Profile Spotlight: Courtney Galiano

Courtney Galiano is a stunning brunette dancer in the finals of So You Think You Can Dance Season 4. Her specialty is contemporary dance and she turned 20 on June 12. Courtney is from Dix Hills, NY. She graduated Commack High School, and is now studying childhood education at St. Joseph’s University.

Courtney has had dance training in lyrical, tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop, so there is little that is out of her element. Her dancing throughout the competition has been phenomenal. Katee has overshadowed Courtney this year, but anything could happen in the finals. Sabra was a surprise for us last year, and we were surprised again last week as the television audience loved Courtney, pushing her past Chelsie into the final four of the contest.

Courtney auditioned in Charleston, SC and got there at 4 AM with her grandparents!! The show played her up from the get-go. It appears they recognize the talent well before the audition, and select them for the seemingly impromptu cameos we see during the auditions. So, the show already knew they had found a winner before she made it through the door.

And Courtney has NOT disappointed. She is a finalist in the show, and one of the most diverse dancers ever to appear on So You Think You Can Dance. She picked a highly competitive year to audition, and she is at the very least in the top 4 of all those talents, and at the very least number 2 of the women with an excellent shot at number 1!

Courtney looks punished of late. She has paid her dues in this competition and her legs are bruised over what looks like about 80% of the surface. She has earned her way through this competition, never giving any less than her best and never letting any one of her partners down.

She has been awesome in all her solos, and it clearly showed in her audition! Mary’s contribution to Courtney was “You are a real cutie patuti up there”. Guest Judge Tyce Diorio said she has a “beautiful face, and beautiful body”. Seems that they got so wrapped up in Courtney’s captivating appeal that they forgot it was a dance competition, but they are right, Courtney is a knock-out, and it is sometimes difficult to separate that fact from how well she dances!

Courtney said “Send me to Vegas!”. They did, and she has proven to be one of the best selections the judges have ever made!!

Know more about Courtney at Fox.

Season 4 SYTYCD Finale: Men Outperform the Ladies!! WHO WILL WIN?? Prediction and Review

Our pollsters this week were overwhelmingly in favor of Katee. She was ahead nearly 2 to 1 over the nearest competitor, Joshua. Twitch and Courtney were taking up the rear with only a fraction of the votes. Our contributors have gained our respect from their past calls, but were they right this time?

We again apologize if this review is long, but this was a two-hour show with little anyone should miss. Each piece was spectacular and there were slight variations in the quality of the performances that we believe screams out who won this competition. If you are only interested in the prediction, and voting in our polls, it is at the end of this article. If not, read on, because this was one amazing show.

Now for the show.

The show didn’t waste time, and the first pair to take the stage was Twitch and Courtney. The theme was a crazed emotional girlfriend and the man that has to confront such emotion. It was a Hip Hop routine, and was well done. Courtney struck us, somewhat, as too cute for the part. She looked just a tad nervous, but in this competition finale, you could understand that. The dance was great, finished by an attempted pinwheel head spin. They blew the last move though, as Courtney dropped off Twitch’s head too soon. Fortunately, he caught her.

The judges tried to get the audience to look past the final slip and did not mention it. “I felt that from you!” exclaimed Mary, followed by her deafening scream. The thing that stood out in the judges’ comments at the end was that they seemed to focus on Courtney and promoted her performance more than Twitch’s. Nigel remarked, “Twitch, if I were you, I would be grateful I was dancing with Courtney and not Mary”. If you recall, this is the second time that Twitch has drawn the crazy girlfriend. In one of our absolute favorite performances from the season, Katee goes ballistic on Twitch, her indifferent partner.

Courtney had to now take her turn at the interview and solo. She danced the solo to “They Weren’t There” by Missy Higgins. Following her graceful and superior solo, Courtney broke into tears as the judges praised her. Courtney always wins the solo, but would it be enough to bring her the votes to win?

What was to follow was almost unfair. They paired Katee and Joshua to dance in competition against Twitch and Courtney’s initial performance. Katee quipped in practice, “Joshua’s my boo”. Could this be for real? They do seem wonderful together. The two have been astonishing as a pair all season. Twitch and Courtney have barely been noticed in their few pairings.

