Obama’s New Catch And Release Program

Obama’s latest brain child? Don’t just close Guantánamo, but bring the terrorists home for dinner in America.

In his most recent statement in favor of the outright destruction of the US, Obama wants to bring the Guantánamo prisoners here to America for trial.

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11/10 Dancing With The Stars: Analysis and Predictions

The Ballroom Round:

Cody & Edyta (8/10)

The Fox Trot went off well.  Cody was a little rigid, but hit every move with Edyta.  Being the least mature of the pairs together, it was impressive how well they did.  We liked the performance and think it was top notch, and may have scored it higher had it been later in the night.  Judges: 24.  Exact agreement.

Brooke & Derek (7/10)

Derek started off with a foot placement issue, but their tango looked elegant enough.  The dance didn’t come across as entertaining though.  We were bored so gave them a lower score. Judges always love them though.  So we expect the Judges to look the other way.  But tonight only one judge got it right.  28.  Two of the judges gave them 10s for their slow and awkward steps.  Not sure what that was about.  Cody and Edyta were better.

Maurice & Cheryl  (8/10)

A Paso Doble isn’t new to Maurice, so maybe he can pull this off.  Some great footwork which is Maurice’s talent.  Wanted more upper body movement.  The finish was all Cheryl.  Liked it.  Not spectacular.  Judges: 24.  Again, the judges are right on.  Can we be that wrong about how bad Brooke & Derek were but be this right about this dance?  Hmmm.

Lance & Lacey (7/10)

Catchy tune, but will it be enough.  We are part way through the dance and bored.  It just has no spark.  We were waiting for it all dance, and we just didn’t get it.  The judges gave better words than we would have.  Judges: 26.  Generous and lucky considering what we saw.

Warren & Kym (8/10)

A tango could be difficult for Warren.  Warren looks like he is trying to hard, but Kym is just smooth in everything she does.  A couple of fun leg moves in the mddle showed Warren practiced.  Warren was better this week.  We can do 8s for him.  Judges: 28.  No way.  A 10 for this team was a joke.  10 is supposed to be perfection.  This wasn’t it.

Our strongest disagreement on Brooke and Derek who we found rather weak.

Time for the second round.  In the second round, a solo has to be done for 15 seconds by the challenger.

Cody & Edyta (8/10)

Hot start.  Catchy over the back flip move.  Energetic job by Cody.  Looked professional.  Cody was nailing this dance, but he had a slight drop of Edyta right before the solo.  The solo was a tad corny at the end, but cute.  He ended up leaping on the judges desk.  We rate it pretty high.  The judges just completely missed the jump and early flip move.  Kind of sad really that they seem to have already judged this dance lower. Judges: 24.  Pretty much right on, if they aren’t generous with 10s in dances that don’t merit it.  Note that Julianne will be back next week.

Brooke & Derek (9/10)

Brooke had a great solo, which makes her stand out.  Fast hands, much better dance this than the first.  It was fun, fast energetic and Brooke she has moves.  This was their big dance and clearly moves them up in our rankings.  Judges: 27.  Closer to reality.

Maurice & Cheryl (8/10)

Paso Doble.  Lines look good, but we don’t like Maurice’s facial expression.  Nice cape exchange giving Maurice a chance to shine in his solo with a prop.  Nice ending.  Top notch.  Judges: 24. Once again, right on.

Lance & Lacey (7/10)

The Samba.  Lacy is great, but we are not sure about Lance.  The solo didn’t do it for us.  Lacey isn’t at fault, but we just can’t rate this as high.  This puts Lance at risk.  Can the judges see it differently?  Judges: 24.  Too generous after that solo.

But don’t miss tomorrow.  Benjie Schwimmer (2006 Winner of So you Think You can Dance) will be dancing with sister Lacey and they are always amazing.

