Any Of These 24 Brilliant Ideas For Your House Will Instantly Make It Better. Awesome.

Most people end up living in an apartment at some point during their lives. There’s no shame in living in a small space (sometimes, it’s actually pretty perfect). But when you don’t have a lot of space and you still own a lot of things, decorating can be tricky. That’s why some genius people thought of ways to make the most out of life in a smaller apartments. Check them out, even if you’re no longer in an apartment, these products would be awesome to have in any home.

1.) An adjustable REK bookcase

2.) The Floyd Leg, which will help you make a table out of anything.

3.) Furniture you can transform into other pieces of furniture

4.) Collapsable lighting

5.) Beautiful space/room dividers

6.) Felt pods that offer you privacy from roommates

7.) Beautiful storage space

8.) Super-functional furniture with storage space

9.) A desk with room for books, papers, pens and cords inside of it

10.) Extra closet space without the closets

11.) Tables that hide your entertainment

12.) A simple alternative to a medicine cabinet

13.) Multi-purpose furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space

14.) Products that help you make use of vertical space

15.) Pet furniture you can easily disassemble and store

16.) Bookshelves that make the most out of space

17.) Hide-away beds that are actually beautiful

18.) An indoor garden that takes up almost zero space

19.) Put your entire apartment in a box

20.) Make a workspace that is just right for you

21.) Make use of shelves to hold your possessions

22.) Buy patio furniture with multiple uses

23.) Buy an awesome sofa that can be transported easily and is still comfortable

24.) Use a storage system that you can customize to your space completely

Fold-away furniture and collapsable storage will always be a good idea if you’re trying to make the most of your space. Plus, you can easily impress your guests with all of you ultra-modern and functional furnishings. (H/T Huffington Post) Share these cool products with others by clicking on the button below.

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