Wade Robson choreographed another contemporary masterpiece, performed to “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer. Katie begins the piece quivering with evident despair, totally relating her character to the audience. The emotions burst through the television and into our hearts. The synchronization in this dance has to be seen. It cannot be conveyed in words. Every move is pure grace, with a particularly beautiful reverse fall by Katee onto Joshua’s leg, as he gently kicks Katee upright. Our response before the dance was that no one could beat Katee and Joshua as partners in any competition. Our response after the dance was that it wasn’t going to happen tonight. Round one to Joshua and Katee.

We were shocked by a rather muted response from the judges. Mandy Moore commented to Katee, “You could have used a little more work through the legs and feet.” We have no idea what Mandy was speaking of. Katee’s feet are among her most spectacular features during a dance. Mary did praise the dancers, but did not give them her scream or a trip on the Hot Tamale train. Nigel commented that Katee and Joshua were “Two of the best dancers we have ever had on this show”.

Courtney and Katee: dancing together!

Next up were the “girls” as the show refers to them. Courtney and Katee performed a Broadway dance for the audience complete with spinning umbrellas and puffy colorful outfits. Tyce Diorio choreographed the piece, and it was danced to “The Trolley Song” by Rufus Wainwright. The two dancers started off slightly out of sync, but they pulled it together as they progressed. What became evident during this dance is what makes Katee extraordinary. Her lines are impeccable. It was hard to place before you saw this dance scene. Katee almost makes Courtney seem awkward, and Courtney is far from awkward. Katee has lines that are nearly perfect. We would be inclined to say it was a height advantage, but Sabra last year dispelled that theory. It is grace and beauty in her motion that can only be seen and felt, not expressed in prose.

Nigel said it all, following the dance. “Katee finishes every move just a little bit further than you.” You could see the pained facial reaction to the comment on Courtney’s face, but Nigel was right. Katee was smoother and more graceful throughout.

Now it was time for Twitch to speak to the audience. He said he would be in the military now if it wasn’t for this opportunity. Twitch was asked what his favorite routine was, and he said it was clearly the Viennese Waltz with Kherington.

Twitch did a very entertaining mixed Pop and Hip Hop solo danced to “It Was All In Your Mind” by Wade Robson. Twitch started with a back flip and followed with moves throughout the dance that seemed downright impossible. The judges were unanimous in their praise.

Joshua and Twitch: sparring partners!

Joshua and Twitch were up next in an all male pairing. This dance made us glad that Mark was eliminated. While it was sad to see him go, and we believe he won last week, Twitch and Joshua made superb partners for this dance, and we believe it could have only been possible given these two specific men. It was a Russian dance called the Trepac, choreographed by Youri Nelzine and danced to the Nutcracker.

The costumes were ridiculous gypsy outfits, though, that made us think of Halloween. Twitch did all the floor work, effortlessly executing Russian squats, kicks and walks as he crouched. Joshua executed leaps that were six feet off the floor. We have never seen such height in all the time we have watched the show. There were body flips, twirls and jumps that were spectacular and had the audience screaming on every move. The audience and judges were on their feet. Mary expressed that it was great to see “two Hip Hop dancers for the first time in the finale”, and broke into another deafening scream. The men’s dance was clearly stronger than the women’s. The two dancers followed by attempting to show who could jump higher. Joshua left little doubt with a standing back flip.

Katee was up next, and the show reflected on her near elimination at the auditions. At the time, she said she would give up and not come back next year if not selected. Nigel then called for another vote, as though they would not let her through for her careless comment.   Of course, the judges did put through Katee, and we think there was no doubt this was little more than theatrics on Nigel’s part. Katee said her favorite dance was with Joshua in the performance to “No Air” by Jordan Sparks. A championship dance performed to another champion’s hit song.

Katee did her solo to “Hide and Seek”, by Imogen Heap. It was beautiful and expressive, but not as well danced as Courtney’s. Courtney again won the solo competition. The guest judge, Mandy Moore, once again stated Katee should work on her knees and feet. We suggest Mandy visit her optometrist; near sightedness can be fixed these days. The other judges were rather muted in their praise of Katee here. They just said it was great and not much else. Could Katee’s grip on first place be waning?