Warren & Kym (7/10)

The Jive.  This is a dance Kym can pull off, but it makes Warren looked a bit silly.  His solo just looked like a spazzy end zone dance.  We thought it was cute, but boring overall and rather strained.  Judges: 26.  Way out of line.  It was just not good.  Unclear what they see in Warren.  We just don’t.

Our guess from the brown nosing the the judges did, Lance is at risk and we would send him packing.  However, the judges had Cody and Maurice at the bottom due to some ridiculously over-ratings of Warren and Brooke.


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11/09 Season 13 Amazing Race Results: Five Teams Remain!

The Amazing race was to be in New Delhi, India.  There would be no plane rides today.  It was purely a race.

The game started out with a game that seemed somewhat dangerous, but it appeared everyone survived.  They were supposed to participate in a holi festival.  The people get peppered with colored powder as they climb a ladder to get their clue.  Some did come out an absolute mess though.

If you remember from last week, our least favorite team, Ken & Tina, that had repeatedly finished first prior to last week, finished last.  They lucked out thought, and it wasn’t an elimination round.  However, this week, they got a penalty involving a Speed Bump.  That is tough to overcome.

Nick and Starr broke out first and had to choose between two tasks named “bleary eyed” and “teary eyed”.  The contestants have to look for numbers strung along in the town.  In “teary eyed”, they have to carry two bags of peppers one mile to a store to crush the peppers, which are hot chilis, making the task a bit daunting.

Nick & Starr and Dallas & Toni hooked up and partnered to get it done.  Clever at this stage of the game.  Terrence & Sarah were the only ones to take Bleary Eyed.

As their speed bump, Ken & Tina had to serve everyone on the street water until no one wanted any more.  They did it but they were apparently in last place and stuck in traffic trying to get back to get their next clue.  They were a mess and upset about traffic, but trying to keep their cool.

Nick & Starr pushed on and finished first and won a vacation to Kauai.    We like their energy.  Toni and Dallas came in 2nd.  Their cooperation helped.  The Frat Boys were stressed and tried to get help, but the Divorcees were in no mood for it because they felt it was every man for themselves.  But they were both ahead of Ken & Tina and a pairing could have saved them both.

Ken & Tina moved past their speed bump and searched for numbers.  They unbelievably picked them up faster than anyone and left the Frat Boys and Divorcees behind.

In the meantime, the only team to take teary eyed, Terrence & Sarah, stormed in to position 3.

Ken & Tina overcame their speed bump to take fifth place.

The Frat Boys took next to last.

And the divorcees, Kelly and Christy that didn’t want to partner with the Frat Boys, well, they finished last, and this was an elimination week.  Their mistake cost them the race. Bye.

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Bush Executive Order Gave Authority For Undisclosed Attacks In Muslim Territory

A breaking news just came out from the New York Times with the premise that undisclosed attacks on Al Qaeda are being authorized under secret order. Here’s a link to the article.

Why The GOP Spent $150,000 for Palin’s Wardrobe

During the Presidential campaign, the Democrats found this tidbit of information regarding Palin.

We found it amusing because Obama took in well north of 600 million dollars in his campaign.  As a percentage of that amount, this was .02%.  Read that again.  .02%.

Most of the items the Democrats qualified as wardrobe were props for appearances in various parts of the country, worn for the appearance and returned or given to charities to help cancer, orphaned children, etc.  We would like to see Obama give back his 600 million to the poor, or John Edwards return his $1250 for his haircut to feed a starving child.

But the Democrats have made it a historic article, even though the election is completely over.

Let’s put this in perspective.  If Sarah had earned this much in a year, Obama would have given her a tax cut.

One liberal rag even published this article that poses a lie about Sarah that she wants to be the ambassador to Africa.  This after more lies about comments she made about Africa.  They then blocked all comments from readers.  The man that wrote the article isn’t worth the dirt on the bottom of Sarah’s borrowed shoes.

The same political rag published this nonsense about Africa. The writer looks like she is 12 and writes like it is her IQ.  Get something real to say guys.  There are important issues.  Lying about Sarah and imaginary people doesn’t help your cause.

