes on our team, too, but they missed it by a few months. To force honest countries to hold back and allow other countries, not so honest, to push them forward, it’s not fair.”

“No so honest” was kind.

We have a related follow up story on this one over at: Communism Does Not Upset us, Chinese Cheats Do! How NASDAQ Assists China As They Cheat the US in Olympics and In Business

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US Dominates Swimming: Peirsol, Coughlin, Phelps Make Olympic History

Swimming was big last night

Oh Say Can You See, Olympic History, US Takes 1 and 3!! Coughlin Takes GOLD in Women’s 100M Backstroke

The 100 Meter Backstroke saw Natalie Coughlin and Kirsty Coventry likely to be in a tight race. Coughlin broke out beautifully and took a strong lead early.

Coughlin was off strong, and well ahead of Coventry, but was drawing near the lane line and needed to center herself. Coughlin turned strong holding the lead and still looked to be well in front by about 2/3 of a body length, but we have seen how in prior races that can dissipate quickly.

Halfway through the final lap you could clearly see Coughlin drifting. And the rest of the pack started to catch up. Coventry was making her push for Gold and Coughlin was just inches ahead.

At the touch, Coughlin TAKES THE GOLD!!! Coventry of Zimbabwe took the Silver and Coughlin’s US teammate Margaret Holzer took the Bronze!!!

Two more US Medals. “Oh Say Can You SEEEEEE!!!!” Olympic HISTORY! Coughlin is the first ever to defend the title successfully in the Women’s 100 Meter Backstroke in Olympic History!

Phelps Makes Olympic Medal History, Wins Men’s 200M Freestyle for GOLD!

Phelps broke out to the lead early with a strong leap into the pool and reached the turn first, but was under his record pace.

Phelps had a body length lead on the second turn, and was looking stronger as he progressed. Phelps passed World Record Pace just before the last turn, and following the turn was a full second under with 40 meters left. Not one racer in the pool was close.

Phelps was going for a World Record all the way and touched at 1:42.96 almost a full second ahead of the World Record. Peter VanderKaay of the US touched third for the Bronze.

Phelps now has 9 golds and 11 total medals in the Olympics. One more, and he will be the new record holder of total medals.

In 1972, Mark Spitz took 7 Golds. He has held that record now for 36 years. Phelps could break that record as well and has 3 Golds so far in this Olympics thanks to the heroic win of the US Relay Team in the Freestyle 4×100 Meter race.

Soni!!! No Bologna!!! USA’s Rebecca Soni takes Silver in Women’s 100M Backstroke

This was clearly Leisel Jones race. Jones from Australia left little doubt throughout the race who was going to touch first.

But Rebecca Soni put in a spectacular performance to take the Silver. Soni is stronger in the longer distance. Could we be looking at a Soni GOLD???

Peirsol “Peirces” WORLD RECORD TO TAKE GOLD. US 1-2 in Men’s 100 Meter Backstroke

Peirsol got off to a weak start leaving Tancock ahead at the first turn, but Peirsol executed a great turn, and started to pour it on. Peirsol hasn’t lost this race in 7 years!! It wasn’t going to start today.

Peirsol surged to a WORLD RECORD at 53.54. Matt Grevers had an awesome swim and received the Silver!!!

One has to wonder, what could Peirsol have done if his start had been just a tad more crisp?

This American Team is amazing! Two more medals for the US. Keep ‘EM COMIN’!!

PHOTO CREDITS: NBC and Getty Images

US Women’s Water Polo Team Wins With GOLD-a! Men’s Team Stymies Italians

The Chinese were playing with their hearts and souls, but the USA women would not back down, matching them score for score.  1-0.  1-1. 1-2. 2-2. 2-3. 3-3.  This was getting tough.

Again another tie at 5-5, and the USA and China were showing that neither was going to back down or go under.  Natalie Golda already had 3 goals for the United States team.

6-5 US!!  Nope. 6-6.  Wow.  7-6 US!!  Nope 7-7.  Yikes.  8-7 US!!  And finally a 2 goal margin at 9-7!

9-8, Uh oh.  10-8. Phew.  10-9.  You have to be kidding!!!!  10-10.  Oh C’mon!  11-10 China.  OK, now we are starting to get worried.  11-11.

With 3 minutes to go the US scored again.  Lauren Wenger made a perfect pitch past the Chinese goaltender for a score.  12-11.  Lauren’s score would win the game.

The Chinese came down and made a wonderful shot.  It barely missed hitting the left post, and the Chinese returned to defense.