So, Twitch and Katee were to now perform the Fox Trot. This brought consternation to our faces as we remembered how badly Twitch danced last week with Chelsie. It seemed unfair to do this again, but this time to Katee. Could she survive it? The piece was danced to “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble. Katee was in a killer light blue full length gown with frills, and this dress was perfect for this dance. Katee brought it to life in every spin and every lift. Katee even pulled off something we had never seen before, a cartwheel in a full gown!!

Now for the surprise. Twitch was superb. While the dance accentuated Katee, that is what a leading man is supposed to do. Twitch worked this dance. Every lift and move was graceful and strong. Every smile, nuance and point perfect on Katee, raised up in Twitch’s strong arms.

The judges appeared to praise Twitch more than Katee once again, especially commenting on his strong lift of Katee directly over his head. Katee merely got the comment, “Bravo” from Mary. Nigel, at least said a bit more, saying that the men were so strong this year that they spoiled the choreographers. Twitch was pouring sweat after this dance. That tux was on its way to the dry cleaners for sure!!

Joshua came on next for his interview and, as it turns out, was quite the high school athlete in football and track. His coaches, he stated, were quite upset when he quit to pursue dance. It seems obvious that with Joshua’s leg strength, he must have been an absolute star in track. Joshua’s quote touched us, as he reflected on the show, “This is a blessing, everything here is a blessing.”

Joshua followed with his solo. It was quite fun with some spectacular moves and then breaking off the stage to pop and perform a finale split on the judges’ stand. He hammed it up just enough to be cute at the end, expressing the personality that makes everyone love him. Mary said that he has been riding first class all the way on the Hot Tamale Train. Nigel added, “You have set the standard for untrained dancers.” But this made us wonder. They say that he is trained on the SYTYCD website. Which is it Nigel?

Courtney would now have her chance to dance with Joshua. Joshua began with a strong leap over Courtney. Courtney was keeping up beautifully, but it was apparent, the costume department totally blew their assignment. Courtney’s outfit looked like a one-piece bathing suit. It should have been more of a skirt or a garment that accentuates movement. The high boots made her legs look short; this dance is made for high heels!! The outfit was completely wrong. It did nothing to augment Courtney’s lines and did not contribute at all to her performance.

Joshua’s attire didn’t help much either, because he was wearing sneakers and jeans, which are also all wrong for this style of dance. There were two spectacular moves though, a brilliant slide back bend between Joshua’s legs, followed by a lift up. And the killer move in the finale, which Nigel informed us is called “around the world”. In this move, Joshua swings Courtney around upside down behind is back, with one arm, and brings her back around perfectly just to gently lay her on the floor. Joshua finished with a cartwheel that effortlessly moved into a back-flip.

Mary and Mandy were quick to praise the two dancers, but Nigel then brought them back to reality. “There were a lot of things I was disappointed with; it didn’t have the great feel the Jive should have. It wasn’t brilliant, it was tired”. To that we respond, Nigel, this dance was anything but tired!! We believe the costumes totally negated the performance and made it seem slow and clumsy. You do not dance the Jive in a bathing suit and sneakers. It was simply a poor choice by the costume department that detracted from the execution of what could have been a championship performance.

Final Dance of the Top 4

In the finale, Mia Michaels choreographed a piece for all four dancers. They start off with a large blue scarf that spans the stage. The dancers move back and quickly discard the scarf after they exploited it for opening effect. We once again were disappointed with the costumes. They were dressed in Scottish Kilts that did nothing at all for the dance. As Nigel later quipped, he felt the dancers looked like “the Scottish Olympic Team”. In this instance, plaid was clearly bad.

Mia will get no Emmy for this choreography. The dancers did not seem in sync. There were some fantastic lifts and spins, but overall, while entertaining, the performance did nothing for us, and it did not help in differentiating any of the top four contestants. After the dance, Nigel commented, “Two untrained dancers in the guys”, and “I think these two boys deserve to be here”, finishing with “You are inspirational for others that could not be trained as dancers”.

Once again we are puzzled, because we have said all along that from what we could find, Joshua and Twitch are not trained dancers, and yet the Fox website contradicts both Nigel and our research. Maybe it is all a matter of degree.

