Did ‘that hurt your feelz?’ Eric Boehlert ‘has a sad’ over actor in Benghazi film

We know this will come as a major shock to all of you, but Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert has a bee in his bonnet. But you might be surprised that a liberalactorhelped put it there:

John Krasinski, you’ve gone too far!


Apparently actors shouldn’t appear in movies conservatives might enjoy. Or something.

Well, maybe from now on,Mr. Krasinski will run all his prospectiverolesby Eric first. You know, just to be safe.

Maybe Eric should step back and re-examine his life’s work:

Excellent question.

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Good one! Hugh Hewitt helps out journo soliciting questions for Hillary Clinton

Questions to ask Hillary Clinton? Hugh Hewitt has one that would be sure to make Hillary go into full dodge mode:

Excellent question!

There’s a good possibility Hillary would reply “what difference does it make?”

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