China had earned major respect.  This is a US team that had held opposing teams to single digits for 8 consecutive years.  Oh my!

The US pulled it out 12-11.  Natalie Golda finished with 4 goals.

Men’s Waterpolo Team Stymies Italians

The USA played Italy in Waterpolo and it was a relatively high scoring affair. With 6 minutes to go in the 4th, the US team led 9-7.

Team USA’s #4, Jeffrey Powers, threw a side-arm and skipped the ball past Italy’s goaltender for his second goal and a 10-7 lead.

The US team would need the cushion, as Italy charged back bring it to 10-9 and generating a look of concern on the US coach.

Lyne Beaubien, #7, positioned himself dead center in front of the net. Within a split second of receiving the ball, he pitched a hard shot on goal and scored for the US, bringing them back to a 2 point lead 11-9.

That would prove to be enough for the US squad, but Italy was not done. After an exchange of goals, the Italian team drove back with just over a minute left and scored to bring the score to 12-11.

The US burned the clock down to 24 seconds before giving Italy possession. Italy took a time out to set up at least one shot. Italy was on a power play for the bottom 15 seconds and could not get off a shot in time as the clock ran down.

US 12-11 in a nail-biter, and the US remains undefeated at 2-0.

Photo Credits: Getty Images

USA Olympic Men’s Beach Volleyball Team Knifes the Swiss, Just Watch! Aces Over Kings!

The American team, Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers, ranked number 2 and the defending world champions were to face a difficult number 11 Swiss team of Patrick Heuscher and Sascha Heyer. The US had blown their first match in straight sets 19-21 and 18-21 to 23rd ranked Latvian team.  There were plenty of excuses as to why Dalhausser did not play up to his level, but let’s not take anything away from the opposing team that left Dalhausser and Rogers flat footed.

No excuses, only victory.  It really doesn’t matter how you play the game, it only matters if you win.  No one will remember the excuses after the games.  They will only remember those that take the medals.

So, let’s see if the US Team can redeem itself.

The USA team and Swiss played to a tie at 5-5 but then the USA team started to show their strength and spread the lead to 9-6.  Rogers served and the Swiss attempted a spike, only to get delivered the ball back in their face by a rejuvenated Dalhausser.  10-6 USA.  This is referred to as a roof, when the block is so high and strong, the ball goes straight down giving the opposing team no chance of any recovery.

The US continued to expand their lead at 14-8.  Rogers served again.   But this time, the Swiss spiked one through, right past Dalhausser, and the Swiss followed with another score on a nasty drop bringing the score to 14-10.  Dalhausser would not let that go unanswered, and he spiked the next ball home, and there was no doubt even before he touched the ball, that was not getting returned.  15-10.

Rogers finished the game with a spike to take out the Swiss easily in the first set 21-15.  This was not the same team that lost to the Latvians.

In set 2, the Swiss broke out to a 3-1 lead, proving you don’t have to be a beach boy to win on sand.  But the US tied it at 3-3 with a Dalhausser service ACE.  The Swiss pulled ahead again, but the US tied it at 5-5 on a Rogers service ACE!  Then it was all US.  Dalhausser spread the lead out 16-9.  The Swiss did their best on the next point trying to take out the US team, but Dalhausser continually blocked them, finishing off with a kill move down the line that clearly demonstrated, the Swiss team was not in this anymore.  17-9.  It wasn’t close at the end.  The US embarrassed the Swiss team in the second set 21-10.

Match USA!  Most still expect this team to win the Gold.  We will keep you posted!

Olympic Medal for Gibb/Rosenthal For Men’s Beach Volleyball??

The Germans were expected to offer a strong challenge to the US in this game.  Brink/Deickmann from Germany faced Gibb/Rosenthal from the US.

The US disposed of the German team in straight sets and in short order, barely giving NBC time to squeeze in a few commercials  Final score 21-15, 21-13 in straight sets.

With Gibb and Rosenthal playing like this, an Olympic medal is in their destiny.

myrealitytelevision calls out appears to have all the answers.  Apparently, they know who won each competition before the results are announced.  We don’t believe it.

We tried to find evidence of their results BEFORE the result was announced on So You Think You Can Dance, but could find nothing.  After the fact, their votes clearly show the winner and the exact order of the runners up.

It is easy on the web to fudge results because most readers get to your website long after the winner has been announced.  Dial’s analysis is neither official nor scientific. One just has to think how much it benefits dialidol to continually claim themselves to be some sort of an authority.  When they start admitting they were wrong, they will gain some credibility.

How can you for a minute believe the result below? Twitch was way ahead over Courtney and KATEE???!

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