So, we can finally conclude, and we appreciate your patience in reading our review. Our pollsters will want to know if they did it again. Did Katee indeed win? Did Joshua pull an upset, or Courtney bring it strongly enough to draw votes and take this contest? Could Twitch have pulled out a miracle with his astonishing performances?

This wasn’t as close as it seems. Joshua and Twitch’s dance together was spectacular and better than the ladies’ pairing, but even six foot leaps could not overcome Katee’s grace. After her prior performances, this competition was Katee’s to lose. She didn’t.

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8/5 Season 3 Recap: America’s Got Talent Meets Last Comic Standing!!

It is time for the auditions to end, and for the folks that made it through to Vegas to show us all why they should move on.

It started with an incredibly cornball introduction in which the judges played themselves up, sitting on a private jet, and trying to make America feel envious. Tell us, does David talk to the plane too? Have these people learned yet that you never ever talk DOWN to your audience? The judges are not hunks (any more) and they have no 40″ bust lines, so if they don’t have any talent, one has to question why we watch them. This is “America’s Got Talent”, and when the judges have no talent and apparently can’t find any, how can you believe the show?

So Piers says they have to get tough!! Wow. What were the auditions about? They passed through half of God’s creation at our expense so they could get tough NOW?

After spending the show’s money sending a bunch of farcical acts through to Vegas, they now eliminate them before they even have a chance to perform. Are these clowns serious? We could only go along with this if they let us vote out at least one judge. We are leaning towards Hasselhoff, but Piers is second. Oh crap, just get rid of them all.

Last week was the Jerry Springer Show, where they aired freak after freak, but this one was even worse. It challenged us throughout to understand what was going on as they played self-aggrandizing music and promoted the judges in place of the real stars. Could we please cut to Pamela Anderson? We need something with a higher intelligence and a bigger bust line here!!

They then created groups a to d and wiped out c. We are not sure who was in c; neither are you, but that was the unlucky letter of the day.

Why did you fly them to Vegas to eliminate them before they got to perform? That is stupid. They should have been voted out before this episode.

You know, the best part of Jerry’s show and the best part of this one, is that it reminds the people in America how stupid the media takes us for, and hopefully, it will cut that multi-million dollar paycheck the judges get for doing nothing but sitting and making stupid comments down to a more reasonable level (like zero). The judges would be better off trying their limited talents on “Last Comic Standing”!! Certainly, this show was a joke, so why not bring it to an appropriate audience?

After more filler, they tried a grouping of “extreme” acts, but they whipped through them faster than we could see, once again focusing on the ultimate freak show, the judges, rather than the performers.

The Concrete breaker makes the stage. He busts layers of concrete with his head, hands, feet; you name it. (No not that).

The next act, Dan Meyer, swallowed swords. He swallows a couple, including a crooked sword, proving his colon has a curve in it and manages to simultaneously complete his colonoscopy. Next!!

Now we get a Brittney Spears as a cross-dresser act. She would have fooled Crocodile Dundee, but not the audience. This was clearly no “Shirley”.

A Tina Turner impersonator that lip syncs and has bigger thighs than Conan the Barbarian performs next. Wow. Yup, that is worth a million bucks!!

And now an Elvis impersonator that gets nervous in front of the judges. He did OK, but the way the show was laid out from beginning to end, we have no idea whatsoever if he got through. It is like missing a line in a bad movie and never being able to recover. You don’t know what happened, but you really don’t care.

There was only one magician they showed, and what really ticked us off here was there were several that were great in past shows, and they only showed us one freak act. He tries to split a girl using a curtain to hide his “magic” only to have the curtain suddenly roll up exposing his entire trick. He then says it was planned. Why? To prove himself an idiot?

They went through several segments, and then played up the child sympathy acts. A contortionist and a break dancer kid that is broken period. Great. We have nothing against kids, but these are not million dollar talents, just interesting family distractions.

Some freak acts then broke out and we had to quit and made our run to the bathroom. You cannot, as a half way intelligent person, believe that this was a show worth airing.

So when we got back from relieving ourselves, they finally decide to vote. Oh joy.

