Even Celebrities Started Out As Babies. And They Were So Cute!

It’s easy to forget that even the biggest celebrities, whose beautiful faces we constantly see grace the glossy covers of magazines and movie posters, also got their start just like the rest of us: as babies. That’s right, even mega-stars had to be born and face all the awkwardness of growing up. 

Check out these household names from way back when they more adorable than glamorous!

1.) Meryl Streep

2.) Brad Pitt

3.) Angelina Jolie

4.) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

5.) Britney Spears

6.) Brooke Shields

7.) Ashton Kutcher

8.) Adam Sandler

9.) Blake Shelton

10.) Harrison Ford

11.) Justin Timberlake

12.) John Travolta

13.) Zooey Deschanel

14.) Charlize Theron

15.) Madonna

16.) Emilio Estevez

17.) Jamie Foxx

18.) Gwyneth Paltrow

19.) Katy Perry

20.) Beyoncé

21.) Kanye West

22.) Kim Kardashian

(via Izismile.)

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