Get over it dudes, we know you liberals love Sarah, but the election is over.

The Top 10 Reasons Obama Could Make A Great President (Part 2)

In our first segment, we listed the top 10 reasons we think Obama could make a great President. We are happy to see in our readings on the web that so many people are excited and happy about Obama’s election. We are also happy to see how well received it was internationally as well.

As with any new President, though, of course there have to be concerns regarding what could go wrong in a new Presidency. So we are presenting the top 10 reasons we are concerned about Obama’s election. We intend to follow up each segment with an article that summarizes these concerns just like we will follow up on Part 1.

Thanks for reading.

Here are our 10 major concerns about Obama’s promises and election.

  1. A scary health plan policy that will indirectly tax the healthy to pay for the sick, poor and elderly, shifting entitlement expenses such as Medicare to healthy Americans and small business.
  2. Increased tax rate unfairly and inequitably targets small business. Massive tax hikes on small business combined with required healthcare could bankrupt small businesses and result in a sharp loss of American jobs.
  3. Despite the incredible success of the Surge, the desire to end the Iraq war will likely not work. This could result in Iran invading Iraq, Civil War, genocide or worse.  At the very least, Americans are likely to be disappointed as we find it cannot be done and the costs continue to spiral out of control.
  4. Increased welfare and education costs for the not-so-needy. Problems in the welfare system are what started the Republican Presidential run. Abuse of government programs is just way too easy.
  5. Higher cap gains and dividend tax could result in a major adjustment further downward in the stock market. The current tax system for stock investments is already incredibly unfair to anyone that loses money, and sharply overtaxes those that earn it even short term. Dividends are a central source of retirement income, taxing them unfairly targets the elderly.
  6. Increased terrorism could occur if the expectations internationally of Obama are too high, and they get disappointed when nothing changes or if we get aggressive against Al Qaeda.
  7. Assassination risk of Obama is high within the US. This is something we truly worry about. It would be a disaster to see our first multi-cultural President physically harmed in any way.
  8. Social Security problems will be deferred for 10 years under Obama’s plan, and higher taxes will only address the problem short term. The plan for raising Social Security taxes 10 years from now is unrealistic and defers the problem to Obama’s successor.
  9. Obama has made way too many campaign promises. Disappointment could be high as his policies fall apart.
  10. The balance of power has shifted dramatically liberal.  The loss of current checks and balances in the system between Democrats and Republicans could allow too many liberal programs to propagate. This could result in a massive deficit well in excess of we are are today.

We would like to throw in something we fear a bit that is not really a concern regarding Obama, but something we are sick of hearing and hope as we move forward stops. We have constantly heard the blather about everything in God’s creation being Bush’s fault. In many cases, the issues being discussed as Bush’s fault had little or nothing to do with him or his policies.

We sincerely hope that if Obama’s plans start to fail,  we don’t just continually see what we refer to as “excuse politics”. We don’t want to hear…this failed because of Bush and we couldn’t do that because of Bush. We are hoping the Democrats mean it when they speak of non-partisan politics, but their recent attacks on Lieberman seem to indicate they are as partisan as ever.

The Top 10 Reasons Obama Could Be A Great President

We have summarized here the top ten reasons we feel could make Obama a stellar President for America.

We are impressed by America’s solidarity in this election event.  America was brilliant and convicted as they made their selection.  There were no issues with falling chads or other nonsense that could have clouded the result.  America made its voice heard loud and clear to the entire world.  Those that voted for Obama should commend themselves for having the insight and hope America needs.

It is our intention to follow each reason we list here with an article that sums up our explanation.  If you feel you have more positive reasons you would like to add to our list, please submit them in your comments.  We would be happy to incorporate them if they aren’t something redundant or negative.

If you agree that Obama could be a great president and choose to respond to our poll, please also DIGG the article so others can find it.

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UPDATED: 11/3 Dancing With The Stars: Recap, Prediction and Results

We are back as we said, now that Cloris is gone. That joke is over so we can move a bit in the real competition.