They pass through every freak show except the guy that breaks concrete. Couldn’t they have killed a few birds with one stone and taken out the rest of the no talent freak shows like the Brittney impersonator? Please.

Tap Dancing Dads make it through, but we still don’t get to see their act. How stupid do these choreographers think the audience is? If we weren’t critiquing the show we would have shut it off half an hour earlier!! I guess this implies that we have to watch every show, or heaven forbid, we might miss 100 year old men tap dancing, because that is about the age they will be before the show actually airs one of their performances.

A few more freak acts go through and then some opera acts. We started to beg for the commercials!!!!!! Oh please, a Pepto Bismol commercial for relief!!!

Then, a real talent, Mia Bistron, a 15 year old that could wale and play the piano came on. She wowed us!!! Finally!!! Somebody that really does have talent!!

They later eliminated her in favor of the oh-so-cute children acts that could only moderately perform going after the audience for the child sympathy vote. How sad!!

The army guy comes on for a few more exploitations of last week’s performance to self-promote America’s Got Talent at the expense of America’s veterans just a  bit more. They voted the guy through even though he stopped midway through his performance because he forgot the lyrics!!!  I can’t even remember a whole song, but I am worth a million bucks?  In the famous words of Homer Simpson, “D’oh”.

If you saved yourself the two hours and watched anything else, including even a ten year old “Murder She Wrote” you already saw ten times, it was better than this pathetic show. They have no one even close to Terry Fator this year, or they are concealing it showing filler to wait until the finales to surprise us. Our advice? Move on until the final. The lead up to the finals is just there to challenge your intelligence, and this show should go off the air after this season. It has just gotten stupid compared to all our other favorite reality shows, and has moved off the list. We will not review the shows anymore past this year’s final unless something dramatic happens, like they change the judges or actually find some talent.

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SYTYCD Joshua and Twitch COLLAPSE, Is Fox Responsible?

If you didn’t catch the news yet, two out of the four finalists, Joshua and Twitch, of So You Think You Can Dance were hospitalized Saturday after supposedly succumbing to dehydration. Sunday rehearsals were canceled as a result. Judge Mary Murphy was interviewed by People Magazine on Sunday, and she stated “The kids are completely dehydrated – two of them. I’m sure they’re doing a lot of blood work to see if there’s anything else.”

Mary was optimistic that a day off would be beneficial to all, and that the remaining two dancers should not have any advantage as a result.

In reality, though, a day of rehearsal is critical to these performers, and so is being in peak physical condition. Their performances place physical demands on the dancers that are on par with those placed on many Olympic athletes.

Murphy actually blamed Twitch and Joshua themselves, stating, “they want it so bad, so, they keep pushing themselves and pushing themselves and not letting anybody know that, ‘Hey, I’m running on empty,’ and then it catches up on them and then they collapse.”

We are not so sure the show is not responsible for placing demands on the performers that are unsafe and risky, and failing to properly monitor the dancers’ health. These aren’t the first dancers shuffled off in an ambulance.

It appears to us that the show could be pushing the contestants to the brink risking their health and careers. Earlier this season alone, Jessica was forced to back out of the competition with a pair of broken ribs, restoring Comfort to the top ten. And last year’s winner, Sabra, suffered an ugly blow to the head that could have led to a severe neck or head injury after being dropped in practice by a dancer much less trained than she.

Twitch and Joshua are powerful men that are at the top of their game in dance. They are strong, hard-hitting and have proven to be amazing athletic dancers with extensive backgrounds, and BOTH, not just one,  were driven to collapse by the So You Think You Can Dance program.

The good news is that both Twitch and Joshua were treated and released from the hospital, but we think that Mary and company should take pause before they truly damage someone’s career.  12 hours of rehearsal a day is common according to Mary, and that is likely not sustainable over the duration of the season.

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Profile Spotlight: Stephen Laurel “Twitch” Boss

Twitch is the shocker of the season 4, busting into the finale on personality and talent. Last year, Twitch auditioned, but was sent home. “Hok” was selected instead. “Hok” had a very interesting season, and made the tour as a runner up for his hummingbird dance.

“Hok” was strong enough to perform wonderfully in the final 20, but did not even make the final 10!! Twitch is in the finale this year!!

Twitch’s real name is Stephen Laurel Boss, and is the eldest of the dancers in the finale at age 25. He is from Montgomery Alabama and considers himself a freestyle dancer. Hip Hop is his specialty, but he has proven he can act!! And he has also demonstrated this season he can dance contemporary on par with the best in the business.

During the season, Twitch has taken a bit of commercial advantage, creating a new line of clothing. The clever logo of a T in the Superman symbol is a winner!!

He has performed professionally, performing in the video “Thriller” with Wade Robson in 2003.

Robson was involved in the Michael Jackson trial at about the same time based on alleged relations he had with Michael Jackson, but Robson testified at Jackson’s trial that none of the allegations were true and Jackson was acquitted. According to wikipedia, in 2007, Robson won an Emmy in Outstanding Choreography for the routine Ramalama (Bang Bang), which was a sensational piece, and, it was no accident it reflected the same style that made the “Thriller” video a huge hit.

We cannot prove it, nor has there been reference to it, but we believe Twitch was initially discovered by Robson in 2002, when he initiated a nation-wide search for Hip Hop talent.

The most interesting aspect of Twitch is he made the finals with almost no training, although one site said he has had formal training. He is a street trained dancer as far as we know. Raw talent with buff body and amazing expression. He drew a huge crowd at his audition.

Nigel, before the interview, said, “Twitch, let’s be honest, if you don’t make it through to Vegas this year, I am going to kick yo’ ass.” He had the judges laughing and applauding by the end. Mary exclaimed, “Twitch, you are sick”. This year there was no doubt in putting him through to the top 20. But who knew that this “sick” raw talent would make it to the finale with his incredible dance and acting ability?

Some of Twitch’ Solo performances

Last Comic Standing Final Performances Poll Update

Our polls went crazy this week-end on Last Comic Standing.

UPDATE: August 5, 2008

The polls are showing Jim Tavare as the clear winner in Last Comic Standing. Iliza is second, but it isn’t close at 45-13. Taking up the rear are Marcus and Louis. Louis I think hit a sour note this past week with his comments on the Amish and Rednecks.

Playing the reverse racism card isn’t going to work on a national audience. It is just racism, no matter which way you play it, and the audience sees through that. So Louis has actually drawn more “Worst Comic Standing” votes than anyone.

Time to learn Louis, racism is racism, no matter how you play the card.

UPDATE: August 4, 2008

The voters all agreed, Jim Tavare killed the competition in “The Hills Have Eyes, The Musical”. He is so far ahead that the polls show no one else stands a chance. The big surprise was the second place went to Jeff Dye. There has to be something in this guy we don’t see. His material needs an overhaul, but if he gets a good writer or a sit com, he could do quite well considering his popularity, which we know cannot be based on any of his performances in this show.

But Jeff is behind 44-8. It isn’t likely he wins.

In another poll, our contributors proved that Amish Jokes weren’t funny and Louis Ramey blew an opportunity last week to be the winner. He got the ranking of “Worst Comic Standing”. What is most interesting about this poll is it confirms the first. Jim Tavare was the only comic that did not get a single vote!!!

Jim Tavare WINS easily according to the polls.

We have also had another wave of votes for SYTYCD. Katee is pulling away, Joshua is a distant second, and it looks like the pollsters agree, Twitch has no prayer. Twitch was the joke last week in his first dance and got voted through. Chelsie paid the price for having him as a partner, but he got voted through. We love Twitch and think him a fantastic raw talent. But he isn’t diverse enough, and when it comes to this show, that is what it is all about.

Profile Spotlight: Chelsie Hightower

Chelsie Hightower (Is that her real name?) is a strikingly beautiful dancer born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her specialty is Latin Ballroom, and she has the fastest legs we have ever seen. Last year, a Russian dancer named Anya struck us because of her incredible leg speed. Chelsie is faster.

Chelsie has danced since she was just 9 years old, and there are pictures of her from competitive dances from an age where most of us were being challenged by hide and seek. But in the world of dance, to be as great as Chelsie, most have to start very young.