Warren & Kym (6/10)

Kym dances better than anyone, but Warren is huge. There is nothing else to say about that. He is strong, but extremely awkward. He looks like a guy trying hard at a wedding. One thing good tonight. He wore a vest to hide his stomach. Judges: Way too generous with a 21.

Susan & Tony (8/10)

Great outfits. Bullfighter style. Hand movement by Susan looks stiff. Kicks not very high. Some nice spins. A couple of interesting trick moves. Not sure if it was the outfits, but it was better. Judges: 24. Pretty accurate eh? The judges are getting better.

Maurice & Cheryl (8/10)

Nice start, playing up Maurice’s injury for all it is worth. Cheryl was the show. All eyes are on her as she moves to the max. Cheryl loses an earring, but it doesn’t phase them. As good as Susan and Tony. Judges: 25. Close again. Judges finally getting the gist of it.

Cody & Edyta (7/10)

Julianne had to have her appendix out, so a substitute was called in. Edyta would do what she could to keep Cody in the competition and we have to give them a break. The dance seemed well practiced, but not quite as smooth as we had come to expect from Cody. Steps were in time, some nice spins, but a simple dance. Good enough. If the judges give him a sympathy vote, we shall see. Judges: 22. Again, right on the money. The judges must be taking dance lessons.

Lance & Lacey (9/10)

Lacey had to duke it out with Lance for being a baby this past week, but hopefully they get it together. Nice lines in the dance. Lance complained about dancing barefoot, but did it nicely this week. Decent hand movement. Timing was great. We liked it best of the night.

Len shows he has no clue with his criticisms and disappoints us. We thought he was finally coming around. Judges: 25 (Len was the only 7 and an idiot, the other judges agreed with us).

Brooke & Derek (9/10)

Great swaggering start. Hands high and well formed. Timing right on, but kicks not knock out high. Graceful high leg drag and finale. We liked it too. Judges: 30. It was great. It wasn’t perfect. So perfect 10s is kind of silly, but still it was the best of the night.

Our choice for elimination: Warren & Kym (Can they keep Kym and just ship out Warren?).

But wait, we get a team competition where two teams of 6 get to dance 2 at a time go get an extra point in the scoring next week.

Team 1: (7/10)

The six teams together start very awkward and out of time. When they go into solos, they are OK, each team showing some strengths, but nothing knockout. Lance and Lacey came to the rescue at the end. Some moves were easily the highest quality of the night. Then the six went together again and it was once again awkward. Ending was the only thing in sync. Lance and Lacey saved the dance. Judges:20. Just about right. If it wasn’t for Lance and Lacey this could have been a disaster.

Team 2: (9/10)

Beautiful black gowns on the gals. Nice start in time. Much better timed thtan the first group. Warren was fighting for his life. Still don’t care for him much. But he was good tonight albeit a bit awkward. Maurice looked stiff and nervous, but the moves were hot with Cheryl. And Brooke and Derek topped it off with whipped cream. Finally of all 6 in sync. This almost looked professional. Judges: 29. A bit too generous, but they did win.

Still, despite this, Warren is the weak man in. But this could have place Cody at risk.

Results Night

So, we are down to the Final five and got a small surprise in the elimination.  We thought Cody would go after his poor performances both in the individual competition and the group dance.

The judges standings were:

6. Cody and Edyta
5. Susan and Tony
4. Lance and Lacey
3. Warren and Kym
2. Maurice and Cheryl
1. Brooke and Derek

But ultimately, the audience sent Susan Lucci packing.  Warren was saved by the Team dancing.  That second team was killer.

Well, on to our prediction for next week?  Hmmm.

If Cody doesn’t get back his original partner, he could go.  Warren could too.  Maurice is a big swing kind of performer.  Sometimes great, sometimes sad.  If he has one bad week, he could get sent packing.

Still, they made the top 5!!  Thankfully Cloris didn’t.

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