We were very disappointed this week because Chelsie was eliminated from the finals, despite not once being in the bottom prior to this week. We think she beat Courtney this week and, while we love Courtney and think she is another incredible talent, we believe that Chelsie was dealt a bad hand. She received Twitch as a partner and he could not dance the Mambo well enough, and it hurt their performance. To boot, while Courtney got two dances that catered to her style, Chelsie got thrown Hip Hop. She still was fantastic, but Hip Hop was about as far from Latin Ballroom as it could be.

Chelsie graduated from Timpanagos High School in 2007 and is 19 years old, born July 21, 1989. She just celebrated her 19th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Chelsie!!! She is going to college at Utah Valley University.

Chelsie was discovered in Salt Lake City and wowed the judges with her audition. They played her up right away on that show and knew even before she danced she was special. Her partner was relatively good, certainly better than Twitch was last week in the Mambo, but he paled in comparison and was little more than a prop. Nigel said, at the audition, “I have to say you are truly tremendous.” Mary followed with “You are one hot tamale, that is for sure!” Of course, she was sent straight through to Vegas. Or is that back to Vegas?

In 2005, Chelsie was a finalist in the US Worlds Dance Competition as a member of Team USA. A scant 16 years old, and she was already tearing up the floor. She started dancing at the age of 9. In just two years, at the age of 11, she won her first national title. From what we gather, she is a talented singer as well.

Chelsie currently resides in Pleasant Grove, Utah, was raised in Orem, Utah, and born in Las Vegas, but she was no gamble for this show. You could tell from the outset she was on her way to the top 20 at the very least, and the top 6 wasn’t good enough; we think she should have made the finale.

Because of her extensive background, according to, Chelsie has worked with many world-renowned choreographers such as Louis VanAmstel, Goran Nordin, Vibeka Taus, Paul Green, Karina Sminoff, Jonathon Wilkins, and Katusha Demidova. The exposure she has already received would comprise an entire career for most dancers.

We will miss Chelsie and we know that all of her fans are destroyed by her elimination. Last week just turned out incredibly unfair for her as a dancer, seemingly being targeted for elimination by lady luck and her pairing with Twitch. She was our huge favorite to win. For more on Chelsie, videos and pictures, please read our review of the show.

Chelsie Goes Home tribute

Some of Chelsie’s solos on the show

Season 6, Episode 10: Last Call for Last Comic Standing | Review and Prediction

This year, this contest is inherently unfair. We do not like the sudden jump to the five finalists because a single performance can get you the prize. You could be mediocre for several weeks and survive, and then have your piece de resistance performance and win in the final. Or you could be fantastic week after week, and then have one slightly off day and lose in the final.  (PLEASE VOTE IN OUR POLLS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE!!)

Well, THIS WAS THE FINAL!! The next show is purely for entertainment purposes, and it will likely be mostly filler to keep you in suspense until they announce who won at the end…but that filler is often killer, with many of the best comics ever on the show, so don’t miss it, because you will likely see the (sorry for the cliché) cream of the crop.

Now for this week’s show…

First, they let all eight comics perform, and then, after each performance, told them if they were eliminated last week or not. Very confusing. You could have loved a comic this week, just to find out he or she was already eliminated last week?

The comics that we felt were at risk of elimination  this week were Jeff Dye, Iliza, Adam Hunter and Ron G. Jeff Dye was absolutely horrible last week. Iliza was well off the mark. And Adam and Ron G were OK, but not in the top group of comics.

Our prize picks were Louis Ramey, Jim Tavare and Sean Cullen.

Let’s start our review of the performances.


Marcus had immunity, so we knew he could not be eliminated. He had such a huge advantage with the pressure off last week, and had the time to write a killer set. His advantage was somewhat negated by having to go first, but we have really liked prior sets he has done, so we figured this one would be his best material. With the winner’s trophy on the line, Marcus blew it. He was OK. He did do a good Pearl Jam impersonation. We will give him a 7 out of 10.

Ron G

Ron G followed, and I would love to follow him if I were a comic. He was horrible. He starts off with a cliché opening (“Make Some Noise”, blah blah blah). He did a moronic impersonation of a tough guy with a retainer. Honestly, did he think this was funny? We kept watching hoping it would get better. It didn’t. None of it was funny, and at the end, we got our wish. Ron G, one of our “at risk” performers was already eliminated last week. Phew. This performance, therefore, does not require a rating.

Jim Tavare

They did a nice set on Jim’s family. He lives in London on the River Temmes with his wife and children and has performed in front of the Queen. He has performed in front of BUSH too.  No, not the President…

As usual, he brought in his bass violin. He started off with “My God, It’s The Hills Have Eyes The Musical”, and already had us laughing after Ron G. bombed. Jim had a great set on par with last week. He is nothing if not consistent. He got a standing O, leaving no doubt he is in this competition to win. He was NOT eliminated last week, and is in the running for number 1. We are once again giving him a 9 out of 10.

Louis Ramey

Louis was killer last week. We were looking for more of the same this week and had great expectations. Did he deliver?

The worst thing that can happen to a comic is to have to follow a great act. Jim Tavare got to follow a horrific performance by Ron G, which made him look hysterical in comparison. Louis would have been better off in any position other than after Jim, because Jim brought it.

He started slow with Amish jokes that were kind of silly to be honest. He tried to play the “US Is the Strongest Country on the planet” card. He let it play just long enough to get the audience to scream a bit, woo hoo, Louis says we are strong, woo hoo!!! Then he makes the comment it is because we have Rednecks and lost us. He was good. 7 out of 10.

Adam Hunter

Adam was another of our “at risk” group. And he had a good night. Some repeat jokes from earlier performances, but you can’t expect all new stuff every day. He made a suggestion for Obama’s slogan for his run for the presidency. “Blacker than Hillary”. Another joke was that having a girlfriend was like having an IPOD with one song. His best was when he told the audience that he and his girlfriend decided to use toys in bed, she bought a vibrator and he bought “Guitar Hero”. He was good in this set, but it didn’t matter, he was eliminated last week, so we will not rate him.

Jeff Dye

Jeff was awful last week. He was the joke of the show. He shouldn’t have been here. It seems he took a risk and saved material for this week. His lead joke was “Why is it that when a girl sleeps with lots of guys, she is a slut, but when a guy does it, he is…homosexual?”. He was fairly good in this set, and somehow, despite his horrifically boring set last week, managed to survive on his looks and made it through to the final five. (RECOUNT!!). His performance ranks 7 out of 10.

Sean Cullen

Sean had a good week last week. We thought he would be in the running, but this week, he was downright awful. He and Ron G must have practiced together. Not one laugh in the set. If he made it into the final five, he would never have won, so it was merciful that he was also eliminated last week.


Iliza took the stage in a bright Red tight blouse accentuating her features. The audience went crazy for her, likely because they are used to seeing her face more on television than anyone else in the group just yet.

She should have worn a lower cut and tighter blouse, because her comedy just didn’t cut it. We will be generous and say 7 out of 10.


So, the result of this week is two of our “at risk” comics were sent packing. Adam Hunter and Ron G. One surprise suitcase was packed. Sean Cullen went home, but after this week’s ridiculously stupid performance, it was merciful.

It was kind of sad for Adam.  He had a bad week last week, and was great this week, but his performance this week didn’t count because he had already been eliminated.  We believe his material was good enough this week to have been in the running, but the new “sudden death” system had already eliminated him.

We weren’t totally surprised that Jeff Dye survived. He is cute, but his performance last week was awful.

We will list the top five in the reverse order of the score we gave them. Ties are alphabetical. Oh shoot, 4 out of 5 are tied!!! Time for

Iliza – 7 out of 10

Jeff Dye – 7 out of 10

Louis – 7 out of 10

Marcus – 7 out of 10

That ultimately leaves our winner… Jim Tavare!!!! 9 OUT OF 10!! It wasn’t close. He was clearly the best of the night.

We feel badly for Louis. He killed it last week and tonight was not all that special. That is how the competition goes though, if you blow through your best material to make the finals, you may not have enough gas left to win. Louis is great, but he should dump the Amish Set. Last week was much better.

There you have it. We are calling Jim Tavare the hands down winner of Last Comic. The only reason he could lose is because he is British and the bulk of the voters will be from the US. But we are hoping America isn’t that self centered and knows when they’ve been beat.

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